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  1. Danoinark

    New CORPS notification for tailwaters

    Thanks I'll try that.
  2. Danoinark

    New CORPS notification for tailwaters

    Generation at Beaver.
  3. Danoinark

    New CORPS notification for tailwaters

    I put table b in for Beaver and it said it did not recognize it. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
  4. Danoinark

    I am Old! remember these!

    Is that a Mitchell 300 Spinning reel?!
  5. Danoinark

    Federal Park Pass

    Al, When we purchased ours from the Buffalo River Office I asked the question, and no the pass is only good for the person who has signed the back. That's why Sandy bought her on, although she is over 62 as I am. We each have a card. Now its good for a carload as well, so if grands, or anyone is with you the discounts apply as to camping, and other amenities... Dan
  6. Danoinark

    Federal Park Pass

    Sandy and I got ours this last Winter....its a good deal.
  7. Danoinark

    Reel Recovery

    Looking forward to it and thanks.
  8. Danoinark

    Reel Recovery

    Thanks Billet....I've lurked some...But been concentrating on helping get some grands raised and getting ready for retirement in about five months. I'm going to try to be more active.
  9. Danoinark

    Reel Recovery

    Not shameless .. necessary. Good job.
  10. Danoinark

    Ark Rod / Rock Springs Tackle

    I talked with one of his good friends (old tennis buddy) He says he doesn't see him every Sunday since they don't attend the same Church anymore, but my friends wife talks to Jim's wife very often. He is sure he is still open. I'll still try to get by there tomorrow.
  11. Danoinark

    Ark Rod / Rock Springs Tackle

    I'll go by and check.
  12. Danoinark

    Need advice for solo overnighting in a kayak

    How about a tandem sit in. Seems you could carry more weight along with a place to store more gear.
  13. Danoinark

    Leaders for sinking line

    I've just used a couple feet of straight 6lb mono...seems to work fine.

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