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  1. Whopper of a flathead. FW is right they are delicious especially the belly meat but not everyone likes catfish and I probably would have released one that big too. Love to feel the pure dogging power when they fight.
  2. Welcome. I am possibly the world's worst bass fisherman but occasionally sink that low. šŸ˜² by the end of September things will be picking up on Pomme, crappie, white bass, and I suspect even them LM bass things will bite better. No better way than to literally get out and get amongst it. I can send you my phone number so if you ever have a problem such as vehicle or boat trouble you would be in my area I would certainly help you out. Not a mechanic but would do what I can, even if it's just to bring a cold beverage and ham sammich.
  3. Tomatoes are absolutely loving this hot weather, but all the moisture is causing lots of splits, oh well still delicious. Wife wanted one cherry or grape tomato so I planted 2, she said tonight I am not picking 200 little maters every other day, so I had her pick one and the other had a terrible accident. And not sure what happened but my cucumbers went belly up, nothever kills them, but after a early rush they quit too. While out there I asked how the zuchinni were doing, if they were still producing or if they were dine. Wife said, "I don't know if they are done or not but I am done with them", not gonna mess up a woman who will pick garden stuff so over the fence they went too. A few minutes mowing things down and I now have a small space to plant turnips, assuming of course I don't sow them too thick which of course I will do. A tiny patch is capable of producing all I need and plenty left over. Even my canteloupesare looking a but rough but they get to stay and hopefully ripen the ones that are set, I do LOVE good canteloupes.
  4. They were working on it today, don't know if they got it done or not. Some of the tiles will likely be reuseable.
  5. It is on the list of things to get done, many of the concrete tiles are off of it as well and will need replaced. Think the crew may be there this week if all goes well.
  6. I would think that if I were eating all the shad I could stuff in my belly every day I would leave marks like that behind too.
  7. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Looks like a good start to supper. Steaks are a bit scrappy, they can't all be the pretty ones.
  8. Drum are fun to catch, rattle traps are my favorite poison for white bass, if it doubt run them faster. Many a so so trip has been turned around by white bass.
  9. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I have been going to Spfld to dr. Then to KC for Dr's so have had much chance to actually xook, good thing I actually like hamburger helper! Did pickup a new grill and after seasoning I put some thich slices of zucchini slathered with garlic and butter on it, forgot how much I liked them. Wife is planning a shepard pie for tomorrow night. Most of them I have eaten have been pretry bland but whatever recipe she uses or however she modifies it is pretty good. I did get to have one of my favorites too big ole pot of elbow macaroni with tomatoes, fresh ones. Not sure why I like it so much except that we had it a lot when I was a kid. I add chopped up ham toine to make it better.
  10. All my garden went out way late, but came on strong. Am begging neighbors to take a few zucchini, tomatoes are coming on strong, lots of little ones, and the brandywines are producing well also. Wife finally broke down and canned a few quarts with a sprig of basil for use this winter in spaghetti most likely. Cukes aren't going wild but are steadily producing, and the Tams JalapeƱos are setting tons of peppers. Canteloupes have several nice ones set on, they are an older variety called ambrosia I believe and are always wonderful flavored. I need to water it all well and spend most of a day pulling weeds and grass, but also need to mow the yard and continue brush hogging the pasture. Oddly the one thing that has done the worst is my wildflower patch at the end of the garden, if it doesn't get better soon it's going to become my turnip patch.
  11. I have had several hybrids do the sandbagging trick to me, sometimes they are off like a shot from the hit other times you just think you have a decent white until it decides to head elsewhere. Dang muskie are famous for that move, they will sort of lazily come up to the boat, wink at ya, and if they had fingers they would give you the bird and then away he goes, usually along with whatever lure it hit for me.
  12. Of all the fish out there to poach and keep, why someone would poach trout is beyond me. Sort of like there being deer and turkeys and someone poaching possums
  13. They sure a hoot to catch,they make my crappie rod/reel scream.
  14. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Well after a couple less than stellar suppers, tonight was a success. 8 Oz steak cpoked a perfect medium rare, maybe even a little under (more perfecter), some mashed taters with herbs, some grilled zucchini, and a Sam Adams Summer ale to wash it down. I would have taken a photo but seemed out of place at the bar in Ruby Tuesday's.
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