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  1. If you want to get something changed, you will need to go to the legislature. The COE has little to no ability to enforce such a rule, the MSHP basically has a policy of they enforce but don't make rules.
  2. I am so confused now, in different screen shots I see one with 3 and one with 7. Then the whole kiss face and I am just gonna go have a drink instead of trying to understand.
  3. It's been a while but I had stuff knocked around in my then 16 ft v hull Lowe on Taneycomo by boats passing and throwing wakes 25 years ago. There is not a displacement hull made that I have ever seen that has anywhere near the maneuverability of a jet boat up on top and operated by a competent driver. Truthfully since there is not a legal way to prevent the operation the market will decide if the business is successful or not. The MSHP can limit it's area to operate in and require them to stay within a stretch of river for safety reasons.
  4. If heaven doesn't look lot like that I am gonna be upset.
  5. Dozens of 3 to 4 pound rats. Should I take up bass fishing I hope to be as unlucky.
  6. Dang, clams, linguini, cilantro, bechemel sauce, I am dying. I had a bagel for lunch. I swear I can smell that plate right now.
  7. Now that is my kind of dinner.
  8. Hammertime, I don't know you either but I understand the struggle. Prayers are being sent for you and your family.
  9. Could just be coincidence, could be that the shallow fish have recovered from spawning and are actively feeding and thus doing well. Could be the deeper ones are hanging in the cooler water recovering or maybe they just liked it there after having been caught, dropped, carried around and released. Or could mean nothing. I definitely think you should continue the "research", spending as much time as possible out there catching more fish to compare. If it get to be too much, holler and I will come net them for you.
  10. Whew, glad such a thing has never happened to me.
  11. My favorite coffee is ma de in a percolator pot, with the sound of a creek nearby, Folger or Maxwell Huse will do fine there. Bu since that only gets to happen very rarely anymore I do like a good kona or kona blend. Absolutely hate Starbucks, would rather have gas station coffee, some of which ain't bad.
  12. Looks great, I love avacados.
  13. Well I am on Grampa duty in springfield and have no electricity. However somwtimes you get lucky. I had stopped on the way in and picked up stuff for what I can a summer salad. A garlic/rosemary rotisserie chicken, box of spring mix salad, few tomatoes, a cucumber then waded through some pretty sad fruit. Need up adding a couple mangoes, fuji apples, a few peaches that were almost ripe, and a box of big strawberries. And a loaf of chewy Italian bread. Deboned the chicken and everybody can add what they like, no electricity required.
  14. I use a backpack when I shore fish a lot. The bucket works well because if we keep some I have a bucket to tote them home. Usually though there is an old cooler in the bed of my truck.
  15. I have always wanted to keep a rubber snake in the boat and casually toss it into a jerks boat.