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  1. Most of the time you can see a storm coming if you are watching. Problem with me is I aint watching the sky I am fishing. Still I usually have enough time to make it back to the ramp, because i am not far from it, almost never enough time to load up on trailer before getting drenched. Rain no big deal, I keep extra clothes in truck, lightning very big deal I haven't got an extra life in there. Have had to duck into a dock almost back to the ramp when you can see it coming across the lake, k owing you ain't gonna beat it. Have set out a couple heavy hailstorms under a dock roof, they are loud!
  2. I fall very much into that category FW. My wife loves morels, I like them well enough but since I don't turkey hunt it gives me a reason to out wandering through the woods for a couple hours at a time. BTW I suck at finding them.Ticks, no problem apparently they don't appreciate blood with chemo poisons it it. Blackberries, if they are good ones I would go a fair ways for, trying to circumvent that by growing my own.
  3. Next week it will happen. Pomme always lags behind on the spawn. They have been up shallow a couple times, lake dropping hard right now. Middle to lake next week it is gonna explode.
  4. Here are a few notes. Sapp landing, currently at 715 truman lake will be over the parking lot. Might be down by the 27th. I think it has to be 712 or less to be able to use that ramp. However if it is fishing should be good after running some water out of Pomme. Alternative launch points for Truman would be Fairfield, nice big ramp. LOZ has been red hot lately with crappie up shallow. Pomme is dropping hard right now and it's tough unless you fish the piles in 15 to 20 FOW. However the outflow should drop back to minimal about the middle of next week and then it will be on. If you want to go to the PP access from wheatland park, know that the bridge is out, being replaced so it's a bit of a detour to get there. By water from Bolivar landing is doable, go slow and be OUT by dark, the river gets very very dark quickly. And as mentioned there are a lot of stumps to hit as well. But it does hold a lot of fish. Also by road to Bolivar landing will require a detour due to the bridge work as well. So far this year I am way behind on my fishing, just haven't had the time.
  5. He was very lucky, quite often the circle of death doesn't end well. Good reminder for all of us.
  6. Nah, it will be more like carp fishing, full camo and never tell anybody where you were.
  7. Or maybe Farmers Insurance, "first run and done", or "boat that don't float", we covered that.
  8. Maybe he heard there was a shallow bite. And instead he bit the shallows. Maybe it rain big and float him off.
  9. Honestly not trying to be a jerk but it dpends. Usually will hit pretty quickly. Lindley rises quicker but galls off quicker also. Pomme de Terre river takes a little longer to come up but stays up longer and usually carries more water. It just depends on where in the watershed it falls and how much. Pomme de Terre lake has a relatively small watershed compared to larger lakes, but a direct hit of heavy rain in the watershed will pop the lake quickly, and for an extended time. Lots of variables.
  10. FYI the outflow has been increased to 2500 cfs as of today. Remains to be seen what happens with the storms predicted for later this week.
  11. Them chunky rascals would make a drag sing for sure. Water dropping not hurting the bite I guess.
  12. High end electronics are just tools. Like any end tool if the operator know how to use thwm properly and we'll they can make a difference, if not well it won't make much difference. Sort of like a bad fisherman (like me) buying a super high end G Loomis bronze back rod and putting a $400 reel on it, ain't gonna make much difference. On the other hand give a good fisherman a $50 rod and $50 reel and he will beat me like a rented mule. Now with all that said, I wish I had some cool high end electronics, I have a $100 depth finder, console only.
  13. Likely I would have ended it's life, but that is way overshadowed by the fun of catching an unexpected big fish. I once caught a probably 50# grass carp in a 7 acre pond on a rapala and medium weight spinning rod. And last night I had the living crap scared out of me while crappie fishing. Walking the bank and out of the back of a covery there was a splash and a wave being pushed by something, figured it was a beaver and sort of forgot him. A little bit later a pair of buffalo nearly ran into my feet, and saw me just as I saw them.and EXPLODED out of there. Smaller one was maybe 15, boffer one looked twice that big as I was wiping water out of my eyes and wondering if I had wet myself. Surprise big fish are always interesting at least.
  14. Yeah I have seen a few floating filled with water and we're right at the waterline but still floating and came in under trolling motor power. But have have seen or written reports on several that simply sank. I now have zero faith in a boat staying afloat when filled with water.
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