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  1. Caught a 3 lb large mouth out of 33 rented a boat and got away from the memorial day crowd. Also landed about 10 really small crappie that I left to grow a little. Was fishing around the corner from the boats for the crappie and middle somewhere for the large mouth. I had a portable fish finder.
  2. You weren't kidding about the ticks, really bad. Good thing I had Sawyer Duranon Permethrin Insect Repellent or I would have been in trouble. My buddy on the other hand had tons of them on him. Had some pretty good luck there. Had 2 nice bass one was 19.5" and the other 14". Had a few blue gill too. Little muddy but was fun. We walked by 40 and someone was already under the bridge so we walked the opposite way.
  3. Looking for a little help. I am heading to busch and looking for crappie. I have fished Lake #33 with 4"-6" crappie but I was looking for bigger. Anyone have any suggestions for a better lake?
  4. I think I may head to Dardenne Creek this weekend to check it out. I was going to start at Busch # 33 and head west hoping to find some good spots.
  5. Think I need to do some research and find out who oversees that lake and see if there is a possibility of change.
  6. O well, still fun to catch them I guess. What is weird is it's not C&R for catfish and people are pulling out ones that would maybe turn into a fish stick if filleted.
  7. Bummer, looks like a lot of good bass fishing there according to the website.
  8. Lake St. Louis Anglers Forgot to post the link I had found
  9. Anyone know where to find info on this park as far a stocking of fish. I have caught a few bass there but all under the 18" min. Anyone caught any keepers from there?
  10. Hi, new to the forum and just started getting into more advance fishing and techniques beside just getting a worm and a bobber.
  11. I recently fished 31 for the 1st time, very nice lake, and caught a few small bass off of the first little finger when you enter the lake. I was using mann's 8" worms rigged Texas style.
  12. Anyone know if the Lake St. Louis lake is open to the public or if it's private? I was looking online and found there is a club for it but it does not specify if it is open to residents only.
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