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  1. Catching fish close to accesses?

    Yep, A 24 inch Rainbow across from the Riverton ramp on the Eleven Point was another, that was on a Zoom lizard.
  2. Catching fish close to accesses?

    The biggest Smallmouth I've seen caught on Meramec was across from the Sappington bridge ramp.
  3. Smallmouth of the North Country

    Thanks Al, cold front or no I think it will work out fine. I guess I hate to see summer end and by going north I'm cutting a couple of weeks off what's left.
  4. Smallmouth of the North Country

    Thanks, Yeah, I have learned that you can’t just cast your bait toward the bank you have to hit the grass. The river should be dropping to the point where there may or may not be bank habitat. The game gets a whole lot trickier and interesting when the fish are forced to move to midstream eddies and hug the bottom. On more than one occasion we located fish by seeing diving Gulls or by locating rising minnows and the nervous water that can be a sign bass feeding on the minnows.
  5. Smallmouth of the North Country

    Yep, we have casting rods, fly rods and camping equipment staged in the garage. My usual approach is to use nothing but topwater until it's obvious that it's not going to work. Last time I was up north we nailed em on buzz baits while air temps were in the 40s.
  6. Smallmouth of the North Country

    Thanks for the report(s). What kind of weather did you guys have to deal with and did that effect how you fished? Bro and I are leaving tomorrow. We'll have a cold front and plunging temperatures the first few days with conditions moderating slightly later in the week.
  7. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    I'm with wrench more or less. If they wouldn't have built the big settings pond at Warsaw we wouldn't need a hair brained hatchery to make more spoonbills. For that matter I have no use for sterile trout, Frankenstein Bluegill or tiger Char. Good lord we have bigger problems, hasn't anyone noticed that there are almost no mussels in our rivers anymore. We are poisoning our own water supplies and nobody seems to give a darn.
  8. Brand New Move In to Springfield From Utah

    Beware, the Ozark tailwaters are big scary SOB's that go up and down without warning. Once you learn them you'll have a great time. Another option would be to embrace the native Smallmouth, by doing so you will find inner peace and serenity.
  9. A few smallmouth flies

    Those north country bass rise to flies like trout. Early evening in the tails of pools the rises are subtle. Any medium size bug will match the hatch.
  10. Yellow Jackets

    Good fun but if you do light em up don't do it like those knuckle heads.
  11. Smallmouth of the North Country

    Yep, when you drive though town every other driveway will have a Lund in it. The locals love to fish and eat them but if it ain't a walleye it's not worth the time to heat up oil.
  12. (Update w/pics) Topwaters for Stream Smallmouth

    I've had a WTD and a buzz bait tied on all season and it's been more miss than hit. Last weekend the leaves were already bad enough that the dog didn't want to walk. My faith is not shaken, maybe next time cooler temps and will make them shine.
  13. sunglasses

    Yes I paid a ridiculous amount of money for my RX sunglasses but I also paid nearly that much for my every day glasses. I’m tired of the cumbersome wear overs, I already spend many years wearing contacts and off the shelf glasses and I’m definitely not having my eyes worked on. I look at glasses like a prosthetic, if I needed one for a missing limb your darn right I would pay any price for the state of the art. I also look back at other things I spent way too much money on, vehicles, boats, a good time; they all cost a bundle.
  14. "Banner" Day?

    You know if you wanted to invite me to dinner and take me on a fishing trip that sure would be swell, oh never mind.....
  15. sunglasses

    Thanks for the tip on glasses for golf, that’s on my list. (post edited to clarify comment)

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