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  1. I'm beginning to wonder if those are really carp, or are they just blow up balloons ?
  2. lee G.

    Air Rifle

    Yeah, I dont see how standing up would have put more lube in the compression chamber.
  3. lee G.

    Air Rifle

    Spring and piston over lubed?
  4. lee G.

    Funny Thing About Conservation Issues.

    Add the weeds, it really is a lot.
  5. lee G.


    My cousin is married to a drywall contractor. They installed a water bed on the first floor by taking it up to the second floor and filling it full of water.
  6. lee G.

    Great Anthem Fergie!

    congrieve rocket https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjsDxe1jsIc
  7. I guess a garden hose would work, I never thought of that before.
  8. lee G.

    The Pelicans are Back

    Yeah. I takes no. 4 shot to bring one down.
  9. lee G.

    Last two days of south zone duck

    OK, Ill try that, I tryed squirting mine in the face with a water pistol, but she just barked more, and when i tryed to go to bed that nite, she started snarling and wouldnt let me in the bedroom for two days, I had to sleep on the couch. She hasn't retrieved anything since then either. I though about getting a young blond one to work on, but two in the house might cause more snarling, so I havent yet.
  10. lee G.

    Last two days of south zone duck

    How do you teach them not to bark, BH?
  11. lee G.

    Air Rifle

    Help me think this thru, Wrench. Do you get 3 recoil impulses on a springer? One with the spring and piston goes forward, another when the piston reaches the limit of forward travel, and one when the piston rebounds and compresses the spring a certain amount? Three would be tough on a scope mount with the sudden changes of direction.
  12. lee G.

    Air Rifle

    Right,but i think it still comes to a really abrupt halt and rebounds like crazy.
  13. lee G.

    Air Rifle

    I think is has to do with the weight of the compression spring and the piston, also, semi-cushioned?, maybe not so much, think about hitting a car tire as hard as you can with a 2 lb hammer. I think it has to do with the abrupt change of recoil direction too.
  14. lee G.

    CWD and the MDC

    If you end up as administrator, will you put in a bb gun range?
  15. lee G.

    CWD and the MDC

    I think Wrench knows you are one of the old country boys,BH

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