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  1. MOPanfisher

    Crappie 6-10

    You are killing me!
  2. MOPanfisher

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    Around here we spray to keep the KU away, if someone contracts it they get a shot of LA400. If one of your kids gets it you have to act fast or they will be wearing skinny jeans or plaid shorts before you know it.
  3. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Nothing fancy tonight, plain old country goodness. Zuchini did their normal we are all ready to pick thing, so my wife picked I think a dozen this morning. Side note if you live close to me, lock your car doors or risk finding some in your passenget seat. Split 2 of them lengthwise and hollowed them out, then peeled all but one because my wife likes the skin on them. Painted the with garlic and butter and put on the grill with open side down, marked them up nice and about half cooked. Turned them over, painted them again, and began to layer in provolone cheese, chopped bacon, chopped turkey and more provolone. Closed the lid for a few minutes to melt the cheese. Mmmmmmm good, didnt last long enough to take a photo.
  4. MOPanfisher

    Crappie 6-10

    Them are delicious size though.
  5. MOPanfisher


    Only have one dog bowl, and the yard thing has it emptied within 30 seconds of putting food in it.
  6. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    LOL, brings back some hazy memories for sure.
  7. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Years ago I used to buy the cheap frozen pizza for like 99 cents, a roll of sumer sausage, some black olives and cheese. Made some pretty dang good pizzas that way. Well at least I thought so, washed them down with Milwaukees Best Light Beer.
  8. If they had just used roetenon on the fish they could have said they were unsafe to eat and buried them, then planted a food plot on top. Poof, win win. Honestly I don't have a problem with them offering a short window to salvage the fish or simply burying them either one.
  9. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Well for no good reason I decided to go all "hoity toity" tonight. Wife had found some small tuna steaks, sometimes you don't ask where when you live in a small town in missouri, and had also been to Gordons Orchard and brought back some peaches, blue berries and blackberries. Unable steaks went onto the grill to sear but not over cook, then for my amusement I split a couple peaches and put them on the grill also. While things were happening there I decided to up the ante. Into a tiny little skillet went a large amount of butter, some capers, dill, lemon and garlic, let it all brown up and darn it smells good. Also mashed up a handfull of blue berries added a small amount of coca cola and some Chicago old town spiced sugar. Spooned than into the center of the grilled peaches. Stood back and watched the feeding frenzy. I should add that my wife did contribute by opening a bag of salad and reheating a few slices of grilled zuchini from last night. And for clarity I must admit that there was a cooking show on TV making some odd items. It was poor planning on my part that I don't have any major items I want to buy to spring on wifey at this point.
  10. MOPanfisher


    I have a yard dog that I don't really care of it gets eaten by a bear. Surely it could make enough noise getting eaten that I would have some warning. Always expect to have one tearing up apple trees etc. But so far not yet.
  11. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    My wife said in honor of Father's Day I could pick something out to smoke. I was thinking a nice Davidoff cigar, she was thinking some chicken! So we compromised and and went with with the chicken. No cigar, but I might be able to sneak over and drink a cold beer under the pretense of checking on he smoker, which coincidentally is close to the pool, seems like it will still work out.
  12. MOPanfisher

    Ban all Bassboat's

    I will play along with the semi-serious note for a moment. Let's say on Table Rock a study was conducted by a university and determined that the safe carrying capacity was 10,000 boats per day. OK, how many stalls are in private docks, resorts and marinas docks? How many left for other folks to launch and use? Suppose we could know exactly how many boats wod be the safe levwl, how would it b controlled, send cops to every ramp to stop any more people from launching, stop issuing dock permits? There is no question that boat traffic affects other users, has for years. LOZ, Table Rock and others, fishing weekdays, early/late and earl/late season. Unless some legislature actually imolemen's some sort of size/type/horsepower restrictions and has a way to actually enforce it, nothing is going to happen. And nobody is going to implement anything of the sort in my lifetime on the major lakes.
  13. MOPanfisher

    Ban all Bassboat's

    I say instead we ban people from being on he bank around the lake. No camping, no swimming, dang sure no homes. That way nobody would be disturbed.
  14. MOPanfisher

    Blue Gills

    Spawning bluegill, a cheap fly rod and wading shoes. Some of my best memories.
  15. MOPanfisher

    2018 Garden Thread

    Cool, my olinator patch did nothing this year. And sadly the Japanese beetles are beginning to show up, don't see them on trees yet, but if the filter basket on my pool is any indicator they are here and getting more numerous. Gonna be a malthion summer looks like.

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