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  1. I would say GO there. We went there the last week of July, stayed in Spearfish Canyon. Fished Spearfish Creed mostly. Brown and some Brook trout there. Little Spearfish has all Brook trout. I used fly rod, and it was a challenge but fun. Wikiup Cabins is where we stayed. More info if you want, just let me know.
  2. Personally, I think we agree to disagree. Good fishing, and I will assume if i see a jet boat on the Niangua its you. I'll just wave and shake my head in disgust. Good fishing to you.
  3. Lived here for many years, and have just gotten started on fly fishing for trout. actually can't wait for winter, so I can work on the Niangua,Capps,Crane, and others.

  4. Personally, I think Jet boats should be banned from rivers.
  5. Iskwasum Lake in Manitoba is by far my favorite. The falls between Iskwasum and Reed Lakes is the best Walleye fishing I have ever experienced. Pike are also there, and BIG pike. I have caught at least 10 over 36" and 2 over 40".
  6. Drove accross Sac River below Stockton today and had a thought. I have seen many people catch walleye below the dam, so anyone fish the river below? Also, with all the water being let out, does anyone fish the currents in the lake for Walleye near the dam?
  7. Thanks for the info on the "slow death". Will try it out this friday evening on some flats on Stockton.
  8. Could you please let me know what a "slow death rig" is? Never heard of it. Thanks.
  9. Fished near Ruark Bluff and saw some topwater action. Not sure if they were whites. Threw a topwater in the mix, had a few hits but no hookups. CAUGHT ONE WALLEYE 15' ON MINNOW! About 13".
  10. I would put drum in the same category as White Bass. Most likely would be better when the water is cooler. Nice white flakey meat.
  11. Went out last Monday, caught 7 Drum from 2 to about 5 pounds. Just knew each one was a walleye. Anyone else catch Drum?
  12. I have been catching Drum. Lots of em. Minnows, trolling, jigs, doesnt matter. It's Drum. Occasional Crappie.
  13. Fished Stockton last evening 6pm till dark. For the life of me, I can't find any crawlers with any size to them. Any help. Opted for minnows and finally caught 3 nice channels and one decent catfisn. NO WALLEYE. Fished B2 and B3. Nice evening on the water watching the moon come up. Threw topwater at dark with a few short bass, but it was fun.
  14. Here goes. I have fished Stockton Lake for many years. Just love this lake for its beautiful water and lack of traffic. I can get to the lake in under 30 minutes from my house. Walleye. I know they are there. I can feel there presence. I do catch a few, randomly. I want to catch them on a more consistent basis. Like most, I can catch more in the spring while crappie fishing. However, when the waters warm, and I assume them move deeper (over 20 feet) it ends for me. I can jig crawlers for hours off points, near bluffs, flats, constantly fighting wind and waves to keep my boat where I think I should. Nothing. Ever. A catfish here and there, perch nibbling like crazy, even the occasional smallmouth. Don't get me wrong, these fish are just fine. But they are NOT walleye. Trolling? Oh yea. Then I catch Drum. Lots of Drum. Sometimes BIG drum, but the are NOT walleye. I have fished canada and caught hundreds, maybe thousands of walleye. So I do have a clue, just not on Stockton. All this said, I do enjoy my time on the lake slowly drifting and thinking of the day when a walleye actually bites. Way back in 2005 I actually caught 5 walleye in one day. Fluke. I havent caught one since. Do the math, that's 5 years. I don't get out all that often, but still, 5 years is one long dry spell. Now I am not asking for anyones "honey hole", but throw me a bone. Above 215 Bridge or below? Point B2? B6? Thanks for your time, and good fishing. -DBo-
  15. Fished Stockton Tuesday evening.HOT. fishing not so much. Mostly fished point B2, alont the bluff. Drifted and slow trolled crawlers. No walleye but 2 nice channels. Lots of perch nibbles. Will try again Thursday eve. Always looking for walleye with little success. A few here and there.
  16. Headed up that way end of July. Going to fish Spearfish Canyon area in South Dakota.
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