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  1. I’ll be there Friday morning. I’ll have my own tent which has a padlocked door and an alarm system in case someone gets weird and wants to spoon. Thanks for putting this together Gavin.
  2. Excellent, I need somebody in my boat.
  3. I’m in for Sat/Sun, Friday is a maybe.
  4. Boiling Springs? Ruby's Landing?
  5. I suspect Trumans demise will be much less dramatic than a catastrophic failure. Truman like all reservoirs will slowly fill with silt. Some generation in the far future will wonder why 20th century Americans thought it was a good idea to turn a perfectly good river into a temporary lake.
  6. Yep, I’d say you already know how to catch Smallmouth with a fly rod, at times it’s identical to casting. If you don’t already have one get a 7 or 8 wt. and have at it. The only advice I could offer is learn to cast efficiently, (not like Bill Dance).
  7. Two special places come to mind, a stretch of the middle Gasconade River where we could always count of having the river to ourselves despite the time of year and day of the week. The other is lake 37 at Busch Wildlife, since my first trips in the 70’s all the timber disappeared, and a third of the lake has silted in, I guess I’ve aged right along with it.
  8. Rainbows especially recently stocked fish don’t seem care if a boat goes over their head, browns will do anything to avoid a boat. Several years ago we ran across a brown that was trapped between our boat and an inches deep gravel flat, the fish swam back and forth looking for a place to hide. When it finally passed us by we were astonished at the size, until we got a good look at it we were asking ourselves if was a beaver. Hang around that river enough and you’ll see some amazing things.
  9. That is a cool story, what an awesome river.
  10. "What criteria determines whether something is or isn't a "gamefish"? Not sure but I'd think having the physical qualities of water balloon would a disqualify a Warmouth.
  11. Warmouth are game fish, Redear and Bluegill are not, WTF?
  12. Very nice fish, especially the Rainbow. What kind of boat is that?
  13. Sounds good, let me know when and where. Love Vietnamese,
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