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  1. tho1mas

    What's Cooking?

    Ever use honey for the sweet part?
  2. My 1st shingles shot really got my attention for about a week. The second one was no problem but I had to bite my lip to get it.
  3. tho1mas

    It's time

    The humming birds are back. Time to clean & fill up the feeders.
  4. While you have the carb apart you might as well put a kit in it. They do not cost much & may be the answer except for the spark problem.
  5. Bill - I have had good luck using fence posts for the boxes. They also need to be clear of over head limbs or other obstructions. Need to clean them out each winter.
  6. Welcome to the area. I think you will find lots of good info here.
  7. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    I believe it's over except for a bit of sickly looking lettuce. Too hot in Sept.
  8. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    8/16 -need to plant fall spinach & lettuce. Awfully dry here - have to water every other day.
  9. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    Seems for me a rather slow year for tomatoes. I just get enough for BLT's and slicing but no salsa.
  10. tho1mas

    What's Cooking?

    The BG Egg is the best & last forever. Looks gooood.
  11. tho1mas

    2019 Garden Thread

    Way to go - picked my first regular Big Boy on the 4th. Needed a hummingbird egg for comparison.
  12. Why not launch at Rockaway Beach ? You would only be about a 1/4 mile from Bull Creek. Usually you can go up until the creek turns back to the left (check Phil's map of Taneycomo).
  13. Who was that clean shaven, military style haircut guy? Way to go Phil!
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