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  1. What's Cooking?

    I nearly said it wasalmost too much chicken, but that's just silly.
  2. What's Cooking?

    Well after cooking down all afternoon here is the final results. Sorry Ness I didn't get any fresh peas to put in it, but would have been a good add. The whole rotisserie chicken a little bit the grandson and I ate for lunch, all that good flavor cooked down in some chicken broth and a variety of spices. Added the carrots and diced potatoes then just a little while ago the noodles which promptly soakep all that wonderful chicken goodness so that I had to keep adding water to compensate. Toss in a loaf of crusty french bread, and viola supper is served. Hope it's good, they gonna have it for a few days, Papa dont make small batches no matter how hard I try.
  3. B.A.S.S. Rule Change

    There are many fishers of fishermen out there and a lot of them make way more $$ than any pro fisherman ever though about. I won't mention any names but one of the best has his headquarters right here in MO.
  4. Norm M

    Hang in there Norm, we are praying for you. Amazing what treating the right thing can accomplish.
  5. Spam!!

    No that I am not getting.
  6. Crappie are biting.

    Awesome. I am a week or.two from being able to go after thwm, but usually LOZ is smoking hot for crappie about the start of deer season, toss in a few whites and hybrids and life is good. Willing to share any techniques? Usually a 1/32 Oz white jig back under the docks is my tactic.
  7. First Sit of the Season....and I'm done!

    I hear that. This goofy looking buck came by a few years ago. I had seen him run across the road a couple weeks before the season, said at the time if that one shows up I MIGHT take him. Well sure enough he showed up and had a bad limp, one foot completely locked in a curled up position, big bodied rascal though. Brand new rifle (AR) that I wasn't very familiar with yet, ended up killing him and having a great "idiots get to kill deer occasionally too" story.
  8. Spam!!

    Occasionally, but honestly I get spammed so much I don't really pay attention to when or where it happens.
  9. Fishing in the rain with Uncle Brother Dave

    Perfect walleye weather. Nice results too.
  10. Making meat

    This weather is making g me want to dig out my bow. Haven't bow hunted in several years, but still enjoy flinging arrows at the big bale of hay. I used to have more fun with my old black widow recurve stalking the dark woods when it rained and the wind blew. Stalked within 30 yards of several deer without ever getting a shot at them, get busted on the draw, get winded, no clear shot etc. but had more fun doing that than any other type of hutinting. Deer have "ruined" more perfectly good deer hunts than any other critter, well except maybe me. Now deer are for my wife to shoot during rifle season and this year she even gets and extra tag so she can legally kill 3 deer, allows me to worry more about fishing.
  11. What's Cooking?

    I am on Grampa duty today but the cool weather has me planning to make chicken and noodles for theit supper. Rotisserie chicken deboned, cook the rest down for a while to get a nice rich stock, will add some diced taters and baby carrots later and finally some big thick egg noodles later. Wish I could make noodles myself, that is one skill I never learned. Nothing I have found is like them extra thick home made noodles.
  12. First Sit of the Season....and I'm done!

    Nice buck, get a nice doe for freezer and then start smacking some crappie for the freezer. Surf and turf all winter long.
  13. What's Cooking?

    Fat, marrow, and the basic goodness that cooks out of bones and joints, all come together in an expoison of DANG!.
  14. What's Cooking?

    Those grunts were the paleolithic version of "Dang".
  15. What's Cooking?

    I love that rich bine marrow, spread it on a piece of meat like a sauce. Tonight my wife is making something she called pulled pork tacos. What it basically is, is Swiss Steak in a crockpot but with a pork shoulder instead. Salsa, peppers and onions in the pot all cooked up. Smells good.

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