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  1. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    Except for lettuce & onions my garden really stunk this year. Planting fall crop this week if my old back will hold up.
  2. BH -- Great pictures & report. How was the garden when you got home?
  3. tho1mas


    Wrench - was the law after you?
  4. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    My tomatoes are the worst I have grown. Don't know what happened this year. Have some pepper plants as big as the tomatoes. Good thing I did not plan on canning any tomatoes.
  5. tho1mas

    What's Cooking?

    BH - How long does the drying usually take? How do you store them?
  6. tho1mas

    Bird ranches

    I second Flying Feathers - good Christian family operated. Sorta northeast of Mt. Vernon.
  7. tho1mas

    What's Cooking?

    BH - Have you tried cooking the roasting ears with the sous vide? Bag them with some s&p and a couple pats of butter. It cooks them but leaves it crunchy. Anova recipe.
  8. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    ENJOY - The first ones always taste the best. Way to go - may not have to water today the way radar looks?
  9. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    Well, I made the 4th July goal to have a ripe one. That plate is actually a 16" platter. Anyone buy that?
  10. tho1mas

    Newbie in Ozark

    Welcome back.
  11. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    BH - You will need a chain saw to clean up your garden this fall. Looking good, better start stocking up on bacon.
  12. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    They should be ripe by the 4th of July - that is always my goal. Looking good BH. I have blooms but no fruit yet.
  13. Two men were using urinals next to each other. One of the men was very fat, the other was normal size. The normal man says to the fat one "You diet"? The fat one says "No, what color is it"?
  14. tho1mas

    2018 Garden Thread

    BH - Looks like you'll be needing more freezer space or Mason jars soon. And T.P.
  15. tho1mas

    Hummers 2018

    They are back in Nixaville.

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