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    Greasy B reacted to dave potts in Boats You Miss   
    I'm starting to miss my 1983 Charger 747 XLT.  I bought it slightly used in 1986 and used it every year up till last year when I decided to get rid of it.  Getting old and with a lot of lower back problems I was getting a little leery trying to launch it and getting it back on the trailer not to mention falling out of it.  It had a 115hp Merc on it and I had very few problems  problems with it over the years.  Here's a couple of pictures of it taken only a couple years before I sold it.

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    Greasy B reacted to MNtransplant in Bass were biting   
    Made it down for a quick 2 hour outing. Committed to throwing a jerkbait for 90% of the time. Caught a white, a pretty spot, and a little smallie all on the silver shadow rap. 
    Noticed a bunch of small baitfish in the shallows and decided it was time for a bucktail jig..about 3 casts later scored the big fish of the day...a chunk smallie 
    I've probably caught 3 to 1 warm water species thus far in 2020...maybe the trout are more discerning or maybe they're more focused on scuds up near the dam...tough to know.

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    Greasy B reacted to Devan S. in Blue Ribbon Trout Slam Quest   
    Well today I finished the Blue Ribbon Slam....its been fun. A lot of exploring and gave me reason to check out places I wouldn't have otherwise. 
    Back in late June we floated Eleven Point....Caught our trout, caught a chain pickerel, checked out turner, checked our Greer. Neat place but is a long drive from Cassville and makes for a long day. Will camp next time.
    Floated NFOW today and it was a good day. Caught striper or hybrid, caught my one trout and some smallies. Again its a long haul and not a good way to get there......86 to 160 is a long curvy ride even for people who grew up here.  

    Both these streams fished completely different to me then the other 7. Although the ability to target more species made them a lot more fun and interesting. Plus we got to break out the canoes/kayaks. 
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    Greasy B reacted to Devan S. in Blue Ribbon Trout Slam Quest   
    Day 4 June 13- Day 3 was miserable and did not go as planned. In fact other than Crane/Mill, none had gone as quick/easy as we thought they would. I was behind by 2 streams. I had been given a pass that we could stay the overnight if it was needed. Plan was to hit Spring Creek first to get my buddy to Silver, then since we were in the area I would try to finish off Little Piney. Barren Fork was in the plan but we agreed we would re-consider after Spring/Little Piney. USGS told me Little Piney was lower than last time. Our stretch goal was to get down to NFOW or 11 pt. and try to get one of them early Sunday morning. We knew they were high but with zero first hand knowledge we thought maybe we could find somewhere to luck into fish. 

    Wheels up at 3am to arrive at Spring around 7:30am. Head down CR6410 to a forestry service road. Head downstream....Immediately find a deeper run into a brush pile. I like this. RIght after the brush pile the river turns....deep run against a bluff and finishes in a deep hole. Awesome. Water is a little dirty. Awesome. First cast...break off my wooley in the trees. Not Awesome. Go to tie on and realize I forgot my fly box in the car. Not Awesome. Still have my box of jigs. Toss on a heavy one. Grey/Red. First cast and strip and see the flash and rod doubles over. Fish on. 

    I am really happy with this fish. It played out like I wanted. Feels good to call your shot more or less. Buddy comes up. I said let this hole calm back down. He fishes through with a wooley. Switches to a bright pink San Juan and basically pulls off the exact same drift and again boom. Fish on. His fish jumped probably 5 or 6 times several feet out of the water and was basically the same size as mine. 

