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  1. I love the sounds of summer, at least what I can hear over my tinnitus. Linda and I spent last weekend in a cabin in the Ozark Woods, the evening symphony was a roar. Back at our suburban home last night I heard a few crickets (in my head?) and tree frogs, mostly I heard the din of traffic and the call of rumble strips. I hate living in the burbs.
  2. I have to admit ColdWaterfshr’s plan is a good one. Something to keep in mind is that those who catch fish regularly are usually good at fishing a couple of ways in a few places. It often takes decades to figure out the where and when’s of fishing, even if you stick to a few techniques in a few places When you’re learning it helps to have low expectations, I think you’re good there. I’d just keep trying different things in different places and enjoy the ride.  One thing I’m almost certain of is that still fishing isn’t fishing unless you’re catching one every few minutes.
  3. Be careful, there are places where the channel is narrow and full of logs. I’ve gotten myself in a pickle more than once.
  4. I've been enjoying the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNO71hgto7c
  5. Yep, what Gavin says. On river with a lot of frog water and in really hot weather we’d fish only the heads and tails of pools. Sometimes in the middle of long slow stretches you’ll find a shallow bar that will get the current moving and create eddies.
  6. Some very nice fish, keep the upside down pictures coming 😀
  7. Yep, when it works right, you animate and mend in the same movement, always keeping close contact.
  8. I’m that guy, with about 6-8 baits. Thank you, Norm,
  9. I drove through your block a few years ago and seen it. Quite a show.
  10. You guys have it going on, love the report.
  11. Greasy B

    What's Cooking?

    Looks good, I bookmarked it for later. This weekend I’ll be cooking over a fire on a gravel bar, rib eyes on Thursday and marinated pork steaks on Friday. Life is good.
  12. That’s a fine fleet of boats, just about perfect for the Ozarks. Marshfield is a great location too, fish in every direction, all you need to do is go exploring. The only advice I can give you is to be aware of the scoundrels, lowlifes and thieves that frequent our River accesses, never leave anything you don’t want to lose in your vehicle.
  13. You could find a Short Bend or a Prong or a Fork to float, but that doesn’t work well with groups, I’d rather drag and float those anyway.
  14. Yep, the last 24 hours have not been encouraging.
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