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  1. Eclipse

    NOT A Bad Description Of The media, everything the media puts out that I hear or see, gets a quick "smell test" sometimes it fails, sometimes the information,while not enjoyable is not incorrect.
  2. Eclipse

    I guess I will just have to be content with a 98% eclipse, at least I think hat was what was predicted for my location. Honestly I don't get why it is such a "big thing", yeah it's cool and all but its just and eclipse. I guess I am just not very enlightened.
  3. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    Surely not!
  4. What's Cooking?

    RPS, let's assume for a moment that I am inept or clueless, how do I find or get to this blog thing.
  5. Eclipse

    I guess I will.just be at work, sure I will step out on occasion to look, but am south of the totality zone.
  6. What's Cooking?

    I am in the middle of a min or remodel so I can move my mother in with us, but when done I am gonna go find that recipe and try it.
  7. What's Cooking?

    I really really want to do a fish burger, hoping it is something a crab cake. Course at this point I am not gonna risk a walleye fillet until I am sure the recipe works.
  8. Advice please!

    Crappie can be had in good numbers (although still small in size) fishing around standing timber of brush piles. Bass are there but haven't heard much from bass fishermen lately. Catfish, I would simply find a comfy so on she shoreline about dark and settle down to watch them for a couple hours. If you want to set a trotline please do so away from the park itself, during the day there can be several people swiming there. White bass can be where you find them, if there is so wind it will help push the shad into coves and along the shorelines, and the whites will follow them. Wind in the same direction for 2 or more days is even better.
  9. Stupid otters!

    They are very good at that. One of the best otter traps I have seen is a modified fish box.
  10. Srockton.... Trout?

    I wouldon't be surprised, except that i can't think of a place with trout that could escape into stockton? Maybe a private stocking from somewhere upstream.
  11. From the Land of Sky Blue Waters

    That thing is truly a football!
  12. What's Cooking?

    Supper didn't turn out that we'll tonight but while mowing I found this big bolete in my yard. My wife loves them so I sliced it thick, into a skillet with butter and some seasoning I like. Once it sautéed and bit I mopped out the extra butter with a paper towel so it wouldn't burn and gave it some extra heat to brown them a little. Pretry good, wife was happy and we all know the rule.
  13. America the Beautiful COE pass

  14. America the Beautiful COE pass

    Correct that the Golden Age passports are no longer issued, however they are still honored, so if you have one you are "golden". The newer version is the America the Beautiful Senior Passport, must be 62 yrs of age, $10 and is good for lifetime. Those will go away on August 28, and be replaced with America the Beautiful Senior Annual Pasport for $20 and the America the Beautiful Senior Lifetime Passport for $80. The supply of the "going away" $10 passes is very limited, when they are gone they are gone. However I believe the NPS sites and maybe the USGS onine store will issue you a rain check/voucher. The COE sites do not issue a voucher or rain check, when they are gone they are gone. I would advise calling ahead to make sure they have them available before making a long drive to purchase one.
  15. LOZ piggies

    How big of a trolling motor do you need to be able to fish out of it. Because if yiu cant fish what good is it? Well except for Fishing wrench to make a little spending money off of. 3x the money each visit!

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