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  1. Fished same brush as last weekend plus numerous others with minnows and jigs. Caught one keeper crappie. 2 catfish. 6 decent perch. Left at noon because of heat. Guess the bite was just off . Wonder how the night bite was?
  2. Anyone haven any luck finding the fish? Thinking of going down sat.
  3. Hopefully they get it back up soon. Must have looked at it fifty times , but as soon as I was ready to put some coordinates in my GPS they were unavailable. Go figure.
  4. Can not seem to get to the map , and didn't know if anyone else was having problems with it . I contacted MDC , but got no responce . Maybe I'm just doing something wrong . Any input to the problem would be appreciated . thanks
  5. Is something wrong with the mdc website , Can't get interactive maps to show up for about a week now
  6. New to this site . Don't normally join forums , but I have been getting alot of good info from this site for quite awile now . Thought I should start putting in my 2 cents ,and helpful information . fished yesterday till noon. Fished brush piles (little green signs ) just north of mutton creek . 22 - 24 ft of water caught 36 keeper crappie(3 guys in boat ) lots of shorts . Was good til ski boats started rocking da boat . Fish didn't like bait getting pulled up and down 2 ft at a time . So they quit us . You would expect some waves on sat. if your at the mouth of the coves , but one ski boat passed close enough to throw a wake over the stern of my boat . That ain't acceptable to me . Hope my report helps someone as ya'll have helped me find them when i didn't have a clue .
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