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  1. Sounds good, let me know when and where. Love Vietnamese,
  2. Gosh, I miss the place too, I have lots of fond memories. I only fished it once since Mc, closed, we boated up on two generators and waited until the water dropped out to wade fish, it was wonderful but certainly fished different with min. flow. I could hardly recognize ace in the hole.
  3. You win! The rest of us will talk about fishing.
  4. I think your in the wrong county, but you are correct that is another very interesting creek.
  5. Yeah most of my dragging was up, down normal rivers, we might lose an inch or two overnight but all it added was a little pucker factor on the way back to the ramp. Your story reminded me of a day on the Salt River, we ran up on big water and enjoyed the river as it fell out, then it really fell out. It was pretty tense trip back the ramp that day, we left a lot of blue pant on the river bottom.
  6. For a couple of decades the brother and I would take our river jon down some pretty small rivers with some skinny flows (200cfs) with full confidence we could bang and drag our way back up to the ramp, we’ve done it may times with overnight gear in the boat. If it was a gravel riffle we’d run as fast as we could until the pump was just about to suck gravel, I’d kill and lift the motor while Dan would jump out to hold the boat as it came to a halt. If the shoal was rocks and cobbles we’d edge up to it slowly and grind our way through it as far as we could, then jump out and drag the rest of the way up. Doing this got us on a lot of water that other boats were afraid to run and many weekends we had the river to ourselves. Any more we’re not so cock sure or as strong, those days may be over.
  7. I have a buddy who once caught a bass out of 38 that was so big it it scared him to stick his hand in its mouth. Your fish doesn’t sound like it was a bass. Was I time when 38 has some fair Bluegill and nice red ears, not so sure about hybrids.
  8. Don’t skimp on price, we ended up stripping and repainting before we had a durable coating. I don’t recall what brand we use but I came from our local West Marine store, we added sand or some type of abrasive.
  9. Beautiful craftsmanship.
  10. I can't imagine a use for Power Poles or Talons on the rivers I fish. I would like to have an Ultrex but, I'm hesitant to add more weight to the river jon.
  11. Earlier today I asked Linda what we needed to survive the pending doom. We came up with the essential B's, beer, briquettes, and bird seed, I'll make a run tomorrow, we'll be fine.
  12. Nice boat, lots of room for overnight gear.
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