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  1. LOL was never a real catfisherman, we usually catfished while listening to a ballgame on the truck radio. Or we were trot lining etc. I think I have tried about everything I could think of when younger for bait. Worst was catalpa worms, supposed to be irresistible to catfish, picked a bunch on a neighbors catalpa tree and I think we caught one bluegill, only tried them once though, maybe it was just a bad day.
  2. Dang I forgot about wheaties, I suppose it's the gluten on it? Can you buy gluten? I mean they gotta do something all the gluten from gluten free stuff. Wheaties was always a key ingredient in our carp baits, mixed right it stays on well. Wheat gluten adds bouncy - chewy texture to yeast breads and can be used as a binding agent to make meatloaf - veggie burgers and even tofu I had to know so I searched and yes you can buy a pound of wheat gluten for like $5. Now that I know that, well nothing will change but I do know it now.
  3. MOPanfisher


    When I was a kid we used shad sides that came in a jar. After a few trios my mom brought home some rubber gloves from the hospital where she worked. Of course we also used things like chicken guts fresh from butchering chickens. They were best just before they got too soft to use. Honestly I don't miss catfishing that much when thinking about it. Fresh cut bait was never a bother for me and also worked.
  4. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I have done well with a simple soup stolen from Olive Garden. Zuppa Toscana, creamy potato with sausage and spinach. I follow the recipe mostly, I like it creamier so I use some heavy whipping cream as well.
  5. Would corn starch thicken it up? Or maybe gelatin? Sorry old carp fisherman in me came out for a minute.
  6. MOPanfisher


    Sonny's always worked but best I could tell it was a mixture of rancid peanut butter and dog poop.
  7. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Heck yeah, now that will stick to your ribs.
  8. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    My wife and daughter have gone to St. LOurs for a concert and left me alone with grandson and my mom. She also left a wonderful meatloaf from last night. So what goes with reheated slices of meat loaf? Yep fried taters and onions. Found a thing of beef broth and am making gravy to go with it because GRAVY!. Add a handfull of green stuff from the bag o salad and boom supper is in the works. If it looks good maybe I can get a photo, if not, well no pic it never happened. Well pic added, you won't see this plate in many resurants, but if you do, make sure you don't mouth off or some big ole gal will come out of he kitchen and drag out out by you ear. So just settle back and ask for a slice of apple pie. Dang I wish I had some apple pie!
  9. Ain't nothing wrong with a fish fry, using a species that is invasive for it is even better. Spots are plenty good eating.
  10. Only things left in my garden is some beautiful red jalapeƱos, a patch of turnips, and marigolds. Still have a tomato plant left in a flower bed along with some dill plants. Turnips are looking good, as is my wite wheat patch in the pasture. I did dig up all my strawberries, fill up the raised bed with good black dirt and replanted the whole thing. Rained and turned cool and the plants don't seem to know they were disrupted. If they live it should be a berrylicious spring.
  11. Yep black snake, they love little birdies that like to nest over doors etc. They have no interest even in people or even Jayhawk fans.
  12. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I am interested in the bass fillet recipe. How do you collect the tournament anglers tears.
  13. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Smoker, brine it overnight, rub whatever type of seasoning makes you happy amok it hard for a hour or so. Seal it up in an XL turkey oven bag and finish cooking. I have done hind quarters but never thought there was enough meat in the front shoulders to make it worthwhile. Besides my wife tends to put bullets through them. However braising it first and then into a crock pot with plenry of beef stock and cooking it for long time would work too. When done pull the meat off and make into sammich's. Have done some venison where we dumped a jar of the pickled banana peppers in, juice and all and it was good.
  14. That one is big enough to make a fine meal. In my entire life of hanginger around in the outdoors of Missouri I have yet to see a live rattlesnake. Copperheads, and Cotton mouths yes but never yet a rattler. And honestly I am sort of OK with that, I have enough stuff to worry about without sitting or stepping on one.
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