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  1. St. Louis Favorite Places

    I didn’t know either of those places were still open. Maybe the world isn’t going to hell in a hand bag.
  2. If the cows are standing up the fish will bite. There is actually some truth to this so maybe it’s not a superstition.
  3. New video from Southeast Louisiana

    That looks like so much fun, every time I watch one of your videos I ask myself why am I not doing that? Thanks.
  4. Sad story

    Fall arrest systems for fixed ladders are now common in industry. Combined with a fixed lifeline, a fall decelerator and an appropriate harness it easy to be protected from the time you step on the first rung until your back on the ground. When these devices were first introduced in industrial environments there was much squawking about lost time, productivity as well as regulatory enforcement. As people acclimated to the systems lost time is often mitigated by an increase in productivity because of user comfort and confidence. In other words; what was once a tense white knuckle climb is now a simple routine that probably won’t cost you your life. A decrease in insurance rates also brought down business expenses. Enforcement turned out to be no brainer because both the enforcement agency (OSHA) and the workers both have the same interest; everyone wants to go home safe at the end of the day. It’s the same as seat belts in automobiles, a few decades after being introduced only the stupidest of the stupid don’t use them, people use them because they don't want to die not because they fear being fined. These devises and methods just need to be further adopted by the hunters and the hunting industry. There also need to be a renewed effort by tree stand manufacturers to produce safer tree stands. The fact that stand ladder sections are only held together by friction is unacceptable, there is very little cost in adding pins or bolts to ladders. I could go on and on but you get the point.
  5. Sad story

    Why aren’t Fall restraint and descent systems mandatory? Is I because we don’t like pesky regulations?
  6. Bass, Trout in sewers oh my!

    Help me Gavin, I need to find the ignore button.
  7. What will you be doing at age 67?

    That’s 10 years for me. I planning on playing golf, fishing and hunting same as now and hope to have another 10 years after that. There are a lot of advantages with age, many of the fears and anxieties I had are gone, I just don’t care anymore. For most of my life financial and physical well-being seemed impossible but who knows maybe that will work out.
  8. Better Luck Next Time

    Dry bags and boxes are not all their cracked up to be. I've been using duffle bags with trash bag liners for long time without a problem.
  9. Life at Outlet #2

    Hahahaha, it’s the Orvis sisters.
  10. Poaching Story

    It’s tradition.
  11. Wanted Lure Duplicator

    I don't know any duplicators but I do know a pretty good replicator.
  12. Anything new going on up there?

    I wish a could have seen it, what a waste.
  13. Fishing gear stolen :(

    Bummer, it's not likely but I hope you get your stuff back. Where I grew up and worked most of my life your car window was as good as broken if you so much as left pocket change on the car seat. That lesson as served me well now that every neighborhood is like that.
  14. Can you change your username?

    Let's hope user names remain nonsensical. I'll have you know I shower daily and I know who my mother and father are.
  15. Upper Mississippi tournament

    That area is a fascinating bass fishing destination; I'd love to hear a report from you or from anyone who has ever fished it.

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