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  1. 20 years ago bro and I were at Rim Shoals Camp, we enjoyed a great steak dinner and turned in early, in the morning we went fishing. We’ve both been through a lot since then, but we haven’t changed much. Yesterday we played golf, we’ll have our steak dinner this afternoon.
  2. Greasy B


    Wrap them in bacon?
  3. Great fish, you earned her.
  4. Greasy B


    When I was a kid fishing for cats at Spanish Lake some older women showed me her secret bait, raw hamburger and Limburger Cheese, rancid meat and cheese that smells like 💩. Best bait I ever used. If sonny’s Dip or triple S smells anything like my old bait it’s a winner.
  5. The hybrid is beautiful. Yesterday the bass were in inches of water at the golf course, you could have picked them off with a bug.
  6. "I'd like to shoot the pinhead who allowed them to escape and the politicians that said it was okay to raise them" -Al Agnew, I couldn't agree more, in my view this was criminal, no punishment is harsh enough. I imagine their spread will follow the pattern of other invasive species, a boom in population followed by some equilibrium. We can only hope the equilibrium resembles what existed prior to their arrival.
  7. I couldn’t agree more but, every now and then..... Yankee Jim Canyon yesterday and Slough Creek today. I don’t keep a bucket list, no sense in dreaming of a trip so extravagant that I’ll never be able to do it, It’s more of a short list / long list of practical trips. The short list is a repeat the all things I love, overnighters on the Gasconade, Bluegill fishing in southern Illinois and the Bull Shoals tailwater. The long list is pretty doable: Red Fish in Louisiana, salmon and Steelhead in Michigan, Red Breast and Coppernose in North Carolina.
  8. You get extra points for catching them on a Block Head Popper.
  9. And the northern gills the way they bite. They make me want to keep my grease warm at night.
  10. Incredible fish, they look like Coppernose.
  11. The two forks of the Skunk River, and the English river looked good, even the De Moines was clear and inviting. Today going west on 80 the Raccoon and others were high from last nights rain.
  12. I’m driving across Iowa yesterday evening and today. I’ve seen some very interesting water glancing as I cross the bridges. I’d love to spend some time exploring.
  13. That’s why I love that stretch of river, of course I had my heart broken a few years back when Ruby’s landing showed up.
  14. Thank goodness, we would have lost another treasure if the river had huge parking lots, boat ramps at every crossing and signs on the interstate telling the masses where they were. I’m all for river preservation but experience tells us that can backfire. The wasting graph matches my observations, of course the water levels have to pretty low before you notice. The resurgence starts at the gavel bar that splits the channel just above the rockslide. Warm water percolates through the downstream side of the bar, between the local springs and Roubidoux you have almost double the water than at Hazelgreen. If you want to run a boat clean you need 500cfs at Hazelgreen. If you don’t mind eating the occasional rock your good to 300cfs. Depending on how much your willing to drag up or down a few tight spots you can do it much lower.
  15. I already have a pretty good understanding of the true authentic stupidity of most people. I choose to shield myself from most social and mass media so I’m not reminded of it every minute of every day. That’s the cool thing about free will, if want I can ignore the world outside of my bubble. I know it might sound like blasphemy to my fellow fisherman but one big fish is no big deal. Nobody did anything wrong and the world is no better or worse than it ever was. Fortunately; me catching a record fish is as likely as me winning the Lottery. If either did happen, I hope i’d have the strength to keep it to myself.
  16. R.I.P. Jerry, we are grateful for your work to save the Meramec River.
  17. I also use EWG hooks and I guess whats call TX Skin. I’m always ripping baits apart to make them a bit smaller, easier to rig and extend their life. On a good day the bottom of the boat is littered with pieces and parts.
  18. I had fun looking back and trying to recall all the rivers I’ve floated, I did ask myself where does a river begin? Headwater floats are a blast, I remember reading Bob Todd’s stories about him and Al pushing the limits, yeah I guess you could go too far. On the down stream side is Crooked Creek, I could say I’ve done the whole thing if the creek ended where the water disappears. I counted 20 Ozark rivers that I had floated, of that total the only ones I have done Completely are the Jacks Fork and Mineral Fork. I have a few that I have come close: The only part of the Big Piney I have not been on is the few miles between the water plant at FLW and Spring Creek. I recall some fun spring time trips starting at Baptist Camp, now you could put in at Simmons. I once searched for the Brazil low-water bridge on upper Courtois Creek but, took a wrong turn and got spooked when I heard banjos playing. I went back down to Berryman that day. I also have done all but the last few miles of the Missouri portion of the Eleven Point. I’ve done the Gasconade from Adams Ford to Rollins Ferry. I have no desire to go below Rollins but I’d love to float down from Hartville. The only part of the Meramec I have not been on is from George Winter park to the mouth.. I’m missing the upper most part of the North Fork of the White River, I think Hale ford is the highest I’ve been.
  19. I love the sounds of summer, at least what I can hear over my tinnitus. Linda and I spent last weekend in a cabin in the Ozark Woods, the evening symphony was a roar. Back at our suburban home last night I heard a few crickets (in my head?) and tree frogs, mostly I heard the din of traffic and the call of rumble strips. I hate living in the burbs.
  20. I have to admit ColdWaterfshr’s plan is a good one. Something to keep in mind is that those who catch fish regularly are usually good at fishing a couple of ways in a few places. It often takes decades to figure out the where and when’s of fishing, even if you stick to a few techniques in a few places When you’re learning it helps to have low expectations, I think you’re good there. I’d just keep trying different things in different places and enjoy the ride.  One thing I’m almost certain of is that still fishing isn’t fishing unless you’re catching one every few minutes.
  21. Be careful, there are places where the channel is narrow and full of logs. I’ve gotten myself in a pickle more than once.
  22. I've been enjoying the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNO71hgto7c
  23. Yep, what Gavin says. On river with a lot of frog water and in really hot weather we’d fish only the heads and tails of pools. Sometimes in the middle of long slow stretches you’ll find a shallow bar that will get the current moving and create eddies.
  24. Some very nice fish, keep the upside down pictures coming 😀
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