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  1. I will share a story of astinky bird dog. Several years ago huntin pheasant with a couple friends in KS. One of them decided he need to stay behind us to lean against a post and answer nature's call after a hearty breakfast. He caught up with us a short time later with no problem. Then we noticed that the younger dog was missing, called and whistled and he finally showed back up at the truck. Yep he had gone back k to find the "leaning post" and do what dogs do, that GSP was absolutely covered in feces packed into his fur, he had rolled around it it multiple times. Fortunately they had a dog box in back of the truck and eventually after much gagging got him loaded back up. The best part was that the dog looked so proud of himself.
  2. Ozarkfisherman, you can alway simply block FW and remain and be a part of the site, however that is your choice. I have clashed with Fishing Wrench many times but I don't think either of us take it personally, at least I dont. Sometimes I simply laugh and move on, other times I get drawn in. Occasionally (whispering . . I even agree with him), others I just laugh, sometimes his ideas make me stop and think. Thinking is a good thing and sometimes difficult for me. Even when he (or anyone else) goes off on something he knows little about his perspective is often the same as shared by many others in the public and while FW may not be convinced many others are with the information provided or shared. One thing you can say for FW is that he is either a true believer in what he says (or thinks, it's the same for him) or on occasion, he does a good job of playing the role. Either way, when in this world these are the biggest issues we have it is a good day. Come on spring!
  3. Man I am glad that never happens to me!! Sometimes I have a brain normal, fart is more the norm for me.
  4. MOPanfisher


    Eh I won't know since my gauge doesn't work. I will just toss the invoice onto he dash of my truck until it fades out too much to read. Yiu know we could have saved a lot of time today if you had just come down and helped me cut wood, we could have worn go pros and live streamed every thing, amidst the sniwstorm, plus you could have helped me cut wood. Actually I just needed help splitting and loading, well maybe hauling and unloading too. 😆
  5. Maybe I am missing something, I thought you were saying that a 2 foot deep relase at 659 was the same as a 1 foot deep release at 660, I misunderstood. Again I am not sure how bagnells gates operate, if they are tainter type gates and open at the bottom then my info is correct, if not I am not sure without knowing how they work.
  6. MOPanfisher


    I believe it had something to do with him refusing to provide any ID for a while. So they held him and when the alert came out with a description they went, hey didn't we have that guy locked up? Flying a drone through a window is a far cry from being able to carry enough payload to take out an entire building. And rather than you secretly fixing my boat motor while I am out fishing, can you just sneak some more fuel into the tank. I hate paddling back to the ramp.
  7. Oh I fully understand that max capacity is related to head pressure, usually max is stated for top of the pool or at a specific elevation. One or two feet of elevation doesn't make a huge change but yes it does affect it, but in no universe is releasing 2 feet of water at 659 going to be the same as 1 foot at 660, not even close. I am going to caveat that by saying I don't know exactly how bagnells gates are made/operate.
  8. MOPanfisher

    What's Cooking?

    I love home made bread, think I will just have to die if they tell me I can't eat it. Finished off the last of it tonight with some home made strawberry freezer jam from 2019, that another thing I would not be happy about losing. LOL I redid my strawberry patch last fall, could be a heck of a berry year, or nothing who knows.
  9. MOPanfisher


