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  1. There were some when the water first came up, but haven't seen any recently, or at least not enough to concern me.
  2. I will give you a dollar for it right now.
  3. Must have been one somewhere thus weekend. Saw several rigs in Spfld on Friday and this evening the highway is full of them. Everything from retrofitted trackers to big barges, electric, outboards, fans and every combination there of. And enough lights to turn the night into broad daylight. I haven't watched the news so just wondering where it was.
  4. I am assuming by "all black bass" you mean all largemouth? Largemouth, spotted bass and smallmouth are different species of black bass.
  5. Has the victim from table rock been recovered yet?
  6. I live in the giant metropolis of Humansville. Right between Pomme and Stockton. That cell that pounder my house slid NNE and missed the lake/dam mostly. By the time I got to Elkton there weren't even any puddles.
  7. Already at my house, thunder/lightning and raining like the proverbial cow whizzing on a flat rock, coming down in sheets. Looks like I will burn a little midnight oil tonight.
  8. You can also inject the fresh ham and let it set for a few days, adds juice, flavor and cures it. I would inject it and then drop it in the brine for at least a couple days, refrigerated of course in this weather.
  9. I will happily come and taste it for you if that would help! I also like hickory because i think it is a classic flavor. I don't like cloves in or on anything, just don't like them. I do have a jambalaya recipe that use a tiny amount of ground cloves but you can't identify them in the mix.
  10. I would put a nice rub on that feral hog, lay some bacon on it and put a heavy smoke followed by a long slow smore with a pan of water in the smoker. At least it has worked well on the ones I have done.
  11. Poisonous nope, venomous yes. . I like snakes but never judge anyone who deals with a snake close to home where kids or dogs are at risk. I have often thought about taking an old golf club and making a snake hook, but it would never be with me when I wanted it.
  12. I always thought it was better than salmon. Have had it canned, pickled, smoked, fried, baked etc. Very rich and sticky, but tasty. I don't think there is a lake around that doesn't have plenty of carp. If memor serves me, we used to trotline over on the river above stockton. Still remember the guy that helped us one year, he ran a hook into his pinky finger and way as the barb. Mom was a RN, and he said, ma'am if you are willing to pull it through I can take it. A pair of pliers, and old pocket knife to cut the skin, and a pale while feller who never made a sound. Wrapped an old hankie around the finger and went back to running lines. Tough old river rat, I suspect his version of tetanus prevention came out of a bottle from kentucky.
  13. Good fresh sweet corn out of the patch is good bait, canned corn works too. Many years ago we used to make dough bait out of wheaten and strawberry jello or occasionally cheap bourbon. When I was a kid we would trotline for carp, with pieces of cottonseed cake and a treble hook on each side of it. By far the most poundage of fish I have ever seen come off of a trotline, and we pressure coozed and canned the meat. We didnt know we was poor we just thought it was good fun and eats.
  14. I only plant leaf lettuce so I don't have an answer for you. I was the last day or two finally able to put the tractor/roto tiller in the gardens and prep them. Have planted a total of 15 tomato plants. Am seriously down in the back right now too. Sure miss that big strapping college boy of mine. Hoping it rains so I get a break before I have to go back out and plant zuchini, yellow squash, cucumbers in the little garden and corn and Cantelouopes in the big one. If it weren't for sweet corn I would turn the big one into a berry patch, might anyway. Have I think 6 surviving thornless blackberries, and considering what to add next there, more blackberries for a row, but have room for more rows befor I even get to the actual garden. Raspberries? Grapes? Am going to plant a wildflower patch in the leftover space for the bees & butterflys. Then turnips in the fall and sometimes winter wheat. Other suggestions, that don't eat up my life taking care of? Things that survive on benign neglect, a little water and sunshine are perfect.
  15. Nooooo flip flops. My wife is in an air cast because of them on Saturday. She drove her standard transmission car as far as urgent care, then I got a friend to give me a ride to springfield to pick her up. I think she just wanted a chauffeur.