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  1. How a boat works can be fairly easily taught, high degree of skill and more importantly knowing when to do things takes experience. And even thn things can go to crap on a short period of time. The faster you are moving the faster things go to crap. There are many locations on every lake that when a combination of factors happen it can go from "hey that guy cut across in front of me" to a close call to tragedy and the difference is seconds. It is a tragedy for sure that two people lost that their lives, and the driver of that heir he other boat will never be the same. I have seen and work
  2. Wish you was closer, though I really don't know what my 11-87 is worth.
  3. My father used to feed the fish in the little pond we have. He would ride the mower over to it. They learned quickly and the water would be boiling before he ever got close enough to throw the feed. For a couple years after he passed away fish would come to the surface every time I mowed around the pond. If I were going to chum a spot on a lake I would buy sinking feed, and bait the spot, go get a burger and come back about dark. Corn will certainly bring in carp if done over a period of time as well.
  4. My Rem 11-87 will happily eat light or heavy loads. Shot it a lot at doves and pbeasants.
  5. Nice, I think flatheads are good looking.
  6. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    My mom made apple pie by memory for so many years, that my wife said she would never make one as it wouldn't be the same. Mom passed away at end of May this year so my wife has taken it upon herself to begin making Apple Pie occasionally. Completely different kind of Apple Pie, and though different they are delicious, I would think my mom would have been proud of her.
  7. Right before the holiday weekend there was a wake boat out in front of the dam. Holy crap what a wake. Old timers used to always say when shad are super thick feed them a craw. No shortage of otters around.
  8. You will be a one armed something either way.
  9. Water level is just a little above normal, and cooling down nicely. I don't have a clue about bass, but if I was crappie fishing I would either head up to the river and lay down or down lake to coves with timber along the creek channels. Also never know this time of year when white bass will attack ya. Shad should be thick.
  10. I understand Oneshot, I would hate to eat MY dog, but neighbors have plenty of dogs the like to roam. Wouldn't bother me to eat their dogs though.
  11. You can adjust the "foot" tighter but it is temporary, if it is torn or cut you will eventually have to remove the rod and unscrew the old one and put a new one one. Silly simply ONCE YOU GET THE SOB APART. I have not seen a sharkbite fitting to fit galvanized steel pipe, which is what the hydrant riser pipe is. The rubber foot costs maybe $5, but again getting them apart can sure pull a muscle it a wrench slips, (yeah I know for sure). Don't forget to turn off the water. Most of my plumbing lessons have come from bad ideas, mistakes, and or lack of knowledge. Unless it's froze
  12. Not gonna help you, (or me any more) but two pipe wrenches going different directions and maximum effort. Given time and an agile mind you could figure a way to ratchet strap one to something solid, and put a cheater handle on the other. Easier to just tell a big stout feller it too much even for him. Helps if you have a few cold beers handy, any good stout redneck will at that point say BULL stink for a couple of them beers I will break it loose for ya.
  13. Painting treated wood is a waste of time and money. Won't stick long and looks terrible.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. The one at Stockton is usually the weekend before regular firearm season opener, it is seldom cold. Maybe a bit early in the morning, but more often it is warm.
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