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  1. Two men were using urinals next to each other. One of the men was very fat, the other was normal size. The normal man says to the fat one "You diet"? The fat one says "No, what color is it"?
  2. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    BH - Looks like you'll be needing more freezer space or Mason jars soon. And T.P.
  3. tho1mas

    Hummers 2018

    They are back in Nixaville.
  4. tho1mas

    BilletHead Bees

    Too old & too lazy. Have you tried talking to them? You know " the art of the deal".
  5. tho1mas

    BilletHead Bees

    BH - Where is your chainsaw? You said you didn't like those walnut trees.
  6. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    BH - it is hard to beat fresh dried oregano. My little garden is full (lettuce, onions, peppers, broccoli,spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes. This picture was taken after the first picking for spinach-lettuce salad. So far it is doing pretty good with some help from the well water. Oh, and notice all of the walnut tree shade I have to contend with every year. .
  7. tho1mas

    Opening day 2018

    FW - You have a real way with words to explain things.
  8. tho1mas

    Opening day 2018

    BH - you are really good or really lucky. CONGRATS>
  9. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    I had to water my little raised garden last week - kinda yearly to be doing that! Onions, spinach & lettuce are up sorta (may have to re-plant some B.S. Simpson). Broccoli is about 2" high on the window sill in the kitchen. Life is good.
  10. tho1mas

    Fellows lake newbie

    Good luck - I have fished & duck hunted Fellows Lake off & on since the ' 70's. If you want the children to catch a few fish to keep them happy - go elsewhere. Just my opinion for what it's worth.
  11. tho1mas

    New to the Forum!

    Welcome - just stay tuned in and you will get some good & some not so good info here.
  12. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    Ness - why did you stop growing it?
  13. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    Thanks - not many folks seem to grow it.
  14. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    Lettuce in the raised garden came up yesterday. Too small for picture. Also, my indoor broccoli has one little start. Broccoli is new for me - anyone had any luck or problems with it?
  15. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    I gave up on a dry spell so today I mudded in my onions, spinach & lettuce. Looks like I got it done just before the next wet one. Anyone got a fool proof last frost date for the rest of the stuff?

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