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  1. A Weekend on TR in April when more than a normal amount of people have some free time. Unsurprising it was busy over weekend. Glad you found a few to cooperate.
  2. WHO is not a leadership organization. Should more attention have been paid to what was said by many agencies etc. Yep, but trying to keep a positive spin on things isn't entirely a bad thing, yes it's serious yes we will get through it yes people will again resume a more normal version of their lives, hopefully the stock market will recover so I can retire someday, yes there will be more challenges in the future. Go forth be safe as you can be, live love and help others.
  3. A solution looking for a problem?
  4. I will say the President is a bombastic, self centered bully who never takes blame for anything, HOWEVER I am amazed at anyone who thinks the POTS is or even should be the one making calls to hospitals etc. Saying hey y'all might want to be ordering some extra masks and such. The information has been out there for a while and wasn't acted upon by many. Which is a common failing in an autocratic rule system, well no one told me to put out the fire so we just all walked outsidea and watched it burn.
  5. Let's hope so, something that is a good effective treatment/tool will go a long way to knocking this down.
  6. I will agree a lot was poorlyvhandled, but I have seen enough to know there are books, binde4s, plans files etc. For pandemics, hurricanes, etc, every conceivable calamity you can conceive of sitting around on shelves. I will say I do get a bit of a laugh out of when I read things like we should have been shut down or quarantined sooner and longer, and then in the next sentence saying that if anyone tris to monkey dodo down the boat ramps/liquor stores/whatever by golly we are gonna riot. The simple fact that we as Americans don't take well to being ordered to stay home or that we cannot do something in particular is unique in most of the world. Ordering Americans to wear socks would result in the largest percentage of bare feet in US history.
  7. Those signs are printed on an office copier. I had heard Mark Twin closed most of their ramps. There are a few closed around here due to fact of where and how they are located within a campground. The orders were campgrounds ar closed, do what you have to to make that happen.
  8. There is a good question in there. Just how prepared should we be as a nation, as a state, as a community as a family. Should the country stockpile 500 million N95 masks somewhere, should we have 200k ventilators stashed somewhere, should we mandate the hospitals have a certain number on hand, how much does it cost to stockpule inventory. Should I as an individual have a month supply of everything I might need? I don't know the answers, I know a lot of people who don't have room to store that much stuff, and realistically if sunddenly unable to go any further than 100 hards from my house and I still have elect and water I could do 30 days with out malnutrition setting too badly, might get tired of eating same stuff but wouldn't starve. Just thinking about all the cold war stockpiles and shelters and Y2K stockpiles that I helped a family member haul to the dump. Now should we be more attentive and smarter in how we react in the future most certainly, exactly how well I aint smart enough for that right now.
  9. I am gonna say that in general you will not see the COE out closing all boat ramps. If I am.wrong you can be sure to remind me of what I said. There will be some closed for various reason such as inside camping areas etc. But closing off a latgr public lake is an exercise in futility, too many public launch points.
  10. If the government has the time and desire to track my whereabouts 24 hrs a day go for it. I can always leave it at home.
  11. Not gonna lie I want a bra cup mask, problem you have to find the correct size donor. And I want a leopard print one, like I will just wear my sun buff thingy, or make one from a folded bandana, although they look really hard to breath through.
  12. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Working on supper for tonight. Thawed out a couple pork steaks, made a quick marinade with Dr. Pepper, soy sauce and what herbs aND spices caught my eye, after giving them a good tenderizing. Sides will be some sort of rice and whIle picking up some soda and papwt paltes at local DG I sorted a big can of turnip greens that called to me, o was craving greens, even canned ones. Wife is adding some extra bacon for them. Good tasty meal with only a few main ingredients, will add photo if I don't forget. While waiting I got to feeling saucy. So I made a sauce of apricot preserves, Hoisin, a space of malted vinegar and a splash of teriyaki sauce. Painted in on the just before they go to the grill, shook on a little house seasoning. Almost made a dipping sauce for my wife of dijon mustard and honey, not a big fan of it myself but she lies it and since she is spending a lot of time and effort on me lately gotta keep her happy.
  13. Used to eat a ton of the egg sacks. Never got them to deep fry well they tend to pop apart and get sporty. But bback when mom skillet fried fillets she would lay fillets over them so they cooked up nice. darn they were good. Have made walleye eggs into a dip of sorts, boil a long time in crab boil then pick out all the membrane from the sacks mix in some olive oil and whatever spices you like, I generally went with cajun or garlic and dill. The texture is "different" to say the least but not bad. Haven't done it with crappie eggs.
  14. Sapps and Fristoe should both be open. The old ramp in Warsaw usually reeks of spoonbill carcasses by now.
  15. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I love a good classic roast chicken with veggies. Taters and broccoli are perfect match.
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