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  1. Some late planning here, any guides on here or can anyone recommend one? I have been calling around and having trouble finding one available on 4/21. Looking to do some LM or SM fishing preferably in the Kimberling City area.
  2. I have been living under a rock this winter. Where did you hear about the 20% reduced stocking?
  3. Great video and great idea for the GoPro mount.
  4. Just more proof we do not need a pebble mine in Bristol Bay. http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/2014/08/06/spill-damage-likely-permanent-researcher
  5. XLMMHRYKLX3H Redeemed thank you!
  6. Bruegy

    Usa Vs. Russia

    I don't think my health can handle another game like that. WOW!
  7. I've never really gone too in depth with researching guides, I use Fuji most often and like them..
  8. Stl today article http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/doubts-about-the-future-of-a-national-park-in-the/article_02722479-7801-5d45-83f1-10d2a3ea21e1.html
  9. Thanks for the report! I got a good laugh out of it It is sad to see the amount of trip reports posted drop. Like most people, The amount of time i actually get to fish is not even close to what I wish it was. Reading good reports and seeing pictures of the stream/fish, it is almost as I am living vicariously through the report when I am unable to go.
  10. The EPA's review is now complete and TU is now asking for the Clean Water Act 404c to protect Bristol Bay. http://takeaction.savebristolbay.org/savebristolbay/issues/alert/?alertid=62933781&PROCESS=Take+Action
  11. I figured thats what would happen which I know is bs, If they make contact with him over a complaint and he admits to how and where he took them, they have him. If he denies taking those fish by that method in this state then I understand they do not have enough.
  12. Looks like a great trip, I will be heading down this weekend
  13. Sounds like fun, thanks for the post i have not seen this advertised anywhere.
  14. Thank you for the information, i hope i can pull it off. Hopefully things have died down since October, while getting emergency numbers i read all of this http://chile.usembassy.gov/emergency_messages.html
  15. Work is sending me to Santiago, Chile in 2 weeks and looks like i will have 1 maybe 2 days to play tourist. I know there there is some really good fishing in Chile but i am having trouble finding information on places to go in/near Santiago. I am not going to be bringing gear so it would have to be a guided trip or rent gear. If i manage to go i will be sure and post some pictures, any help or information would be appreciated.
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