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  1. 2018 Garden Thread

    I had to water my little raised garden last week - kinda yearly to be doing that! Onions, spinach & lettuce are up sorta (may have to re-plant some B.S. Simpson). Broccoli is about 2" high on the window sill in the kitchen. Life is good.
  2. Fellows lake newbie

    Good luck - I have fished & duck hunted Fellows Lake off & on since the ' 70's. If you want the children to catch a few fish to keep them happy - go elsewhere. Just my opinion for what it's worth.
  3. New to the Forum!

    Welcome - just stay tuned in and you will get some good & some not so good info here.
  4. 2018 Garden Thread

    Ness - why did you stop growing it?
  5. 2018 Garden Thread

    Thanks - not many folks seem to grow it.
  6. 2018 Garden Thread

    Lettuce in the raised garden came up yesterday. Too small for picture. Also, my indoor broccoli has one little start. Broccoli is new for me - anyone had any luck or problems with it?
  7. 2018 Garden Thread

    I gave up on a dry spell so today I mudded in my onions, spinach & lettuce. Looks like I got it done just before the next wet one. Anyone got a fool proof last frost date for the rest of the stuff?
  8. Lakeside Resorts in Forsyth/Rockaway ?

    I second Duck Harbor. Not new & fancy but clean and friendly.
  9. The Coward? of Broward County.

    That job is sort of like being in the military - you can not pick the situations you are involved in.
  10. White Bass?

    Me too. Late 70's & all thru the 80's it was "what, you didn't catch your limit" white bass area fishing. We even chased them all the way to the dam some years. Each year it got worse until we gave up.
  11. Great Anthem Fergie!

    Wrench - From an old cannon-cocker (21 1/2 years service) air burst rounds are very effective for troops not in bunkers without over head cover. Just saying.
  12. 2018 Garden Thread

    Ness - you were three days late on lettuce (valentines Day). Mine is still in the package - too wet to plant here.

    Did any of you cut your own switch? I did! Didn't like it one bit but I haven't been in jail yet. Guess they just don't make good switch trees any more.
  14. Be My Valentine Day

    Bill - welcome back.
  15. Thank you, updates, some jig stuff

    In 1994 my wife had the same symptoms. They operated on her in Springfield but found that they could not get to all of the tumor. However, they cut the eye nerve that controls her right eye as far as looking down. Found that tumor was benign but had to be removed. After a short recovery time, we went to KC to the new (then) Gamma Knife hospital. They worked on her all day shooting controlled radiation. One area could not be hit but they hoped the treatment might bleed over to stop the growth. That was 24 years ago and each year she get a new MRI. No new growth yet and she is still as mean as she ever was. KEEP YOUR STRONG FAITH IN THE LORD.

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