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  1. I remember when Branson only had one flashing red light in town and the only grocery store was a Piggly Wggly
  2. bullhead are good flathead bait
  3. What is the problem with Dick's Sporting Goods?
  4. IN THE 70s we did not measure tout in in inches and it took a 5 pounder to be considered a "trophy "
  5. my dad made me pay cash for my first car plus pay the first years insurance in full. 9 I was washing widows ,cleaning gutters and cutting grass from the age of 13 and did it . a 1964 olds delta 88 "grandma car I paid $800 for
  6. that dog will hunt nice fish, congrats
  7. I am looking fror an umco 6 to 10 tray tackle box in good condition . pm me with details thanks
  8. WHY NOT GET OBAMA to create a new program designed to increase their population and increase the number of waters they can be found ???
  9. #21 the weddings you attend are very small because only one family attends
  10. a cow with it's nexk stuck in. the y of a tree at the strip mines near lake Baldwin before they were public
  11. I know this may be easier said than done but maybe we should pity those types they probably had a lousy dad who did not teach them the difference between right and wrong so I say pity and then say a quick prayer for them and try to not let them get you to their level
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