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  1. Cascade of events.

    Anybody else have to go through this. A simple stop after Dr. Appt. At Bass Pro, ended with some.minor tackle and a cheap $20 fishing rod for grandson, nor orange but kind of a burnt red and it will be identifiable at only his. Sounds easy enough. Well decided to take the cheaper Pfleuger Trion off of wifes crappie rod to put on new one, which ended with 4 rods out and reels getting switched around because wifes rod didn't need anything heavier than 6# fireline, well the reel on on my 6'6" St Croix that I walleye fish with had the perfect line on it, and I had also purchased a new spool of 8# Nanofil which would be perfect on the walleye rod. 2 hrs of switching reels around, etc. all because I bought a $20 rod. Of course it's a nice day to piddle around with gear and I am a bit run down so all in all worked out well.
  2. What's Cooking?

    Nope, havent done any tar tar, and don't plan too.
  3. What's Cooking?

    Tasty looking, could be a tad less done for me, but I wouldnt complain either.
  4. What's Cooking?

    Eh I have missed a lot of rides over the years, don't appear to have lost my appetite for stuff cooked on a grill or in a skillet yet. I do think for some things the sous vide would be great but mostly it's just a different method, does probably do a better job of getting flavors into the meats though.
  5. Hard water problems

    Right now all the ramps are iced in but weather is headed in the right direction now, spring is just around the corner.
  6. Grandmas .410 gauge

    Makes me miss my beagles. It.does look like an old Stevens, I have a 20 gauge that looks a lot like it.
  7. I am headed to. CWD meeting tonight, one of the new positives was only a couple miles away so I got the letter about getting additional tags or allowing MDC to bait/shoot. I suspect that the number of land owners who voluntarily sign up for deer removals for testing is gonna be low, however will see what they have to say. I don't have much acreage, and the deer monsters live on neighbors property, they just come over to eat wheat and get shot.
  8. Shad Kill

    I haven't ever seen a threadfin shad in LOZ, however I haven't really look for thwm either. What I know about armadillos . . . . They are NOT bulletproof.
  9. What's Cooking?

    RPS, I don't mind a little chew to a roast, unfortunately with my 85 year old mom, I have to very careful as she says"her teeth aren't very sharp any more". I love the char you have on the squash too.
  10. What's Cooking?

    Well it came out pretty tasty. Heart was almost perfect, some of the wellington were more done than others which was fine as some of friends like it more done. And wife made a mushroom sauce/gravy so I spread it around liberally.
  11. What's Cooking?

    I crave cinnamon rolls every time I am awake.
  12. The Fresh Start Thread

    Yes Sir, get that thing out and get back to enjoying life and fishing.
  13. Paint a fishing rod?

    I will take a look at Wal Mart the next time I make it to town. Realistically it won't matter if the orange paint flakesoff some, so long as grandson is enthralled with it and claims it as "his" I will be happy. By he time a significant amount of paint is lost he will either already have become my fishing buddy or decided he likes other things better.
  14. What's Cooking?

    Poor man's sous vide. Venison backstrap pieces that were vacuum sealed (no spices, sorry just how we put them in the freezer) in a big pan of water on top of the propane heating stove. Great for thawing stuff, mostly want the meat up to temp so I can sear it in a hot cast iron skillet outside on the grill. Will then let it rest and cool down, wrap in pastry dough and pop them in the oven to brown up the dough and become venison wellington. Have more pieces than I have dough so some will only get seared and eaten like ahi tuna. Also marinating in a bag of coca cola, and various spices are 3 deer hearts and one beef heart sliced up awaiting their turn on the grill. Mean while in a post on the stove is summering a few batches of walleye eggs with a bag of zatarins crab seasoning, it will become a spicy caviar type stuff. Admittedly it is difficult for folks to like, the texture is sort of like tiny ltitle spicy rubber balls. And wife will be making a big bowl of tomato/cucumber/tomato/avacados salad. Should be quite a spread at friends house tonight. Hopefully I will remember to take a few photos.
  15. News Flash - Shoes / Boots and Fishing Gear

    When my wife says no problem just go buy it, it sort of takes the fun out of the game and I end up not getting it. Somehow she has come up with this reverse psychology thingy and it works too well on me.

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