    Off to Little Piney by 8:30am......Thinking the water is lower and I liked the run below the 63 bridge we go there first. Throw a jig a few times...nothing. Then fish start hitting on top. Tossed out a small midge and immediately have my Little Piney done.
    It happened so fast I threw back and caught another on my second cast. Gave my rod over to my buddy and he caught one too all cookie cutter fish. Just like that we're off. 
    Barren Fork-The plan here was to start at the lower end and work up to the little waterfall and catch one fish and bail. Unfortunately the water was lower than last time, and we didn't see any fish working up to the water fall. Pull out the map and find a low water bridge. Fish the deep hole behind it....nothing. @Johnsfolly had posted about a hike into the middle section where he caught a good fish so even though it was 1 pm we decided to try. We parked off the side of the road near the bottom of the middle section and bailed off the hillside. I am glad I brought along tennis shoes and jeans for this. Got to the bottom and immediately saw fish and much better habitat. First deep hole at the bottom of a run and I was done with Barren Fork. 
    Low water bridge

    Walking down the road


    Honestly it happened so fast we didn't want to hike back up and out. So we fished another 20 or so minutes and my buddy caught a fish and got his picture so he didn't have to blame me anymore for not having a picture of a Barren Fork fish. Note-This hike out is straight up hill. We managed to find an old 4 wheeler trail which eliminated a lot of bush wacking but its still rough. 

    At this point, were both tied at Silver and headed to the 11 pt. far sooner than expected. 

    Eleven Point- We arrive at Greer Crossing with a lot of excitement. Current, NFOW, and 11pt. have been on our list of streams to float so we're doing some recon. We find immediately the water is high(we knew going in it was higher than normal). We had hoped we could find a gravel bar we could maybe fish a couple hundred yards but we couldn't find anything. Didn't take long for us to bail on 11 pt. and NFOW. We will come back later during lower water and probably float the Blue Ribbon sections. 
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    Greasy B reacted to ColdWaterFshr in Boats You Miss   
    Yes, a paddle wheel with a belt going to a Briggs &stratton.  Big river genius 
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    Greasy B reacted to ColdWaterFshr in Boats You Miss   
    Loved this boat.  Wouldn't get you there fast, but it would get you there in style.  Had a certain Mark Twain quality about it.

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    Greasy B reacted to dan hufferd in Somewhere on Spring river   
    Sunday afternoon near Carthage Mo.

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    Greasy B reacted to Gavin in Torrential rain and I’m stupid   
    Dave, Ozark waters flood allot. My fishing friends from MI are always amazed to see home appliances stuck in tree tops. A “Big Flood” on the Au Sable or Manistee is a 1-2’ rise. Lots of flat land & sand up there. We fish narrow river valleys surrounded by limestone & granite. The gravel is just a leftover from the clear cut lumber industry of a bygone age.
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    Greasy B got a reaction from Terrierman in Torrential rain and I’m stupid   
    Glad you made it to safely, truth be known I’ve had my fair share of close calls, most were of my own making. 
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    Greasy B got a reaction from semble in Weekend trip   
    Good going, I have a lot of fond memories of that part of the river. 
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    Greasy B reacted to Cameron Gillespie in Lower Strawberry River Trip Report   
    Looks like a nice trip. I tried up at Peebles Bluff a few weeks back and caught a lot of little smallmouth and lost a real nice one. I figured out that a jet boat really wasn’t ideal for that stretch of river, but I didn’t do too much damage. 

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    Greasy B reacted to netboy in Hopper season is starting... 7/26   
    I launched at Wildcat this morning and ran to some protected water and then put the waders on. There were some fish rising to small mayflies so I tied on a size 18 parachute Adams. I had 6 or 7 takes and landed 3 rainbows and a decent cuttie. Then I noticed a big splash close to the shoreline so I switched to a size 10 green foam hopper since I saw quite a few small green hoppers yesterday when I mowed the yard. Second cast and I hooked the brown in the first and second pictures. A while later I hooked the rainbow in the last picture. I missed a few more takes on the hopper and then I didn't see anything rising so I switched to a Y2K/midge combo under an indicator and caught quite a few rainbows.  
    Glad to see the fish starting to look for hoppers as that is one of my favorite ways to fish. 

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    Greasy B reacted to semble in Weekend trip   
    We had a great trip. Put in further up river than the original plan. Water was a little muddy and there were plenty of long slow pools. Caught plenty of fish, had a good night camping and my buddy caught a 18.5" largemouth on his birthday for a new PB. Wish I could have gotten a pic of his fish but, hearing him hootin' and hollerin' from over 200 yds away was pretty cool.

