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  1. You forgot about the "Same time next week/month" part. Therapists don't cure anything at best they can teach you how to deal with it. Women have therapists, men have fishing/drinking/BS buddies. Works the same.
  2. Use a bucking strap like they do in bull riding, might eliminate the hot shot to the butt though, your choice.
  3. I have never of a therapist curing anyone of anything.
  4. Yep next week looks like a series of cold fronts, ahhh spring in MO.
  5. Getring much closer to target level. It flow being cut back. Next week it should stabilize and if we avoid some cold fronts it should get good. Last night the water was still fairly stained.
  6. The older one is about a 2006 90 HP Mercury 4 stroke on a Yriton aluminum 18 ft boat, with multiple welds on the boat. The newer one is a maybe 3 to 4 yrs old, 115 Mercedes 4 stroke on an Oquawka 20 footer, that boat is a tank.
  7. Think I will keep on with my old 90 HP Yamaha, maybe I will even get it out on the water this year. For what it's worth we have 4 strokes at work and have run the dog crap out of them, and never had any issues. We do make sure to service them at the end of each year though. Boats we have broken and had welded repeatedly but the motors keep on chugging.
  8. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Wife went shopping while I did chores today. She brought home a package of big thick pork steaks. Painted them with a mixture of soy sauce, ginger and garlic powder. Sprinkled on some different seasonings. Gonna give them a ride on the cast iron on my grill. Maybe for Father's day I will get myself a blackstone so I can have enough room for some veggies too. Gonna have one of my favorite squash for a side, butternut! Hopefully get a pick.of them before I eat them, sometimes o forget. As an aside my wife made her meatloaf last night, always good but I like the leftover meat loaf the bes
  9. MOPanfisher


    Every day yu can look DOWN at the grass is a good day. Hang in there, and get healed up.
  10. May the Good Lord protect and heal your father. Hope he has many many fishing trips left in him.
  11. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    12 hours ago Mr walleye was swimming around, now he is in my belly along with some brussel sprouts. Dang good.
  12. Nah, then I could only read it, I think the personal touch and likely some gesture on FWs part would make it better. We could get a group and hold up scorecards even. Feed him some MGD and the answers will get better as it goes along.
  13. I would happily bring a cooler of beverages if I could just sit and listen to folks toss questions to Fishing Wrench, and sit there and drink/listen. The entertainment factor should be good. Relationships, politics, the superiority of 4 strokes etc.
  14. Oneshot, for the record i don't care about the trophy. Or maybe I am jealous Dutch. Think F#@&ing, or effing.
  15. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    Walleye riblets in the flat iron. Packaging up some walleye and white bass from a successful couole days of fishing. Save out the rib meat from the wallys. Melted about a third of a stick of butter stirred in a good dose of soy sauce, some garlic powder, old bay also I think and gave it a good mixing. Dumped it all into a zip lock bag with the fillets to marinate about 20 minutes while the cast iron was heating the grill. Grill good and hot, laid out the riblet's and about a mi ute later flipped them over, about one more and off. Dad gum they are tasty. Can't wait ro try the whole fill
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