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  1. Super bowl Sunday smallie bonanza

    Count me as someone who enjoys all reports and all pictures, big fish and not so big fish. I’m going through a period where my time on the rivers is down; when I do get out my success has been limited. In the meantime, OAF gives me hope. Keep the pictures and reports coming.
  2. Super bowl Sunday smallie bonanza

    Did you hear something? No, It must have been a touch of indigestion.
  3. Super bowl Sunday smallie bonanza

    This forum became much more enjoyable since i learned how to use the ignore option. Thank you for giving me another chance to use it.
  4. Sad News

    RIP Dale, Thank you for making us long rodders feel a little less like outcast back in the day.
  5. I suppose it had to happen...

    Fish disappear on days or in seasons then reappear, we have all seen it. It’s like magic.
  6. Suicide Hill report

    Its like visiting an old love. The spark might be gone but sometimes it’s good to look back and reminisce about all the good times.
  7. Just funny stuff

    It has to be a point blank shot in the eyes.
  8. OAF on the Meramec

    If that weekend is open I’m in.
  9. The Fresh Start Thread

    The first Picture was taken by a former coworker who traveled to Thailand, Monks and Balloons. This picture was taken with my phone, Shirley Basin Wyoming, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen that wasn't a river.
  10. Panfish from under the ice

    Great fishing report, if cold spells like this were normal I’d love to make ice fishing part of my winters. I had a similar experience getting checked by MDC a while back. When asked to identify our catches my partner said 8 Bluegill in the light green cooler and I said 10 Bluegill in the dark green cooler, the limit for the area was 10. The agent said thanks your good to go.
  11. Everything is frozen and I am bored

    yes they looked very good, especially the warm weather pictures.
  12. Sucker Grabbing?

    Sounds like a good subject for a new thread.
  13. Lower river in johnboat questions

    We took our fiberglass river Jon from Rush to W. R. a couple of years ago. The boat took some pretty good hits but not much worse than other rivers we’ve taken 4 days of gear and beer on. I don’t think I’d take the chance with a motor that exceeds the limit. It’s no fun arguing with a cop when the cop is right.
  14. Norm Minas

    I loved Norms reports. He taught anyone willing to pay attention about his wonderful river up north.
  15. Awesome day today (Falconry)

    When I was a teenager Kestrels were one of the first birds that caught my eye and imagination. I loved watching them hover over the local railway right of way and diving for prey. It didn’t take long for us to figure out how to fish for them with a small rubber bait tied straight to monofilament. I can’t imagine doing such a thing now but touch and go bird fishing was kind of a hoot.

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