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    Greasy B reacted to bferg in Best Northern Smallmouth Fisheries   
    I appreciate Ike's enthusiasm and it's good to see pro's who look like they still enjoy and get excited about fishing...  But I'm with you- would rather appreciate that from a distance.  
    Those guides up there run some tricky jet boats though!  That would be a fun part of that trip.  
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    Greasy B got a reaction from Bushbeater in Best Northern Smallmouth Fisheries   
    The Susquehenna River has been on my list for a long time, but if I had to share the boat or the river with those dudes, I’m out. 
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    Greasy B reacted to Johnsfolly in Ham and Folly Multi-species Current River Trip - July 2020   
    A four year reprise of where it started.
    At 7:30 am on July 10th, I met up with @Ham again at the Eminence boat ramp on the Jacks Fork river. It had been nearly four years since we first met and fished this area. Again this time I had come down from Columbia and Ham up from Flippin to see what we could catch. We did discuss our targets for the day.
    Trip Goals:
    Catch 15 different fish species between the two of us.
    Catch a total of 3 new lifelist species between the two of us.
    Catch 5 new fish for our annual species total
    Catch 50 total fish for Waldo
    The first catching happened right at the boat ramp on the Jack Fork. We both had micro gear and were casting to the schools of bleeding shiners, chubs, stonerollers, etc. Ham was fishing a microjig with a tandem fly and I was fishing a #22 with a piece of worm. Ham caught the first fish of the day, a bleeding shiner, then another. Then bigeye and striped shiners.

    it would make life so much easier if fish realized that we just want a photo and we will let them go soon after that, but they sometimes just don't cooperate.

    So Ham is getting the species total and numbers going while I'm still sitting on zero. Had my chances, but lost a couple. Then I finally got on the board with a longear sunfish.

    Then a couple of bleeding shiners. Ham had moved upstream to the other ramp. As I was heading his way a bunch of darters caught my eye. Had to stop and try for them since I have not seen many in MD and have not caught one in 2020. Played with them and caught two. Ham also caught this guy and I had to play my role as COD - Crusher of Dreams and id'ed it as a rainbow darter.

    Still a new species for the year for both of us and another on the board. We had to pull ourselves away from the Jacks Fork and head to the Two River access on the Current. I had tow primary lifer targets in mind for this trip, a current darter and skipjack herring. I would obsess about the skipjack, but more on that later.
    We pulled into a large side pool and tried for pickerel, shadow bass, and smallies. We threw some jerkbaits for pickerel with no success. Ham caught shadows and smallies in this hole.

    I caught my first smallmouth bass of the year on an olive Rapala X-Rap that I was throwing for the pickerel. Only about 7 to 8 inches in length, but it will "click" . I followed that up with my first shadow bass of the year as well caught on a 1/8 oz Tri-olive Zig Jig.

    At the head of the pool Ham had a skipjack follow his jig as he was winding it in. I put on a small silver spoon and the quest began. I got it to follow once, but no bites. Tried many casts for another but none showed up. This will become a recurring theme throughout the day. We moved spots and ran up the Jacks Fork. Could see many new fish, but caught a couple more smallmouth and shadow bass drifting back downstream. Then onto the next spot and the next. In one of the big pools that we fished, the drum would taunt Ham. I have caught a drum this year so I was more focused on what fish were around the logs and root wads in the pool, like whitetail shiners. I caught a shadow bass but could not get the shiners to play. The drum were frustrating Ham as well. Ham will have to correct me, but I thought that we caught the first bluegill of the day in that hole. After that hole we went further downstream. Caught a few striped shiners and more bluegill in a woody creek coming into the river. My first striped shiner in that area hit the X-rap that I was using again for pickerel! We moved on to fish along a bank with boulders and rock to look for sculpin. Saw a logperch, but not for long. Ham caught the first green sunfish of the trip and had a drum go towards his jig. After that he was targeting the drum while I was focused on the darters amongst the rocks. Again mostly rainbows, but there was one greenside darter that I just could not keep a bait in front of while the boat was moving in the water. Ham did the impossible and finally hooked and we landed the first drum on a jig!
    He came back to try for the greenside darter, but no success. We tried a little creek to look for current darters. Again lots of bleeding shiners and other micros. I actually saw a 5 inch rainbow trout and had it bite my microgear but missed getting a hookset. Ham caught a northern studfish and I caught a blackspotted topminnow to continue to add to the species totals for the day.

