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  1. Just let the rental shops pick up and drop off those that use their service. It is not that hard and it won't take business from the park it would be a good will and make the parks look like they care about the community they are in. I think the person behind this is JD and the rangers. Go after them I think Jim Rodgers is just riding their shirt tales to get the bid again when it comes up.
  2. I would start calling the Park Sup JD Mushany that guy is a creep, he has been in there to long. If yo look at the numbers going to bennett and the other trout parks they have lost the most since he arrived. He thinks that he was sent there because he is the greatest thing since slice bread, but in reality he plays the system and has friends in the state offices. that guy is bad for bennitt and the parks along with the rangers who have so little to do that they go after the stupid things.
  3. Yes certain land is dedicated for that. The federal department is called BLM they have land for multi use, catle grazzing, farming, oil experation, etc. State might have some too depends on where you live. These groups who are picking and dropping people off are not advertising or hanging signs in the park for business and driving on a public highway that is used by multi uses. They are using all public access and not physical buildings that are for a purpose. I can see if they cannot go into the campgrounds or in the buildings to get people but the roads and parking lots? Come on lets be smart and keep drunk people off the road and use a bus driver that is able to get them to the park safely. Again if their is a pay issue then that is why I am for a user fee rather then a general tax that all have to pay.
  4. Again a stupid law or rule when a picnic table is five feet from your vehicle.
  5. Yes in the parking lots is a bad thing and against the rules. Not sure if it is againt the "Law", have to look in RSMo for that one. Laws and rules are two different things and the law is crimanal the other is just being told to leave or change behavior. Drink all you want at the picnic area and campground, not the parking lot.
  6. Not true. You can have alcholic beverages as long as you are not in the parking lots drinking it. The picnic areas, campgrounds and other areas as long as there is no keg. So bring as much glass and cans to leave rather than one big container. Stupid laws brought to you by stupid people that run and enforce the park laws (ie rangers)
  7. Jim Rodgers is a private livery making a lot of money. Should he have to pay for the use as well? All should be able to launch and pickup people at the park it is owned by everyone who pays taxes. NRO pays taxes so they should be able to use it.
  8. I can say that Bennett Spring is a good-ol-boy system made up of JD Mushany, Jim Rodgers and the senior Ranger David Snyder. Call and talk to them and they blame the others but work to keep each others jobs. Those rules have been there for a long time. If the state takes taxes from us then it should be open to anyone to use and anyone can pick up anyone from the park. I am for a user fee and not from a tax to pay for the parks. The boat ramp was paid for by taxes therefore anyone should be able to use it. Should local resorts be able to advertise? No but then again no one should including Jim Rodgers who has been given the consessions for to many years and now is in bed with the park. Time for some letter to the State Parks and our reps.
  9. That was MDC, Park Rangers do not go undercover.
  10. Well that was interesting. From what I got. Weavers has the best website to get info, Charlies is an overall but have to deal with him, Larry's is the friendly and more family area, the park store if you need something quick. Plus now I think the store owners should have a competition among them to see who is the best fly fisherman. So far not to many other websites are that good for what is needed. OK now let the fishing competition began. Do you think the owners will go for it?
  11. Do you use their websites and are they beneficial???
  12. What is your favorite shop in the area and why??? Which one do you not like and why??? Do you like Larry's, Weaver, The Park Store ran by Rogers or others. Tell me what you think about the stores and the way they are ran. I am interested in the details.
  13. Do people still think that lousy cam is worth all the fuss and cost. IT is never streaming and the picture is worse than a kids camera.
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