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  1. You know when I was a kid we had a dog that chased cars, I sat down and tried to explain to that dog what he was doing and how it would go bad for him. Eventually a car won, I think I had a better chance with the dog.
  2. MOPanfisher


    Most tailwaters have enough regular flow to prevent much of a thermocline or at least mix the water. A fish has no clue that better water is a 100 yards away, imagine if a cloud of invisible poisonous air decended around you, you would have no clue which direction you could go to get out of it, and a fish has little no reasoning power. The majority of fish kills in lakes there is little or nothing that can be done, it simply has to run its course. BUT the next one reported might be because a golf course dumped 40 gallons of old herbicide not realizing the drain empties directly into a small creek and then into the lake and killed a few thousand fish, that would be something to be investigated even if only to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  3. ------- I was not planning on commenting again. Yes pointing out hypocrisy and making comparisons and throwing out simply weird stuff is what you do. What you DON'T do is promote carp fishing, a few time you almost did and then tarnish it with shots at other groups. I think you take lessons on how to get yur point across from President Trump. So far Oneshot has done more to promote fishing for carp and buffalo by simply saying they are fun to catch. I have said several times carp fishing is a blast, great fight and very "releasable". Found almost everywhere, are not going to disappear can be fished for easily without thousands of dollars of special equipment, but that option is there if you wish to do that. Fly fishing for carp is possibly one of the pinnacles for most freshwater fisherman as far as fight vests cost, and can be done cheaply. See no shots at bowfishermn, no unsubstantiated and or unrelaterd claims or "science", no comparisons to other states, nothing like that. Carp fishing fun.
  4. Promoting carp fishing is great. Hey fellers carp are great fighters and fun to catch. Posting idiocy like LM bass introduced in a lake in Chile or wherever, or bringing up alligator gar in Texas, or talking about banning Bowfishing is NOT pooling carp fishing. I am done, was fun for a while.
  5. MOPanfisher

    This should get MoCarp all fired up ...

    Good thing you mentioned the Alligator Gar in Texas, trout in Taneycomo, and bass in TR since that is so directly related. Come I expected much better, if that is all you got, I have a shower to work on tiling.😁 Shooting and dumping a gar is certainly something I hate to see and would love to see a few folks get tickets if doing it. Gar are part of the normal healthy ecosystem.
  6. MOPanfisher

    Man down!

    Holy crap! Would have been funnier if it was in your mouth. As it is, you are foul hooked and must be returned immediately and unharmed.
  7. It was a train wreck at the first posting, everything since is just more train cars piling up. And yep I suspect MOcarp is laughing and sharing on the carp lover sites.
  8. We used to fish for carp a lot, even trot lined for them. Most I can ever remember was folks saying "you are doing what?"
  9. MOPanfisher

    This should get MoCarp all fired up ...

    True, and missouri used to have no limit on carp. Not actually sure if there is now or not. Would hate to be an agent and have to write a ticket to someone who was "over limit" on common carp.
  10. So your favorite carp fishing hole is fixing to be or is getting pounded by the Bowfishing crowd, and they will shoot the biggest fish they see. what can you do? Buy a bow fishing rig and enter. Serve biscuits and gravy. Sell you carp fishing gear and take up golf. (OK that one was kind of harsh). Directly confront the bowfishermen and tell them you are gonna stomp them into a mudhole. Film this confrontation. Set up a first aid station. Offer carp cleaning services. Rent a refer truck and load all the cleaned carp and buffalo and make all trip to the nearest downtown in a major city. Bring friends to cover you. Sell the carp and buffalo and escape town.
  11. MOPanfisher

    Hauled in a 20”er today

    Awesome! Hope all are doing well.
  12. So your favorite carp fishing hole is fixing to be or is getting pounded by the Bowfishing crowd, and they will shoot the biggest fish they see. what can you do? 1. Thank them. 2. Buy them a beer. 3. Swap favorite carp recipes.
  13. MOPanfisher

    This should get MoCarp all fired up ...

    I have zero issues bow fishing carp period. Would rather they shoot carp over gar and buffalo. If the carp busters group go to LOZ to set up camo bunkers do you think instead of regular camo the tents would be disguised as cruisers or golf carts?
  14. It's creepy as hell when a tire on a trailer just siting around goes kaboom! If you are very close its even worse, makes you duck, seek cover, consider options for retuning fire, and wondering what condition your underwear is now in. Flat tires suck at the very best it is a major inconvenience. Good tires are worth the money.
  15. MOPanfisher

    Baby trout?

    I did not say "Missouri". Since you use information, quotes and "data" from all over the world I thought you would understand.

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