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  1. please pray for the safety of my daughter Sophie a first year Rn and working in the emergency department at one of St Louis' larger hospitals pleas Ask God to protect her and shield her from the the ugly virus My Thanks to you Leo
  2. I am with Kemp Lake , a non profit that provides hunting and fishing for folks that are disabled . we have been approached by the leadership at Fallen Outdoors to provide a venue for a quail and pheasant hunt on March 8th at our location in Leasburg Mo We are in need of a volunteer that has bird dogs to come out for the hunt . Our farm has been designated as a wildlife preserve with MDC so we can legally hunt pen raised birds as well as birds vwe have stocked that have coveyed up and gone wild if you would be willing to take part in this hunt with ad for our disabled veterans please contact me asap thanks Leo 314-270-3534 thanks Leo
  3. I want to introduce an organization that offers guided hunting and fishing for disabled sportsmen. Kemp Lake is a non profit group that is operating a 200 acre"farm" " in Leasburg missouri". in addition to offering fishing for bass bluegill and crappie in our 20 acre lake being managed for trophy bass we offer turkey, deer, quail , pheasant and dove hunting for disabled hunters. all activities on the farm are wheelchair accessible . and there is no charge to participants ever. if you are fortunate enough to be able bodied, the best way to enjoy our honeyhole is to call and arrange a time to bring out a disabled friend . check out our website at kemplake.org and like us on facebook thanks . Leo. btw it is 1 hour west of 270 just off of highway 44 and this is on private land and reservations are necessary as all recreation is enjoyed with one of our volunteer staff. w
  4. I remember when Branson only had one flashing red light in town and the only grocery store was a Piggly Wggly
  5. bullhead are good flathead bait
  6. What is the problem with Dick's Sporting Goods?
  7. IN THE 70s we did not measure tout in in inches and it took a 5 pounder to be considered a "trophy "
  8. my dad made me pay cash for my first car plus pay the first years insurance in full. 9 I was washing widows ,cleaning gutters and cutting grass from the age of 13 and did it . a 1964 olds delta 88 "grandma car I paid $800 for
  9. that dog will hunt nice fish, congrats
  10. I am looking fror an umco 6 to 10 tray tackle box in good condition . pm me with details thanks
  11. WHY NOT GET OBAMA to create a new program designed to increase their population and increase the number of waters they can be found ???
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