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  1. MOPanfisher


    Yep, several herbicides are grass specific. "Volunteer" brand comes to mind.
  2. I figured you for a Copenhagen guy.
  3. With the amount of Round Up used in the country, at least half of th population should have Lymphoma. Which doesn't mean that there is not a connection.
  4. I have been called many things while one hurricane recoveries, often repeatedly, one crew of all black guys from Atlanta delighted in calling me various things (my favorite was "redneck MFer") but never in all mean way, more like how they would call each other a specific slur. None of it ever bothered me a bit. If you know me you are pretty much free to call me whatevwr you want, if you don't know me I couldn't care less what you call me.
  5. MOPanfisher


    Pretty much how I do it. Dogs are seldom a problem, there owners, well that is usually where the problem lies. I live out of town so wandering dogs are a normal thing. The German Shepard I used to have would keep them run out of the yard, ever the current yard retard used to be pretty good at that, but she is too old now. Soon will need another one. I have ben bitten before, usually either by little dogs in campgrounds running loose (note they will go a ways if you time your kick properly and get a full stride first) or large dogs that I either ignored their warning or played too rough with, just a hazard of being me, I wouldn't have it any other way. Some things will NOT be tolerated such as chasing livestock or growling at a kid, either one shifts gears into "nope I have seen your dog, why".
  6. I have lost track of how many times I have said a very similar phrase. Dog tongues are apparently self cleaning, anyway. And regardless of the disgust factor it will work.
  7. The only place equality exists is in mathematics. In order to do away with the term Hillbilly us hillbillies would have to care about it, but we sort of like it, like rednecks.
  8. Nearly everything when tested in ridiculous amounts causes cancer. As for cuts th absolute best "non medical" cure or treatmenot I have ever fund is to let the dog lick it, if you have a dog that will spend a long time gently licking a cut it is amazing how much better it will heal. Otherwise A&D Ointment. My mother at one time was the Hickory County Health Nurse, it was amazing the things people did to try to cure, heal and or treat things. Usually by the time they sent someone to town to bring the nurse out it had gotten bad and required several days of treatment and shots of penicillin etc. and changing of dressings. She went to a lot of bak woods places, but the basic rule out in the hills was, you don't bother the nurse! If there was a problem a simple mention of it to the Sheriff and the problem vanished one way or another. Besides I wouldn't have wanted to be the one who tackled her, would be like wrestling a bobcat.
  9. Anybody that comes by my house leaves with some small zukes and yellow squash. With the exception of h UPS guy, he just tosses boxes intone porch and runs. My cukes were only planted a week ago in a double mineral tub system, so far coming up nicely and looking good. Sadly the dill weed will have plenty of time to go to seed and regrow before being needed.
  10. Who eats rhe stems from Elderberries? Pick the whole thing, put it in a walmart sck and into freezer, pull it out an hue later and smack it, the berries fall off in the bag. They make a tasty jelly but not worth it to me.
  11. Or we could choose option B and simply ignore them. However I am on board with the Jayhawk comment.
  12. My squash were doing the same thing early, but now seem to be sering and staying enough to harvest. Some of the little ones just turned brown and fell off, some simply vanished into thin air. Although last night I did see a pair of green eyes in the leaves and it disappeared before I could get close enough to identify, bit there have been some young coons around, maybe they are helping themselves to my squash.
  13. Hope you buy a BIG stack of smokes and lighters, hard to resupply in a cave. Me I still figure I am.only getting off this plane of existence one way. I would have preferred it being with my original parts and without cancer but that ship sailed. Odd that my daughters MIL and FIL drive several amish/mennonite/whatever they are to cancer dr. Appts though, guess they were too close to someone who smoked. Cancer is much more prevalent due to multiple reasons, 1 medicine is much better at testing and detecting various cancer's especially early, 2 more cancers are developing due to (pick you favorite reason) much more exposure to electro magnetic radiation from many sources, lots more chemicals in the air water and food chains, unhealthy habits, genetic predisposition and medicine allows individuals to live and continue procreating individuals with those genetic predispositions, bad luck, and or aliens. 3, cancer treatment is a very lucrative and profitible enterprise. The individual drs/NP/niurses are great and I have major respect for them, bit the system and big pharma sees it as a long term money maker. Or maybe none of the above, who knows for all the research medicine knows a lot about cancer in some ways and very little in other ways. At its very core cancer is nothing more than cells that divide incorrectly and don't stop (yeah waayyy over simplified) and each one is different all other ways. Otherwise continue on with your daily life, make smart informed decisions and live love and treasure your loved ones and friends. At the end it is the friends and lived ones who will miss you and you them, and of course it goes without saying that your dogs will miss you, cats don't give a flip as long as someone feeds them. No go fishing dang it, I am finally able to cast my crappie rod with my new shoulder but too hot for me to take it right now, but every year fall comes and with it better fishing than spring for me.
  14. When I was on the Rifle Team.in College our cash was a former Army Ranger Ranger Instructor, weighed maybe 130 soaking wet and moved a pack a day, when we as concerned team.members told hI'm he needed to quit he calmly took a deep drag and said "anytime you ! $#=<;&$er's want to challenge me to a flutter kick or run to exhaustion let's have it, otherwise mind your own !*è $×£/* business. None of us could have touched him in that competition, he is also dead now so there is that, but he would have been like 85 by now. He was a great coach and a genuinely good guy.
  15. MANY years ago when I was a teenager a friend had a 7 acre private lake we had helped stock with grass carp (which is a whole nother story) I caught one on a jointed rapala minnow. The owner happened to be there when I did it, that thing was all I culd do to lift all hold it, he guessed all not 50#s. Those things hung around the edge of that lake allndtnd would spook like a giant submarine crossed with a funny car. If you weren't expecting it, and even if you were it would scare the dickens out of you, sort of like a covey of quail getting up. we used to actually rake up grass clippings and feed them, also old green bean vines, anything green they ate. They also completely ruined a pretty nice little bass fishing lake by eating every single green thing. But they were WAY over stocked which is part of the nother story. The one I caught was a good fight but not nearly the fight I would have expected from a common carp of that size. Now I am sound MOCARP guy.
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