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  1. My uncle went down Friday and Saturday. He didn't have any luck. I think maybe he caught 6 or 7 between both days. Said there were a ton of boats but no one was catching much. That's all I know. Good luck!
  2. Thanks for the info guys! I will definitely check out Plateau Fly Shop. Bill Butts, thanks for the invite to SW Mo Fly Fishers. Greatly appreciated and something I will try to take you up on! I have always enjoyed fishing but really would like to try the fly rod. Look forward to the challenge..........Thanks again!
  3. I would like to start using a fly rod for chasing whites, walleye etc. Anyone have any advice on where to start? Type of fly rod? Length? Or is there somewhere in Springfield or locally that you would recommend that could get me started? Thanks all!! Jamie
  4. WOW! Judge much? Did I say how many of us were in the boat? Is it any of your business why we were keeping that many? I just gave a quick report and get a BS reply. Don't worry yourself about freezer burned fish they will be long gone before that happens....don't want you to lose sleep over it. Talk about A$$clown comments.
  5. No the gravel bar was still there as of Wednesday.
  6. Put in at 10 bridge Wednesday morning about 7:15 there were already a dozen rigs there. We were fishing above the first shoal/gravel bar up to the corner. We ended up keeping 123 fish and stopped about 12:30 to head home. Caught most on sliders, pearl with chartreuse tail and john deere green. When we left the parking lot FULL! There were rigs parked all the way to the highway. Had a blast take care all!!! Good luck.
  7. I went last week with my uncle. Put in at Twin Bridges and went up Spring Creek. Fished about 300 yds short of the power lines. Ended up with 70 between us. Mix of male and females. Had to really slow it down and was fishing right on bottom.
  8. Jamie

    Bank fishing

    I've considered going up to Stockton but the James is so close (I live south of Nixa where the James and Finley meet) I thought I would give it a try. Thanks for all the info guys. Its a big help and starting point. Hope to see some of you out there. Jamie
  9. Jamie

    Bank fishing

    Sounds like a good excuse/reason to buy a fly rod. I would like to try it sometime. What seems to work down there? Marabou jigs? Bucktail jigs? Swimming minnows? All the above? Guess it doesnt matter I'll take them all! Thanks guys! Jamie
  10. Jamie

    Bank fishing

    Thanks for the quick reply. Would a person be ok with a spinning reel or do the fly fisherman do better? Been thinking about picking up a fly rod but have plenty spinning gear.
  11. Jamie

    Bank fishing

    Not really new to fishing but been out of it for awhile. Looking to chase some whites on the James this spring and was wondering if people have much luck from the bank? If so would you mind giving a general area? Not looking for someones honeyhole but a little help is appreciated. Never fished the James. Thanks. Jamie
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