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  1. Nothing yet. I need to enrich the soil in my little raised garden. Any thoughts?
  2. Folk lore says Feb. 14th is the day to your lettuce. I couldn't quite find time today.
  3. Speaking of Gurus - Marty or anyone know what the name of this thing could be? I bought it at the Army Surplus store in Springfield back in the '70's. I use it for cornbread & my sugar britches (FW for wife) calls them cornbread pucks.
  4. tho1mas

    Cast iron

    How long to cook? twenty-four min. @425. GOOD LUCK
  5. tho1mas

    Cast iron

    B.H. - I had four cornbread cast iron (gave two to the grandson). After the initial seasoning I never let soap touch them. Just use a stiff brush, light spray of Pam, dry off & store. I always mix bacon grease (melted) in the mix. Preheat the pans before cooking is the key to not sticking I think. Hodson Mill has a good recipe.
  6. tho1mas

    What's Cooking?

    Ever use honey for the sweet part?
  7. My 1st shingles shot really got my attention for about a week. The second one was no problem but I had to bite my lip to get it.
  8. tho1mas

    It's time

    The humming birds are back. Time to clean & fill up the feeders.
  9. While you have the carb apart you might as well put a kit in it. They do not cost much & may be the answer except for the spark problem.
  10. Bill - I have had good luck using fence posts for the boxes. They also need to be clear of over head limbs or other obstructions. Need to clean them out each winter.
  11. Welcome to the area. I think you will find lots of good info here.
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