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  1. I’m sorry, one of the most dangerous rivers in America takes another life. My thoughts go to his family and friends.
  2. A coworker (mid 50s) got it several months ago, spent two weeks in the hospital, part of that time on a ventilator. At this point he has difficulty walking from one end of his house to the other, its likely he be permanently disabled. A friend (mid 30s) also got it back in the spring time. He felt horrible, tested positive. The nurse told him they could not admit him to the hospital unless “he is ready to die” (a paraphrased quote). A couple of days later he felt like we was ready to die, he was admitted, spent one day in a ventilator and went home. He is fully recovered. What you and I
  3. Mr and Mrs Skink alway put on a good show in our burb garage, especially during matting season. I’ve live in a few neighborhoods where I never seen anything more interesting than a cockroach, I always figured the lack of wildlife was a relic of the toxic past because there was plenty of habitats. We recently moved to the country, we’ve started a life list for the new home. So far everything we’re seen has been pretty interesting but I’m sure we’ll have our share PIA critters.
  4. Those are some very nice fish.
  5. Glad you made it to safely, truth be known I’ve had my fair share of close calls, most were of my own making.
  6. Good going, I have a lot of fond memories of that part of the river.
  7. The boat in the picture looks beat up, maybe the hull was rebuilt and in just needs a paint job. I never thought old river boats had much value, heck you can find one in every other backyard in Baxter and Marion Counties. For what is worth it looks like a Gay Rorie hull, it probably has a lot of life left in it.
  8. The Susquehenna River has been on my list for a long time, but if I had to share the boat or the river with those dudes, I’m out.
  9. If you really want to see how stupid television and really all media is, turn it off for a few years. When you go back you’ll be astonished by the banality.
  10. Years ago the guy who ran Wildcat Shoals resort use to watch for the stocking truck and quickly run is boat across the river to scatter the fish before the bait fishers would show up. The raft is a great idea.
  11. “drove away to another creek...….confused and bewildered” It was the right thing to do. People are strange, avoid them at all cost.
  12. Been that way since the days you could still see the long wood boats.
  13. Greasy B

    Whatchya Drinking?

    More like beer all day long, dinner then a nightcap or three.
  14. Greasy B

    Whatchya Drinking?

    Bud heavy before dinner, Makers Mark after. It won’t be long, we’ll be on that gravel bar.
  15. 20 years ago bro and I were at Rim Shoals Camp, we enjoyed a great steak dinner and turned in early, in the morning we went fishing. We’ve both been through a lot since then, but we haven’t changed much. Yesterday we played golf, we’ll have our steak dinner this afternoon.
  16. Greasy B


    Wrap them in bacon?
  17. Great fish, you earned her.
  18. Greasy B


    When I was a kid fishing for cats at Spanish Lake some older women showed me her secret bait, raw hamburger and Limburger Cheese, rancid meat and cheese that smells like 💩. Best bait I ever used. If sonny’s Dip or triple S smells anything like my old bait it’s a winner.
  19. The hybrid is beautiful. Yesterday the bass were in inches of water at the golf course, you could have picked them off with a bug.
  20. "I'd like to shoot the pinhead who allowed them to escape and the politicians that said it was okay to raise them" -Al Agnew, I couldn't agree more, in my view this was criminal, no punishment is harsh enough. I imagine their spread will follow the pattern of other invasive species, a boom in population followed by some equilibrium. We can only hope the equilibrium resembles what existed prior to their arrival.
  21. I couldn’t agree more but, every now and then..... Yankee Jim Canyon yesterday and Slough Creek today. I don’t keep a bucket list, no sense in dreaming of a trip so extravagant that I’ll never be able to do it, It’s more of a short list / long list of practical trips. The short list is a repeat the all things I love, overnighters on the Gasconade, Bluegill fishing in southern Illinois and the Bull Shoals tailwater. The long list is pretty doable: Red Fish in Louisiana, salmon and Steelhead in Michigan, Red Breast and Coppernose in North Carolina.
  22. You get extra points for catching them on a Block Head Popper.
  23. And the northern gills the way they bite. They make me want to keep my grease warm at night.
  24. Incredible fish, they look like Coppernose.
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