    I went up into the creek and saw a groups o minnow with orange tinted fins. They looked like bluntnose minnows to me. They were spooky, but I did get one to bite and got it in the bag for photos.

    The blackspot at the tail as well as the lateral stripe led me to believe that this was a bluntnose minnow, but it just didn't look right. I ultimately ended up looking over a few different species and again none really looked like this fish. I contacted a friend and he responded that he believes that this fish is a common hybrid in that area with a parental lineage of an Ozark minnow and hornyhead chub. Not sure how those seemingly different species would be able to hybridize, but this fish does have characters of both of those species. So who knows. We did count it as a different "species" for the day. I called Ham over to try for these fish as well, but the few that I had seen had left the area. Then the darters from hell showed up. We just got into a bunch of greenside darters including a couple of males in breeding colors. Ham has not caught one before and he did most of the fishing for them. Many just would not play or were in positions where you couldn't get a bait to easily enough to get a bite. So nothing there either .
    We went to a few more spots and creeks, but never did really find any current darters. I had my chances at a few skipjacks. I had one bite a PET No 1 spoon and missed getting it hooked. I tried silver in-line spinners that just didn't go fast enough to trigger a bite. My next possible successful attempt was using a PET spoon tied to the white/gray Zig Jig. One skipjack actually hit both the spoon and the jig on a retrieve and did not get hooked. I never did land one and spent a lot of productive fishing time trying for those guys, which limited Ham's ability to catch more species himself.
    We did have an encounter with Cujo, I mean Emma, which at one point I thought she might have tried to jump into the boat.
    We did stop in one hole just to abuse sunfish for a while. That was fun. All in all it was a good day, albeit quite hot.
    So how did we do on our goals?
    Catch 15 different fish species between the two of us. - we only caught a total of 13
    Bleeding shiner, bigeye shiner, Northern studfish, striped shiner, smallmouth bass, shadow bass, rainbow darter, hybrid minnow, longear sunfish, bluegill sunfish, green sunfish, drum, and blackspotted topminnow -
    Catch a total of 3 new lifelist species between the two of us. - neither of us caught a new lifer
    0 - had chances at greenside darters, the hybrid minnow, and skipjack herring
    Catch 5 new fish in total for our annual species total -
    I caught my first bleeding shiner, striped shiner, blackspotted topminnow, smallmouth bass, shadow bass, and rainbow darter of the year
    Ham caught his first bleeding shiner, rainbow darter, and drum of the year
    Catch 50 total fish for Waldo  -
    In total we caught well over 70 fish on the day.
    It's always a great time getting together with Ham. Can't wait to do it again.

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    Greasy B reacted to snagged in outlet 3 in Alligator in Taney   
    I've caught them in FL.  I had a salt water croc on for a bit Mexico once.  On a fly rod too.  Had a giant croc try to eat a tarpon I had hooked too.  It was at dusk and my wife and daughter were with me.  His jaws were snapping so loud we didn't even know what it was until the guide jabbed with a push pole to keep it away from the boat.  My daughter was 4-5 at the time and climbed me like a tree while screaming.  There's a bar in old town Cancun with them swimming under it eating chicken parts people throw down there.  Or was.  I haven't been over there in years.  They are the lagoons on Cozumel too.  Wet waded and it's a whole new experience when you could eaten.  

