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  1. Headed up to Northern Wisconsin on Saturday and the resort operator was telling me that he's practically empty. It appears that the high fuel costs is keeping his regulars closer to home. Do you think the same applies to our lakes and resorts? I've been out to local lakes and have not noticed a measurable change in either boat or highway traffic...
  2. How close to the Fall Creek condos did Taney washed away the soil? From the angle of the photo, it looks like the foundation could have been compromised if any more soil would have washed away...
  3. Patfish - have you fished Suson? I also live in Oakville and was wondering how's fishing over there..
  4. If you see a musky following your lure; don't slow down, jerk the rod a speed up. Most folks slow down on a follow, in the real world, bait will do everything and anything to get away. Don't forget to do the figure 8 at boat side. Often time, the musky will follow from below the lure - you won't know she's there until she comes up on the 8. It's an awsome sight to see a mid 40" torpedo coming toward your lure! 70% of muskies caught come on the figure 8.. Good luck.
  5. What should one be throwing in the trophy area at that time of the year - either spin casting or with the fly rod? Thanks
  6. Leonard, it's a 200Q, not 2000. I found one on ebay that looks very, very similar. AX Bearing is noted on the ebay listing if that matters.. Frank
  7. Thanks for the feedback! After 26 years of marriage and fishing for muskies longer than that, my wife is hoping that I find another fishing passion that is not so tackle extensive (musky gear takes up quite a large section of the garage). after reading the above, I can see that I'm going to need additional tackle storage devices for the trout gear. At least the lures are smaller than musky gear! Thanks again... PS - how do fish a soft hackle?
  8. Found the above reel at a garage sale this week. By the looks of the body, this reel has been used alot! Only paid $2.00 for it but would like to know if there's any chronic issues that need to be on the lookout. Bail fouling or line pickup not good, that sort of thing. I took it down to the Meramec this morning and with 4 lb test and a rooster tail it did very well.. Thanks
  9. Too hot to musky fish so I've been educating myself on OAF. Often, in the musky boards the post on "Lures to help a beginer" comes up for discussion. My favorite musky lures that I would recommend for a newbie musky hunter: Top water - Jackpot 1/3 below surface - Suick 2/3 below surface - Jointed DepthRaider Bottom - BullDog I would like to hear from the experts as to what to get for my fly box that would enable me to fish Tanney's trophy water area. Thanks
  10. We'll I just picked up a Shimano 2000 reel at a garage sale for $2.00. Body is little bruised, but it operated ok. Any issues with this reel that I should be looking out for? I did pick up a 2 piece, 7.5' Cabelas spinning rod on sale the last week ($49.00) I'm not sure on who makes these rods for Cabela's but it is a fast blank. Took it down to the river and was pleased with the cast distance I got with 4 lb line and a rooster tail... Frank
  11. Nephews and I were wondering if there are any restriction that would prevent one from floating on a canoe or raft from St. Louis down to Cape Girardeau. Frank
  12. Bill, thanks for the feedback. This is the insight I was looking for.. Frank
  13. I'll be investing in a new spinning rod soon. Trying to maximize casting distance while throwing small lures, ie. roster tails and small jigs. I'm thinking 6' fast action rod blank but too many folks are telling me that small, ultra-lite rod is the way to go. I've got an old Cardinal ultra-lite reel for the rod.. Figure you folks here can help me out. Thanks Frank
  14. Perhaps you've read already... http://sports.espn.go.com/outdoors/fishing...tory?id=2901070
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