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  1. the book goes for $6. I will find out which conservation office my buddy got his from and let you guys know.
  2. when bear spray first came out as "Bear Repellent" some rocket scientist bought some for the family cause they were going out west or to alaska, can't remember I want to say it was alaska. They get outside bust out the repellent and hose down the kids with it. what? it's bear repellent. it's just like mosquito repellent right? spray it on, keeps the bears away? pretty sure those people are going to end up in the worst nursing home their kids can find.
  3. still time to enter! If you have not seen the fish submitted for july or those submitted so far this month, stop by and have a look. http://fishonkayakad...mouth-challenge
  4. well if they were tweaked out on meth it's highly unlikely they'd be able to shoot straight for one.also once bullets start flying most people pee down their leg so unless they are experienced shooters and it's highly unlikely they are, I wouldn't be too worried about it. 2ndly they are breaking a law, they aren't looking to add to the list. and 3rdly you can either be a vicitim or you can defend yourself. but it's all a matter of conjecture at this point. would have, could have, should have. the only thing you get to do in a 'bad' situation is REACT. how you choose to go about that is up to you. I would say the correct action was taken and likely the exact same action would have been taken had he been armed. it's not the old west with a showdown at the corral. It is worth noting that 'brandishing a firearm in a threatening manner towards another human' is a felony.
  5. mic I know what lake you are talking about. you need a sonar and you can use a grub, tube jig, drop shot, shakey head, crankbait, etc to catch them there. once the water drops below 78 or so they should really fire up. we caught a couple of real nice ones there in the spring while fishing. you need to be back in the 'old' area of that lake though, they like to hang out there.
  6. yeah, as in, I don't know you, you don't know me. I'm friendly but don't think I'm not watching every single thing that a person or group is doing when I float or wade by. Especially if I'm alone. Call me paranoid, but I've managed to avoid any issues thus far. That being said, I meet all kinds of friendly people on my trips and I make an effort to stop and talk to anyone who looks like they live along the river to discuss things such as littering, poaching, limits, etc. Unless I'm really fishing 'hard' I'm probably one of the nicest people you might come across. I know you are probably picturing Tackleberry from Police academy or maybe Taxi Driver. It's not like that at all.
  7. I exercise my 2nd amendment RIGHTS 24/7 365. gen 4 glock 19 with Hornady critical duty 135gr flexlock or Federal 124gr hydra-shok jhp's. If I get attacked and killed by a species other than H. sapiens, I'll take my whipping as it comes, tooth and nail. Otherwise, everyone is suspect. Just the way it has to be these days. Really hope I never have to use it though. I like to think everyone out enjoying nature is doing so with the same respect for it and others as I am, but I realize there are times where that's not always the instance. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. My medical kit falls in the same catagory.
  8. blemishes at ack are just that. superficial marks. and they don't charge for shipping, plus give you 20% off all the accessories you order with you yak, plus give you 15-20% every single purchase after your first one as your receipt will have a discount for your next order.
  9. it used to be that companies just took a hull they already made, put a couple of flush mount rod holders on it and called it an 'angler' model. Those days are long gone. The quality manufacturers have fishing specific kayaks now that have the hull design and features that are not only helpful but long needed for kayak anglers. boats steer, track, haul, carry, and fish better now than the original 'angler' models did. a quality kayak for less than $500 is going to be tough. Yes, there are kayaks under $500, but I would be extremely wary of their quality and they value that you get. There is a reason the vast majority of quality kayaks are in the $600-1000 range. Good materials and design aren't cheap. A cheap kayak is going to wear out faster, be less stable, probably impossible to reboard while in the water, have very little storage space/weight capacity, and in the long run usually ends up being a poor buy as you quickly 'outgrow' it. consider buying a blemished kayak or maybe one on sale. hook1.com and austinkayak.com both frequently have great deals. ack can't be beat for customer service! and you get expertise, which you absolutely do not get when you buy from a chain store.
  10. yeah it looks like a variety of crabapple. should flower white or pink in the spring. most are grown for decoration and not their fruit as it typically isn't very tasty.
  11. oh thanks for the plug wayne! I'm actually putting a tournament during this summer. You can still get in. Its a CPR submission tourney that runs in month long intervals. www.fishonkayakadventures.com look for the link at the bottom to the missouri smallmouth challenge. *the server my website is on is being migrated over the weekend so it may be offline for a period but should be back up by monday. It's sponsored by the Alpine Shop, RL Johnson Custom Rods, Creature Catcher Lures, Greenfish, Huzzah Valley Resort and the Missouri Smallmouth Alliance.
  12. I have a nice kayak cart that cabela's sells for less than $100 frequently. it's listed as a 'cabela's' kayak cart but it's actually made by a well respected kayak accessory manufaturer.
  13. if I buy enough of those shockwave rounds to fill a 55 gallon drum, then shoot it with a rifle, how big of a landing zone will that clear?
  14. it's deadly on suspended fish too. you just have to play with weight and retrieve speed to keep the lure in the right depth zone. and you can drop shot ANY soft plastic. don't care if it's a frog, worm, craw or so called 'finese' bait. Anything goes. personally I like small fluke/minnowlike baits.
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