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  1. Nice to see a good report come from MT. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Was it that long ago that they previously worked on that bridge???? The cost.......is that correct !!??
  3. As the Corps man said....."This is a flood control lake." After the floods of 93 and 95 the lake lost almost all its great cover. Good fishing DIED. My dad retired there just because it was some kinda lake back in the early 90's. Big walleye Big crappie etc etc etc. My dad goes out occasionally now maybe 5-10 times a year and he lives 15 minutes from a put in. He spends more time @ Stockton which is 5 hours away. The fishing and the lake was something to see before the floods and now it looks like a big mud hole most of the year. Almost makes me cry thinking about it. I would not waste my time if I lived further than 30 minutes from there. I love to fish and when I visit my dad I don't even think about going on the lake anymore.
  4. Right on Green236!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. What part of the lake are you wanting to be at?
  6. So if you're in a Missouri navigable waterway, you just better stay on/in the water or you ARE trespassing. It is a low water state. Good info good read, thanks for sharing griz.
  7. I think Al and FF lost focus of this discussion. Hope you both do not run into a fellow like this with or without a dog. A mistake shouldn't always involve shooting or killing, unless extremely warranted.
  8. Only times I have been checked in Missouri were at Stockton. Don't mind it though, nice to be bothered.
  9. Flysmallie- I was talking about REVENUE man. Does not matter who or what it is. As long as they (state) can make money off of it. They are the PIMPS of the rivers. Think about it.
  10. Two cents worth. I have been a member for a few years here and have seen the decline either with my eyes or ears, of our rivers. To many people, taking to many fishes, to much trash, to many jet boats, to few conservation/police/patrol, to many cows, to much trespassing, to much silting, to many deaths, to little respect, to many opinions, to LITTLE leadership, to few enforced laws, to little action of protection and to many LAZY politicians. Jerry was right about the jet boats, they offer the state more $money$ thru taxes, gas-license-sales=$$$. Al, your correct, they let the genie out of the bottle, without initial stipulations on where a jet could go. Whomever, is letting our river(s) resource (Jefferson City) lose ground should be canned or worse. We were blessed to have these opportunities within our state but we have to remember that the bottom line to our state is that green back. Natural resources generates $$$$$$$$$$$$, which Missouri wants......NO MATTER HOW THEY GET IT!!!! I know there is enough people to make a difference in helping our streams survive much less thrive, but we better get it together and stop trusting in the bureaucracy.
  11. Thanks for sharing your days on the river.
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