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  1. Middle Fork Stanislaus. My new "home" river.
  2. I live in California and the fishing in this state is outstanding. From Trout and Salmon to Bass and Crappie, it has been the best two years of fishing of my life. LOTS of water this year, rivers are raging. Next on my list is Kokanee and Stripers.
  3. Crappie are starting here in California. Averaging about 13" with about half 15". Pretty much like Missouri Crappie and taste the same.
  4. Video pretty much tells the story. Beautiful day, beautiful river. Salmon_Movie_2016.mp4
  5. I have only tried a white crappie jig tipped with a piece of worm on a lake I fish. Always works. I did tie a fly with squirrel tail and weighted with those eye weights. I did catch one nice one on that but VERY difficult to cast.
  6. DSCN1961.MOV Here is a fun video of a small clean out of our sluice box. Fishing and Gold in California. Life is good.
  7. And if the fish aren't biting, there is always the gold....
  8. Since moving to CA, the fishing has been OK to pretty good. Rainbows, Browns, Brookies, and Goldens. This past week I caught my 2 biggest trout of my life, a 21" and 24" with several 15 to 17". The biggest all came on the Thompson Bouyant spoons. Lost one big one on the fly rod. We now live in Sonora, CA and have access to some great fishing within 30 minutes of the house. Within 2 hours we can reach more than I could possibly in my lifetime.
  9. Beautiful day so we decided to go do some exploring. Lots of Salmon in the river. 2015-11-14_18.32.26.mov
  10. I have always had good luck swinging Soft Hackles. Simple fly.
  11. It was watching videos like this that gave us the idea to move West. We are so happy we did...
  12. The Walleye fishing on Stockton is the only thing I miss since moving to California last April. 18 to 20 feet with a 3 way rig and crawler harness fished just fast enough to spin the blade and tick the bottom with your weight works nearly year round. Stockton is an EXCELLENT walleye fishery. NO Walleye in California!
  13. Nothing as good as this forum, but here are a couple of places for information. http://www.kernriverflyfishing.com/forum/yabb2/YaBB.pl http://gloryholesports.com/fishing-reports/
  14. We camped here for 2 nights and hiked to several different lakes....
  15. Caught at Leavitt Lake, about 9,500' elevation. They were not shy. And it was cold and actually a little snow fell...It's July in California.
  16. If the fishing is slow...there is always gold...
  17. The Clavey is not the best fishing river. That said it does have one of the purest native coastal trout populations. Though mostly small, they are a beautiful fish and very challenging to catch. It is always an adventure, and hardly anyone goes there. It is a gem.
  18. Fished here the other day...Not another person all day...
  19. Permanently in California...As for other fisheries..New Melones has excellent bass, crappie, and catfish along with Kokanee...Salmon come up the rivers, but the better salmon fishing is a couple of hours north of here...
  20. We are not that far north. We live in Sonora and fish the Stanislaus and Tuolumne Rivers mostly. Soon we will be backpacking to catch more Brooke and Golden Trout...We found some gold too!!! It is an incredible area. We can go from 800' in elevation to 10,000 in about an hour...and they got 15" of snow yesterday and it was 70 degrees at our house...
  21. Took a couple of years to get it done, but finally made it to our little paradise....
  22. California has a lot to offer outdoor wise. We live in Sonora in the foothills of the Sierra. Bass and Crappie 20 minutes down the hill, TROUT and lots of them walking distance from the front door...
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