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  1. Archery season. Think I’m done!

    Now the only reason you have to go to town is for beer & flour.
  2. New to Stockton, newbie advice welcome.

    Welcome - Stay tuned - Some of guys will give you some good info.
  3. Rare Predator Sighting

    That mixture works well on carpet pet stains. I know because my wife just got a new ankle biter - she named him Marty?
  4. Veterans Day

    Thank you from a fellow retired vet. Some days of late makes me wonder if it was worth the effort.
  5. turn over

    Here - Hold my beer - Watch this moment.
  6. 2017 garden thread

    Still eating tomatoes but down to three big ones and a couple a dozen cherry ones. Cleaned out all the vines - only fall lettuce left. Best tomato year I can remember but can't say that about my fall lettuce. Thinking about planting more lettuce and gamble on a mild winter.
  7. Somebody Stole a Shipment of Bass Pro Guns.

    It was in the Springfield News Leader yesterday. They thought it started as a common break in and the thieves found the guns sorta by accident.
  8. What's Cooking?

    Deer burger is great for chili, no grease to drain & if you grind it course it is like Texas style.
  9. FW - I was talking about Fellows Lake - not the price.
  10. $75.00 for a day on Fellows Lake - She would have to hold a gun on me to make me do that punishment.
  11. 2017 garden thread

    I picked 54 more tomatoes Sunday - neighbors are happy. Got to be that hair!
  12. Big Doin's at Bass Pro Today

    When you compare WOW prices with NFL or MLB I believe they are in line. Reports say to see everything it takes four hours. Ten dollars/ hour isn't too bad. Johnny also paid the city of Springfield back the money it had spent on the failed first attempt to build it as per News Leader.
  13. 2017 garden thread

    My little garden (5x20) has only 2 regular & 2 cherry tomato plants. They have been sorta slow until now. This is yesterday's crop. An old farmer that is older than I am said to put hair in the hole when planting. He said the protein is good for them. I asked the wife to get a bag or two when she got her hair cut. Evidently it was not a first request - they said every spring all the rural folks come in for hair fertilizer. I could see no change until lately if that really made any difference. This the first time I have not had the blight or cut worms. Been watering every day because it is a raised bed.
  14. Small Game 2017-2018

    What is the best (easy) way to skin a squirrel? I have tried the slit across the middle of the back - then pull it off like pants & a tee shirt. The other method is cut under the tail - stand on the tail - pull the hind legs until the skin is off to the head - then skin the back legs. Neither method seems very easy & almost always involves picking hair. I have 40 + walnut trees on my place & a so-so garden = lots of tree rats. I hate to kill them if I don't eat them.
  15. Harvey

    The latest weather guesser just showed models that show it going back into the Gulf to reload - then head back north thru Arkansas. We may get a shot of it yet.

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