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  1. Larry Eby


    IDK if/why they bite the weird stuff. Easy meal? I’ll just keep using it until they decide they need something else.
  2. Larry Eby


    Was thinking about what makes the ned so effective. Then I remembered an article done by pure fishing regarding craw pappies. Something to think about. https://m.bassmaster.com/understanding-bass-forage-crawfish An excerpt from the article. For 60 days, 450 largemouth bass, plucked from the same environment, were tested using a robotic arm and a strike counter. Each group of bass was presented a crawfish bait at the same speed and angle of attack. The bass tested had never seen the bait that was presented (it was a prototype). The test then continued, with one pincer removed, then a second pincer removed, and finally, the legs. The soft bait that had no appendages (no legs or pincers, just a body and tail) had the greatest number of strikes.
  3. Steve. If there was a rock turned over in big creek, I think you’d know about it. Always appreciate your reports and pics.
  4. So. To begin my recoil start in my Johnny didn’t cooperate today. Went to cane bottom instead of Blunks. Water was green, visibility to about 24”. Had to use the trolling motor. Dragged a silver sided rap count down. One nice crap. Trolled from the old fence row up to the flat before the channel swing to Longs. Settled upon the flat just up from the ramp at Ashers. Anchored there and caught another nice crap, WB and blue gill. Watched a guy snag a nice bill right there above on the ramp side of the rock bluff. Found a high pressure pattern. Drag a white stump jumper below a doll fly. The slower the better. If you think your dragging too fast, it’s because you are. Had my line broke on a nice WB. Intersting note. I got to meet the “new”? Game warden. Officer Kirby. Waiting at the ramp. She checked my stringer and permit. They get younger every year. Said she was heading to blunks next.
  5. I’m going to take the river rat boat down there tomorrow and check things out. I’ll post my findings. Don’t hold your breath though.
  6. Water should begin to clear below galena. A little stain never affected the whites when they get to moving.
  7. Close. It was on the bottom end of the tail fin but further in.
  8. Dam area fishing last Saturday. 4 bites, 3 keepers. Collection of everything thrown. A-rig, swimming jig and grub. Bite for us didn’t pick up until the water warmed and the breeze picked up. WT from 40 to 45 when we loaded ( had to be back in town). Would’ve continued throwing the A rug. My son caught a dandy spot on a main swing. Someone had clipped the bottom section of the back fin as it appeared to be still in the process of healing. Didn’t appear to be a fanning issue. Water clarity was about 11 feet.
  9. Re-invented the Mann sting ray. But I can’t help myself. Have to have the PBJ color
  10. Unfortunately courtesy has become rare. Was fishing a shoreline up kings last weekend and a dinger come idling slowly past us just to stop about 100 feet in front and dropped his TM. He looked at me as I put my hands up in “what the heck.” He musta thought I was waving, he waved hello at me.
  11. Thank you for the post. Will be in the cape fair area in the AM with two high school anglers.
  12. dblades, I’d fish it with you but have a NYFA tourney Saturday. Will be on the water somewhere Friday. Possibly up the James with a pair of high school anglers.
  13. Just add hot peanut oil and hush puppies. 👍
  14. What 11 acres? The old farmstead just up the shore from south piney? I thought the buoy were blocking wildcat hollow and the back of buck hollow. Up until they placed a gate and lock years ago, we were able to drive all the way to south piney during firearm deer season.
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