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    Greasy B reacted to Tobey in Good wade fishing river access near Fenton   
    Well I ended up running down to Kingston access Saturday morning.  I found it easy enough and got there about 5:50AM.  Pulling into the parking lot there were two old boys that said they fished all night long and didn't catch anything, said the water rose close to 2 feet overnight and it was super murky.  Well this was discouraging information.  I headed down to the river and unfortunately those guys were right with very murky water and the first hole looked deep.  As I started to wade in heading down stream I quickly had water up to my chest, that woke me up!  I then backed out and headed down a trail since I wasn't ready to swim that early in the morning.  I ended up wading down a little further only to come to another deep hole with no way around so turned back and headed up river.  I came across a guy that fishes here often that said he's been fishing since 4AM without a bite and he confirmed the high murky water was the issue and he told me he was heading to Plattin creek.  I waded up river the rest of the morning casting variety of baits until I hit a broken up low water bridge without a single bite.  At the bridge I ran into a family setting up canopy and chairs for a day of swimming and he told me how he could see some big bass in the same spot yesterday and that the water wasn't even coming over the bridge once again confirming I just picked a bad day to go.  From that point I headed back down river and came across 3 more fishermen wading upstream tight lining worms without any luck either.  About this time it was 11AM so packed up and headed home, it was getting hot and the swimmers were filling the banks.  Even though the fishing was pour I'm looking forward to going back when the water is clear and normal level.  It is a very nice looking river and I look forward to going back.  
    Since I just got this new rod I was determined to catch something so I headed down to Plattin creek Sunday morning after talking to the guy at Kingston that told me it's been decent there.  I fished this creek probably 20 years ago so I was somewhat familiar with it and it's only a 35 minute drive.  I got there about 5:30AM right when it started getting light.  I tied on a big chartreuse popper and started throwing into the fast current and boom 4 cast in a landed about a 10" smallie!  Well this already tops yesterday!  About 10 minutes later in the same pool I caught the big boy pictured below.  I didn't have a tape measure or scale but I'm guessing he weighed around 2 to 2 1/2 lbs???  Anyway this made my day and I didn't care if I caught anything else.  Well I ended up wading up and down the stream until about 11AM catching fish all morning.  I caught 4 smallmouth total, a couple rock bass, and a ton of bluegill/sunfish but surprisingly no largemouth or spotted bass.  The bass bite really turned off by about 8:30AM and the rest of the morning was just playing around with the panfish.  All and all it was a good time and I got to catch some fish on my new fly rod that worked awesome by the way!  I'm hoping to try either Kingston again next weekend or maybe Castor river but I need to figure out where to look so I can check the water levels before I go.  It was kind of disappointing Saturday morning to see the water up so high.

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    Greasy B reacted to Johnsfolly in Last Dance in Kansas - July 2020   
    So I has been more than a week since I have been back in Maryland. Been a bachelor all this time, but with work, handling the garden, chickens, laundry, and feeding myself I have not put efforts in larger posts. I wanted to talk about the last fishing trip in Kansas with my daughter Livie. We ended up where I had started this fishing trip back at the plunge pool. After see the bass in the pool on the last trip and the drum that I caught, Livie wanted to fish for bass to start the day. I rigged up an extra wide worm hook and a fluke in baby bass color. I gave her a quick primer on how to fish the bait. On the first cast she got bit but pulled the hook on the hook set. I told her to let them swim with a bit more. Next cast and she caught her first bass of the trip.

    She caught two more on the fluke then let dad take over. Not having too much chance when fishing micros, I gave this 13 inch largemouth a little long arm deal !

    We switched out the fluke for a texas rigged green pumpkin Berkley worm. Livie caught two more and dad caught another as well as a big green sunfish.

    My goal was to try for some darters and a possible madtom or two. While I was doing that Livie wanted to go for an orangespotted sunfish. The pool was blocked by a small rock dam and foamy on the surface. We opened up the dam and the foam quickly went down stream giving Livie a clear view of any orangespotted sunfish. She spotted one near where I caught mine on the last trip. As I was telling her to be careful to not catch one of the many other sunfish, she was landing the orangespotted sunfish on her first cast .

    After showing up dad, she had fun with the other sunfish like this longear sunfish.

    I was frustrated at the darters that would hit the bait once and then spooked off. I only saw five or so darters in the creek. Just couldn't get it done. I also had a madtom spook that wanted nothing to do with the bait. I did find a madtom to play and landed what I had hoped to be a new species. It was a cool catch but was a slender madtom that I have caught before.

