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  1. MOPanfisher

    MDC Rant

    That part about "baiting with a hot female" has led to the downfall of many country boys.
  2. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

  3. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Sounds like the yolk is on you.
  4. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Tongue is a very tasty piece but I have to fix it so others will eat it too. Although if they dont, well more lunches for me!!
  5. MOPanfisher

    MDC Rant

    Hurry up spring!
  6. MOPanfisher

    MDC Rant

    Deer belong to th people of the state of missouri and are managed by the state is always how I have understood it. Pele wanted more big bucks and more deer, thus along came Antler Point restrictions, then CWD and the restrictions have largely gone away. Now I am not sure there is a legal limit to the number of deer I can kill on my property, I (well my wife anyway ) can quickly surpass the number that I want to process. I well remember seasons when I hunted that no deer were killed, now it's a matter of how many. I used to care about deer, now that I don't hunt them and they are not "rare", I am way more concerned about how many walleye are stocked in my area lakes. If MDC can glean any information from the data I provide to them, then more power to them. Maybe they can give me some investment advice or tell me how to keep my wife from spending so much.
  7. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I have the to guess from this year's beef awaiting my opportunity. I am leaning toward brining or pickling and smoking it.
  8. MOPanfisher

    Paddlefish poaching article

    Fishy salt jelly. I remember befor Truman where everyone used to snag spoonbill, I wouldn't hazard a guess at how many hundreds of pounds of roe was thrown to the hogs or into a ditch.
  9. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I went back to basic tonight for Valentines day. A small backstrap from a button buck my wife killed, ran the jacardi tenderizer across it a couple times, dropped it into a bowl and poured cola over it, and added some sort of cowboy seasoning in and stirred it around. Let it soak while waiting for my wife to come back from the store. She brought some croissants and some squash. Heated up the small cast iron skillet, added some butter and garlic olive oil, seasoned the backstrap with salt/pepper/garlic powder. Seared the 2 pieces to a nice crust and removed them. Sometimes they just are perfect, very rare in the middle and a little crust on the outside and tender as can be. Even my mom a notoriously picky eater for an old lady, cleared her plate with ease. Never had a chance to take a photo, it looked like someone threw a handfull of grasshoppers into a chicken pen the way it disappeared.
  10. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Tonight's simple man menu is rough hash. Chopped up some left over roast beef, diced up a sweet onion. And microwaved it a while with coca cola to partially cook them, boiled up 3 taters then peeled and diced them up. All into one BIG bowl, mixed around a while, added some salt/pepper/garlic powder mix and some cavenders seasoning. Skillet with some garlic olive oil, hoping to get a nice crust on it, or it will fall apart and become a hash scramble. Either way it's supper.
  11. MOPanfisher

    Our new Foxy yard pet....

    Cool, I had one show up a couple months ago, shortly afterward one of my yard cats vanished. Foxes love cats. WIN WIN.
  12. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Out of the smoker and coOlinger on my outdoor cooler. Soon be ready for vacuum sealing. Flavor is wonderful, has a slow heat to it as well. A bit much for me these days but I suffer through.
  13. MOPanfisher

    What's your favorite fish?

    If you can't make UT tasty by smoking it, we'll it probably isn't fit to eat anyway. To me fried paddle fish has a very fishy taste,,some people enjoy it, I am not one. Only thing ever ate that was similar was sturgeon in Washington State many years ago at a resturant. They thought it was the greatest thing ever and didnt seem to appreciate my comments when asked how I liked it! Wasn't inedible by any means but their description of the quality and size of the portion didn't live up to the plate I got, of course on the same trip I got suckered into ordering edamamme which turned out to be steamed soybeans in pods, AND IPA beer, them folks have strange tastes, couldn't get decent BBQ anywhere or buy Redman either. But coffee was pretty good and warm whole wheat bagels kept me alive for the few days I was there.😞
  14. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Had some chicken thighs in the small cast iron skillet for supper with microwaved baked potatoes and gravy. BUT after supper is when the magic started, had about 21 lbs of ground venison thawed and waiting, mixed in 3 lbs of plain pork sausage and a LEM seasonings packet of Andouille Summer Sausage seasoning. Mixed, stuffed, and ready for a nap in the fridge before it gets warmed up for 8 hrs or so in the smoker tomorrow.
  15. MOPanfisher

    What's your favorite fish?

    I smoked some slabs that were given to me years ago, fresh off the smoker they were at best ehhh. Later after they had cooled they were actually pretty good.

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