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  1. Lob B is sold. Lot A and B are still available, and would ship them to you for $25 each. If anyone wants to mix and match that would be fine too. Thanks.
  2. Shoot me a price tyd thanks How about $18 shipped? That would be for the Mcstick 110 in spooky shad and the Sammy 85.
  3. Lot B sale is pending. If it doesn't go through I'll let you know. Otherwise I can take the McStick 110 from A and Sammy from C for you if you'd like. Then I will update remaining lures afterward.
  4. 3 lots of lures for sale. I would also be willing to trade for smaller sized jerkbaits, specifically looking for pointer 65 dd and IMA foxy fry. I'm willing to ship but I'm located outside of Fayetteville, so could meet anyone interested here in NWA. Feel free to make offers though pm. Thanks. Lot A Jackall Squad Minnow 95 in threadfin shad Spro McStick 110 in Spooky Shad Deep diving Rouge in blue/chrome/orange Lot B Limited Rattlin Rouge in sour grape Lucky Craft Pointer 100 in JP brook trout Rouge Elite 8 blue herring (I think) Spro McStick 110 Table Rock Shad Lot C Lucky Craft Kelly J Chart. Shad Lucky Craft Sammy 85 (unknown color) Spro McRip 85 chrome shad
  5. How does the river look post-flood? Any major changes or new hazards you know of? Is 1100 cfs a decent flow for fishing out of a canoe? Thanks.
  6. One more book I thought about is Fresh-Water Bass by Ray Bergman. Has a whole chapter on Bass of the Ozarks, he does a float down the White River before the dams, and the Buffalo. Plus color prints by Fred Hilderbrandt. Probably out of print, but worth looking to find a copy.
  7. Goodbye to a River by John Graves. Down the River by Edward Abbey. The Founding Fish by John McPhee.
  8. Hack- 2 [ intrans. ] use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system : they hacked into a bank's computer. So what they did is kind of like, exactly the dictionary definition of hacking. I think that is why the term "hacked" is used.
  9. Chief, In the Elk river system are there northern rock bass, shadow or both? I find it difficult to distinguish between the northern and shadow. For example is this a shadow bass or northern rock bass?
  10. The world record Ozark Bass came from Bull Shoals. The Ozark Bass is very similar to the Northern Rock Bass, I think they were only considered separate species since the late 70s. But the few times I've fish BSL, I haven't caught one either.
  11. Wow, that is a big bass. Did you get a length on it? Has a nice pre-spawn gut on it.
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