    Done with the micros, we headed down to the pool that I had caught my drum on the last trip. We could see several big carp as well as a drum or two as we snuck to the pool.

    we tied on an olive/black marabou 1/16 oz jig and tipped it with a little redworm. Livie was having a tough time getting her cast into the sweet spot in the pool. So I showed her where to cast and how to retrieve the bait. As it was coming in a big drum inhaled the bait and I handed her the rod to fight the drum. She did a great job and landed this big drum from a small pool.

    She got that fish released and fished from the bottom of the pool. With more comfort that she would not tangle in brush above her she made some casts into the pool. I went back to get the other rod and she hooked up and was fighting a nice carp as I got back to her.

    Not long after she released this fish, a thunderstorm came in quickly and we got back to the vehicle before the deluge was upon us. We had a great time fishing Kansas and hope to get back that way again while my son is stationed out that way.
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    Greasy B reacted to netboy in Cotter access 7-15   
    Well since there aren't many reports on here lately, I guess I'll put one up...
    I launched the boat at Cotter ramp and ran up to a side channel that has a big coon tail weed bed where sulphurs have been hatching. Put the waders on and there were a few fish coming up but they were few and far between. I caught 3 on a sulphur dry fly and then switched to a Y2K and ruby midge combo and started to do better. I caught quite a few rainbows, lost a really nice golden rainbow and then caught this long but skinny brown on the midge. Still decent fishing but the flows are coming up more each day.
    It was 22" but looks like it hasn't had a decent meal in quite some time.

