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  1. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    8/16 -need to plant fall spinach & lettuce. Awfully dry here - have to water every other day.
  2. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    Seems for me a rather slow year for tomatoes. I just get enough for BLT's and slicing but no salsa.
  3. tho1mas

    What's Cooking?

    The BG Egg is the best & last forever. Looks gooood.
  4. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    Way to go - picked my first regular Big Boy on the 4th. Needed a hummingbird egg for comparison.
  5. Why not launch at Rockaway Beach ? You would only be about a 1/4 mile from Bull Creek. Usually you can go up until the creek turns back to the left (check Phil's map of Taneycomo).
  6. Who was that clean shaven, military style haircut guy? Way to go Phil!
  7. Thank you - US Army retired. 1968 - 91.
  8. The only bass I have caught in Taney have been up in Bull Creek. Have tried down around the dam for crappie & bass but no luck.
  9. I fished Beaver Creek area from the early '70's till mid '90's. Put my boat in a rented stall from mid Feb. til mid April. The whites went from limits to lucky to catch two. Gave up & went to Sac on Stockton - left the boat in the shop. Don't know what happened to them.
  10. Marty - That was too easy. Your skill or luck always is amazing (do you ever buy lotto tickets)?
  11. tho1mas

    It's Time

    Time to put out the H.B. feeders (4 cups boiled water & 1 cup sugar).
  12. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    The lettuce is up. Planted it Feb. 14th. The freezing didn't kill it. Too small for pictures.
  13. Sous vide corned beef. Side of new red potatoes, carrots, onions & cabbage. Thirty hours in the sous vide cooler cooker. then into the oven (325 degrees) uncovered to keep warm while the veggies cooked in the corned beef broth. It tasted like it might work.
  14. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    Got mine in on Valentine's Day. I mixed last years & new Black Seeded Simpson as usual. Put them in an old pepper shaker & fought the wind & raked them into the soil. Bet they are cold little hummers this morning. If Phil (the groundhog) was right with his weather guess I will enjoy wilted lettuce around Tax Day.
  15. You might try the wire from the survey stakes (like Dig-Rite uses). You can find them in hardware stores or online.
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