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  1. tho1mas

    Just funny stuff

    OOPS - I left out that it is a Taylor Swift special.
  2. tho1mas

    Just funny stuff

    Better git down to your local KFC for their new special. Two small breasts & one left wing.
  3. tho1mas


    Think I will water my fall lettuce today. Weather guessers say rain at 11:00 AM & 11:00 PM today.
  4. tho1mas

    Knapp time.

    I found this one in a washed out tank trail after a toad strangler rain at Ft. Sill, Ok. in 1991. I wonder what tribe lost it.
  5. tho1mas


    You are just a young whippersnapper. Have a happy birthday!
  6. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    Except for lettuce & onions my garden really stunk this year. Planting fall crop this week if my old back will hold up.
  7. BH -- Great pictures & report. How was the garden when you got home?
  8. tho1mas


    Wrench - was the law after you?
  9. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    My tomatoes are the worst I have grown. Don't know what happened this year. Have some pepper plants as big as the tomatoes. Good thing I did not plan on canning any tomatoes.
  10. tho1mas

    What's Cooking?

    BH - How long does the drying usually take? How do you store them?
  11. tho1mas

    Bird ranches

    I second Flying Feathers - good Christian family operated. Sorta northeast of Mt. Vernon.
  12. tho1mas

    What's Cooking?

    BH - Have you tried cooking the roasting ears with the sous vide? Bag them with some s&p and a couple pats of butter. It cooks them but leaves it crunchy. Anova recipe.
  13. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    ENJOY - The first ones always taste the best. Way to go - may not have to water today the way radar looks?
  14. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    Well, I made the 4th July goal to have a ripe one. That plate is actually a 16" platter. Anyone buy that?

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