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  1. Larry Eby

    4/29 - 5/1 report........kinda

    Unfortunately courtesy has become rare. Was fishing a shoreline up kings last weekend and a dinger come idling slowly past us just to stop about 100 feet in front and dropped his TM. He looked at me as I put my hands up in “what the heck.” He musta thought I was waving, he waved hello at me.
  2. Larry Eby

    5/2 Midlake

    Thank you for the post. Will be in the cape fair area in the AM with two high school anglers.
  3. dblades, I’d fish it with you but have a NYFA tourney Saturday. Will be on the water somewhere Friday. Possibly up the James with a pair of high school anglers.
  4. Larry Eby

    Bridgeport 4/28/18

    Just add hot peanut oil and hush puppies. 👍
  5. Larry Eby

    "Boats keep out" Buoy

    What 11 acres? The old farmstead just up the shore from south piney? I thought the buoy were blocking wildcat hollow and the back of buck hollow. Up until they placed a gate and lock years ago, we were able to drive all the way to south piney during firearm deer season.
  6. Larry Eby

    Big Girls

    🙏 Thanks for posting.
  7. Larry Eby

    Aunts Creek 3/22 trifecta

    Nice. Thanks for the share. Appears you didn’t have to burn much fuel either. 👍
  8. Larry Eby

    Battery question

    If no one mentioned. Sams has their group 27 wet cell deep cycle at $59 with core exchange limit 3. Other group sizes have similar savings for a short period of time. East penn batteries
  9. Larry Eby

    I'm definitely in favor !

    Fine should be 4X the proposed amount.
  10. Larry Eby

    First time fishing LOTO

    Those senkos are useless. Send all unused green pumpkin seed to me for proper disposal.
  11. Larry Eby

    8 lber caught yesterday

    IDK. If my TM batts hadn’t dumped on us I think we could’ve scratched a bag.
  12. Larry Eby

    Question on Distance

    PB2 was mixing chocolate milk last Saturday but it’ll move lower. I’d stay UP Niangua somewhere.
  13. Larry Eby

    8 lber caught yesterday

    Same way with the Grand Glaise end. My youngest practicing for his HS T this coming weekend.
  14. Larry Eby

    Jerkbait setup

    Personally for me a spinning pole for JB. In/out of a windy point into the wind. Rogues, Vision, LC etc. If you use a spinning pole often enough, you’ll know how to minimize line twist and how to correct it.
  15. Larry Eby

    New play toy's

    One of those new weight watchers spoons. One spoonful of anything with that will be enough.

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