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  1. What's Cooking?

    Oh man I want to be 12 again and make comments! Shepard Pie, chili on eggs now you are all speaking my language.
  2. Morels??

    Wow, that's a good one. This week with the rain and warmer temps it will all get better. Early sites get lots of sun later spots will be more protected as weather warms up. Morels gotta have warm and wet to really get after it. Turkeys, morels, crappie. Gotta love spring!
  3. What's Cooking?

    Good looking chili rps. My wife is going make home made lasagna this afternoon for supper at friends house. Not sure what else will be there except there a couple big bunches of romaine hearts, so I am expecting to see them charred on the grill.
  4. What's Cooking?

    Dang Chief, I would eat myself to death.
  5. Fishing Report 4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/18

    Them dang things have taken many a crank bait away from me, braid or mono. I saw one come by the office, guy had it in a live well wanted to know if it was a musky. Not only was it a musky it was a dang nice one too, caught on a plastic worm, mono with no steel leader. Sometimes I just shake my head and hope that somewhere under a log, the muskie population has a museum where they display crankbaits they have stolen from me and others over the years.
  6. Fishing Report 4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/18

    Noone really seemed to know why the whites dies off, I know of at least 2 major die offs ad a couple smaller ones. The last 3 years or so those small whites have been thick, keep thinking they will grown into bigger fish. Do catch a few nice ones while crappie fishing but just can't seem to get a bit going on decent sized fish. Heck I am ready for MDC to import some wipers. (Sorry Fishing Wrench).
  7. Fishing Report 4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/18

    Larger whites are few and far between, whether due to a die off or whatever. If you went up the Pomme as far as it looks lie in the photo you could catch them little whites all day long. Oh you didn't pick the wrong year just came a few weeks early. Well for crappie anyway, bass I have no clue. But looks like you did well considering.
  8. 2018 Garden Thread

    Well other than my one cold frame I am just now starting. The cold frame didn't germinate for squat either, but always eventually fills in enough to make a few wilted salads. Planted some zucchini, little yellow squash, and cukes in trays this morning. Might even go start the tractor and rip up the garden spot before that rain. Not worried in the least about tomatoes yet, every time I have olanted early and it is cool they seem to stunt and it take a full soup can of fertilizer poured around each one and worked into soil to get them to pop out of it and grow. Garden is downsized again this year to a small patch that really isn't big enough to warrant using the tractor on. However since I have it, I dang sure ain't gonna do it it by hand. Well the old garden was HARD, except where I had turnips planted. Ripped it with the spring tooth cultivator as best I could, hoping for a little rain to soften it before I put the rear tine tiller on the tractor and make it purty. Amazes me that each year for over 30 years I pull up some BIG rocks that were not that shallow last year, pulled up one on the first pass that was all I could do to lift it the tractor bucket. Hauled so many rock out of there over the years that it needs about 3 dump truck loads of good dirt to bring it back up to grade. The other old abandoned gardens are the same, below grade but I just let them go back to grass/weds and mow them now.
  9. Got a crappie question.

    What gets folks in trouble in boats or canoes etc. is fishing above the boundary and keeping undersized fish, which is perfectly legal there. They then boat/float downstream across the boundary, suddenly unless those fish have grown they are now illegal to posess. Don't know how big of an issue it is in those places but others it happens a lot, as the only useable boat ramp is located below the boundary.
  10. People who park like that really get under my skin. Fortunately after a minute or two of contemplating a multitude of vile things to do to them I usually calm down and do something more like what you did. But sure is fun to think about doing those things! It reinforces my oft repeated statement that it only takes one person to park wrong and screw stuff up, others will follow suit and make it worse.
  11. Release boats?

    Golf is like carp fishing but for snootier folks.
  12. Secluded Multi-Day Float Suggestions

    It would be the upper crooked creek area. I believe around Yellville it disappears. Been a while and since I was there but was thinking we put in at Harmon? And took out at a Conservation area near Pyatt? Lower part of float on a weekend is not isolated though, would be plenty of other folks.
  13. Secluded Multi-Day Float Suggestions

    Problem on upper Pomme is that there isn't much of it. If you go very far up there are not many accesses or places to camp. Crooked Creek is another option.
  14. What's Cooking?

    Dr. Appointment today so I got to go to the big city. Picked up a rotisserie chicken, some parsnips and carrots and amish potato salad. Nothing home made unless you want to count the whop biscuits I am making to go with it. I mean I did open the can myself. AND we did consume my tiny supply of 6 morels last night, so now I have no morels/morals.
  15. What's Cooking?

    Admittedly I have never looked among the giblets a lot, but have never seen turkey or chicken testicles for sale. Now livers I like, and I know folks who live them little testicles but I have never tried them.

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