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  1. Looking for a store that carries "ON THE SHELF" 100% Full synthetic 2 stroke injection oil. Most places carry the synthetic blend or can order the full synthetic. Want some now.. Thanks for the help. Bill
  2. Glad people like what I do with my retirement. This & other canvas prints are available @ Holiday Island Marina. They are very inexpensive.
  3. Fishing was slow this morning...
  4. Billfo


    Are there Crappie around Holiday Island in the fall ? Black or White..(a friend wants me to take him one day this fall) Thanks.Bill
  5. Congrats .. & nice color on the fish ...
  6. John, The MinnKota & I are in Holiday Island.

    1. JohnP


      Ok.  I'll get back to if I can make a trip.  Thanks for the reply.

  7. New to the area, Looking for a place to shoot handguns near Holiday Island. Thanks for any location suggestions.
  8. Just seen this topic.. I was out that day there were about 9 Kayaks around the Beaver bridge. I thought it was pretty cool. I sat & watched them for a while and decided I would leave & fish elsewhere. Spoke to a couple of guys & they were just fine, but ONE guy turned sideways in my path under the bridge & refused to move when I wanted to leave the area & pass under the bridge. I chock it up to him having a bad day. I am flexible and am learning to let things slide. However, I can see someone else hammering the throttle & teaching that guy some manners... Every situati
  9. Yup, the Ned is pretty versatile ... Will try.. Thanks
  10. Hypothetically speaking.. IF you were on Table Rock Lake in the fall & wanted to catch Walleye with an artificial bait, what would you use ?
  11. Same thing around Holiday Island closer twds the state line. Not big fish, but sure a lot of fun. Seen them ambushing huge dark schools of bait fish.
  12. Our middle boy caught this one for his GF's dinner. We also had released 3 shorter ones.
  13. Typical scenic lookout pic.
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