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  1. This is what I like to see! Versus a bunch of itty bitty fish. Just me though.
  2. Was out last Sunday and there were so many birds around virgin bluff it was nuts. The shad were the same way flickering everywhere.
  3. Heading out of mill creek in the morning! Good luck to ya!!
  4. Bridgeport is froze up pretty good I heard. I could be wrong.
  5. They do at Stockton a long with big crappie. Haven't had the same luck on tr though.
  6. Wanted give this kiddo an atta boy! http://www.ozarksfirst.com/sports/ozarks-dalton-combs-named-bassmaster-high-school-all-american/741413215
  7. Forgot the best picture. Love this smile!
  8. Finally got the youngin out last evening. Been trying to sense the oa outing with no luck do to weather! I decided on the blade, she was on her typical night crawler method (still working on patience for the bass). On a main lake point we push up to the bushes and started pitching. About the third cast had one just kill the war eagle. It was a beauty of a black!! She seen it jump and I quote her "dad I need a rod I'm bass fishing!" My heart melted right then. We fished a couple hrs lots of fun. I ended up just watching her fish a swim bait after that. No other way I'd want to spend my time! All day today was "can we go fishing?" So tomorrow rain please hold off we're hitting it early!
  9. You two had a nice second place one night last year when I was out of commission! Bills me cousin...
  10. No campers made a bit better just made for a long walk.
  11. Nice job! I ended the day with 10.24 caught mine from 6 inches to 15 feet deep. Man wasn't it foggy. Fann blasted it today!! Did you put in at mill? That's place was crazy.
  12. Bull shoals is pretty high. It's going to be a slow process imo. http://www.lakelevels.info/USA/Missouri/
  13. If the Mississippi gets too much water from all the rain from the Ohio, Illinois, and so on from the east, will they hold back bull shoals and then table rock? Thought that have done this in the past but I may be mistaking.
  14. I'll bring some brawts buns pasta salad and cottage cheese.
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