    I seem to remember the Air Force saying they didn't need/want additional F22s because there were no planes anywhere else that could compete with hem, it was overkill? Seems perfect for an air superiority fighter. We seem to be in a phase of trying to modify and use a single platform (F35) for all things. Seems to me that there while there are benefits to that, that having a true air superiority platform hat has no equal isn't a bad thing. But again military strategist I aint, and haven't stayed in a Holiday Inn for quite a while.
  10. I will admit to being an old guy who loves the sound of a Colman latern and they still have their place. But Wrench is right the LED oes are incredible for the amount of light they put out and how long the batteries last. Old timers used to hang the lantern on a stick and let it hang out over the water to draw bugs and minnows. Or maybe try those citronella tiki torch things, not much light. When I walleye fish after dark keep a head light on my hat but only turn it on when I need it, like to land a wally, or to walk back to the truck.
  11. Dang it FW you drew me into this topic like I was a white bass coming up a creek to spawn and spotted one of your streamers. For clarification: Control Points determine if water can be released from the system, in our case the Osage Basin. If the control points are low enough to allow for release then LOZ can release, generate or store it. What we try to not do is dump additional water into an already flooded lake or river, so if a storm hits and only affects LOZ we aren't going to exacerbate flooding if it isn't necessary. I wish I could remember what bagnells release capability, something like 300k but not sure. Balance curves strive to balance the amount of (again think % of flood storage capacity) within between lakes. I certainly hope for a normal year (whatever that is) so we can argue about whether or not the while bass in LOZ are cross bred mutts, and I can catch crappie until my hands are too sore to continue, and my shoulder aches, and I am sick of fresh crappie fillets. (That may take a while as I have an ability to eat them almost daily with no problem).
  12. It wasn't lake O it was the st thomas level that prevented releases sorry. Maybe I should clarify the difference between a control point and balance curves. The 2 (and only 2) control points are the St Thomas gauge on he osage and Herman gauge on the Missouri. When either of those two points go above a certain point releases that affect it are stopped, thus LOZ would have to stop releasing as well, and it goes back up the drainage basin. Now however there are balance curves as well. Let's say there was a massive rain that affected Pomme and Stockton but not Truman, both Pomme and Stockton could still release into truman (also I believe Melvern and Pomona?) until Truman hits a certain balance level, based upon % of storage capacity in each resevoir. At that time all the lakes have to hold what they have and balance the system until the two control points drop below flood stage allowing for releases from the entire system. What gets difficult to predict is the MO river, they have to account for everything that is coming down all the way to Gavin Point, that takes time for that water to get to the control point, so if there is flooding north and west in the MO basin they have to take those levels into account and make an estimate on when it will get there and not allow for releases from the Osage basin to overwhelm or use up what is available in the MO river. Once st thomas drops, bagnell opens up and the ability to release rills up stream, if Bagnell can release 100k cfs through their gates then so can truman, and the lakes upstream from that can begin releases also as long as everyone stays within the balance curve. When a single massive rainfall event happens it is fairly routine to hold everyone until the level on the rivers drop and then begin to evacuate the system, but when event after vent after event happens it tends to overwhelm the system, you go from jugfling 3 things to juggling 7 or so and the guys in he resevoir Control center put in a lot of hours trying to calculate rainfall, when and how fast it falls, how fast runs off etc. Now if you want to debate things like levees, flooding property to protect other property and whethwr or not Truman was bult to protect LOZ, well let's ice down some refreshments and discuss. I have been around it for too many years to simply let some things go by without trying to educate folks. It is NOT a perfect system by any means, there are too many variables, there are regylatuons put in place which don't allow for too many whims and the guys who make the calculations and decisions are some of the most conscientious guys I know about doing their jobs well and within the regulations, its not uncomon to get calls in the middle of the night, so yeah I get protective of them sometimes.
  13. MOPanfisher


    Whatever we can create other countries will copy. What is the work of geniusess and billions of dollars the first time is the work of skilled fabricators after that. There will always be a competition between defense and offense, so far we have always been on the leading edge.
  14. MOPanfisher


    I have seen some videos, but the limits are still what a pilot can handle without passing out. No pilot no constraints, and no need for oxygen etc. Pure maneuverability with the computer able to make the decision as to how much or when. F22s are one of the ciestate planes out there, I am not a plane guy by any means but the term killing baby seals is apt for the 22s.
  15. MOPanfisher


    My expectation is that part of the reason the US isn't going whole hog on fighters is that the next round of air superiority fighters will be unmanned. As such their ability to turn and maneuver will be like nothing we have ever seen, they will make it a contest for distant second place. At least that is my hope.
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