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    Greasy B reacted to fishinwrench in 25hp Johnson jet   
    I remember those boats on the White back in the day, and almost every one of them had a 6-8 hp short shaft prop motor on it.   They didn't want a 9.9+ because the 9.9 and above had enough torque to bust the propshaft/driveshaft and gears.   The little 6hp's could just bang and grind up through the rocks without tearing themselves up too bad.   
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    Greasy B reacted to tangledup in An interesting evening on the trout stream   
    Tonight was quite an interesting experience on the trout stream. I hadn't hit the small stream near the house in a few weeks and found myself with a rare evening to myself so I decided to spend a couple hours flailing my line around in the air. I found that I had really missed that exciting feeling of my fly getting tangled in low-hanging limbs because I forgot to glance over my shoulder. Plus, I heard about the concept of a sliding dry-dropper rig recently and was itching to give it a try. 
    Due to the lack of rain I knew the stream would be low and clear so I tried a new section of stream that, based on the Google machine, looked like it might have some deeper holes. It took me a couple attempts but I managed to put together the sliding dropper rig and it actually seemed to work. At least while it was sitting on the tailgate of my truck. I should say the third attempt at tying it worked. The first two attempts resembled a spider's web if the spider had consumed a pint of my favorite Ozark mountain white lightening before attempting to spin said web. Rod in hand I set off down the trail in search of some of the deeper pools. In about half a mile I found exactly what I was looking for: a nice deep, wide pool with several decent sized trout spread out across the head of the pool, darting back and forth as they fed. The problem was I was at the top of a 30 foot bank and the pool was at the bottom of the bank. I walked up and down the stream a hundred yards in each direction but could not find a good place to make it down the bank. Not one to be deterred by the challenge of a little rough terrain I started down the steep bank. (Did I mention it was steep?  Like, almost straight up and down) About two thirds of the way down I got hung up on a grape vine and very quickly finished my descent, skillfully stopping just before I ended up in the water. As I came to rest at the bottom of the bank I heard the dreaded "snap" that makes the heart of every angler drop. I rolled off of my rod, fully expecting to see the end of it dangling from the fly line. Luckily it was just a small stick that broke under the weight of my graceful landing. 
    Needless to say all the fish had sought cover from the giant cannonball careening down the cliff so I walked up to the next pool. A few small trout were feeding in this pool so I made a few casts with no success. I tested the adjustability of the dry-dropper rig and was very pleased with how easily I could adjust it anywhere from 18" to 36" from my dry fly. I started with a Chubby Chernobyl and BH pheasant tail but didn't get any interest in them at all. I fished two more pools with this set up and didn't get so much as a look. I tried a couple other nymphs and still didn't have any luck so I finally switched to my super secret, never fails me fly. I moved up around the next bend and found a perfect pool with several feeding trout and enough room to cast that even I couldn't get tangled. On my first cast in this pool I had a nice little rainbow actually take a swipe at the dry and miss! I was so excited as I have yet to actually land a fish on a dry fly. 
    When I moved into the pool I noticed a small feeder stream, more of a runoff really, coming into the head of the pool. I managed to get my flies just at the mouth of that stream and they hadn't drifted more than two feet when the Chubby suddenly darted under the water. Fish on! As soon as the Chubby darted under another trout smashed it. Doubles!!! I've had doubles before when bass fishing small rivers and streams but never with a fly rod. Of all the days to leave the GoPro at home. The fish that hit the dry fly managed to shake itself loose so I didn't actually land the double but it was still an awesome experience. and although the trout that took the wor.....errrr.....other fly, was no trophy, I had to snap a picture of him just to commemorate the experience. From that point on it was like someone had flipped a switch. I caught half a dozen more fish in the next hour, although none were more than 12". The coolest part was I could move from hole to hole and quickly adjust the depth of my wor.....errr....bottom fly, to match the water depth. 
    In the last pool I fished I let my line pull tight at the end of the drift to flip it up to the head of the pool again. When I did, I felt an odd resistance and the line came out of the water about three feet and fell back in with a plop. I figured I had messed something up, or got hung in a weed or something so I tried again and the same thing happened. I pulled my line in and found I had snagged a crawdad! Got him right in the tail. He was a feisty bugger and didn't like me taking the hook out of his tail, but I finally managed to rescue him and set him free after holding him in the water and properly reviving him.
    By this point it was starting to get dark and I was on the wrong side of the creek (with my truck being on the other side) so I started to look for a place to cross. I found a nice shallow spot with what looked to be a nice smooth bottom and struck out across the creek. I took three steps before the bottom of the earth fell away and I felt myself being sucked down into the abyss. Apparently in the waning hours of daylight silt can look just like a nice hard rock bottom. I grew up wading and fishing small streams and have probably walked from Kansas City to St. Louis several times with the miles I've logged wading streams. I have never encountered mud or silt this deep. Without exaggeration it was over both my knees. By the time I managed to get turned around and headed back to the bank I had sunk to mid-thigh and was wondering what my wife would spend the life insurance money on. 
    I finally made it to solid ground and found my way back to the trail, just in time to run into a couple out for an evening stroll. I know I looked like something from a horror movie with mud caked everywhere and weeds hanging out of my beard and hair and the poor girl's saucer sized eyes made me aware that I might have alarmed them a little. As I trudged by them, one sandal on and the other flopping around on my foot like a wet noodle due to a broken strap (it fell victim to the suction of the mud bog), I just muttered, "Don't go down there" and walked back to my truck. 
    It was definitely an outing to remember, but I still loved (almost) every minute of it. 

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    Greasy B reacted to Seth in Flamm City Fish ID   
    This pike was caught about a month ago below Bagnell. That's the first I have heard of them coming from the Osage, but apparently a few guys I fish bass tourneys against have encountered a few on the Osage over the years as well.

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    Greasy B got a reaction from Terrierman in Ranger Trout Boat 20', Great condition $500.00   
    The boat in the picture looks beat up, maybe the hull was rebuilt and in just needs a paint job. I never thought old river boats had much value, heck you can find one in every other backyard in Baxter and Marion Counties. For what is worth it looks like a Gay Rorie hull, it probably has a lot of life left in it.
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    Greasy B got a reaction from snagged in outlet 3 in Ranger Trout Boat 20', Great condition $500.00   
    The boat in the picture looks beat up, maybe the hull was rebuilt and in just needs a paint job. I never thought old river boats had much value, heck you can find one in every other backyard in Baxter and Marion Counties. For what is worth it looks like a Gay Rorie hull, it probably has a lot of life left in it.
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