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  1. I can remember my dad talking a out eating squirrel brains, I quickly became a head shooter on squirrels so I didn't have to face that choice!
  2. There have been documented cases of CJD from eating squirrel brains, however as of yet no cases are documented from deer to humans. There is however I believe a case of CWD transmission from contaminated venison to a macaque monkey.
  3. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I Have A Big Ole Butternut Just Waiting For That treatment!
  4. MOPanfisher

    Old Maps

    They used to sell them or something very simular at the Project office, seems like it was 75 or so pages and was quite detailed. Haven't seen one in years.
  5. MOPanfisher

    SURVEY for Freshwater management class

    If MDC wants to ut some carp regs on some urban lakes to grow some big ole carp, have at it. I believe I will not hold my breath on that hapoening statewide. MDC is a biology based organization and not AS subject to political whims. Heck I enjoyed catching carp for many years, probably still would. May take it up again when I get to where I am not mobile anymore. But that ain't this week.
  6. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Well my wife bailed at the last minute for a meeting paving me to cook supper for mom and i. Was about to thaw out some hamburger for boring burgers. Opened the fridge door and there was the big stainless fuss bowl with a few crappie and white bass from last night's trip. Burgers be darn!. Sliced up 3 taters into a hot cast iron skillet with a diced onion, and mixed up basic cornmeal and seasonings. Should have taken a moment for a photo, cause I burned the heck out of my tongue on the first crispy golden brown fillet, when I forked up a pile of the fried taters I was a bit more careful. I am sure I looked like a yard dog testing the bowl of baked taters or gravy to see how hot it is before wolfing it down. Yesterday they were swimming freely without a care in the world, tonight they are swimming in my belly.
  7. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Heck yeah!
  8. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Arby's fixed linch for myself and my grandson today. Gyros and jalapeno oppers. While I was movin hay bales this afternoon though my wife made her meatloaf and big pot of Mac and cheese with sharp white cheddar, American and gruyere, very rich. She put some panto on top and browned it as a finish. Meatloaf had some crusty edges that I like as well, kind of meatloaf burned ends.
  9. MOPanfisher

    Monster Carp

    Wayyyy back in my youth we helped a farmer who had several hundred he had raised in a 1 acre rearing pond. I still remember swinging day when it looked like every nature show I had even seen on salmon going up a set of falls. Had planned on selling them to folks, but ended up with the pond so stirred up they came to the top gasping for air. So we waded in with dip nets and started scooping them up and into a stock tank with fresh water, then hauled them down to the big pond of 7 acres and dumped them in. We should have let them die. That 7 acre pond had a lot of algae mats and was a great bass pond. We guess maybe 800 of them thing we dumped in. Within a year there was nothing green left in the big pond, and we had begun prowling the shallows and shooting them with rifles to get rid of them. Biggest fish I ever caught was one of them that we guessed at at least 50 lbs, his fight was less than stellar for a fish that big. Ah the misspent days of youth.
  10. MOPanfisher

    Monster Carp

    That's what I was thinking too. Couldn't see the head very well but body shape sure says grass carp.
  11. MOPanfisher

    I love this planet.

    Winter prediction. Widely scattered colder weather, interspersed with warmer days and a periods of snow, ice or rain. This was whispered to me by a wooly worm as he sat on a persimmon.
  12. MOPanfisher

    I love this planet.

    Every persimmon seed I have cut in my life were either spoons or deformed spoons.
  13. MOPanfisher

    You buying this?

    Huh, would never have guessed that!
  14. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I do love stuffed peppers. Bell peppers tend to attack me later though.
  15. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    2 pork butt with big chunks of garlic stuck in are in the smoker for tomorrow. Low and slow. Only other seasoning is some weird looking Hawaiian salt, looks like red dirt, but that was what wife wanted on it. I think the plan is to take some home made bbq sauce and brew up a cup or so of crazy stout kona coffee to add to it for the final result of pulled pork. Hopefully I will remember to take a photo or 2. Right now, after mowing and working on food plot and some fence my recliner has me trapped. Bummer. The butt are now bacon ed and bagged with coca cola to marinate in, on their way to that magic temp so they pull apart easy. Oh and wife says NO to th kona coffee bbq sauce. If I had my way it would have gotten injected with marinade and into the bag would have gone some apples from the orchard. But sometimes you just have to do what you are told.

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