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  1. Terre Due Lak Lakes

    Does anyone know anything about the lakes at Terre Due Lac lakes development? Just curious.
  2. Fear Not

    Thanks for the video Quillback, made my day.
  3. Cats out of the bag. Here it goes.

    This is great stuff. There isn't another place around that you can get this type of info on bass fishing on the Rock. This site is awesome. I learn something every time I come on this forum. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  4. Dave I'm interested in buying some of your Ned Rig jig heads.  What do you suggest?  Sizes, colors etc.  And how would I pay you for them.  I've been laid up for a couple of years, and I cant wait to try them.  We fish the same area, Schooner Creek.  I have a place at Schooner Bay Landing.  Let me now what you think I should start out with and how to pay you.  E-mail is drs75580@gmail .com.

  5. private message

    can you still send a private message of the Table Rock Forum site? i'd like to order some ned rig heads from Dave, but I can't figure out how to do it.
  6. Phil, I tried to get on the fish structure map by the MDC, my access was denied.  Are you aware of this.

  7. Dingy Water

    Quillback, sorry about the late response on "hows , the knee replacement". Been having a lot of doctors visits lately. A knee replacement is no fun. A year and a half later and I'm still not right. Just recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's. Knee surgeon thinks the recent Parkinson's may have complicated my recovery. I've had the Champion out several times, but not been able to fish. Goin down to the Rock next week, we'll see how it goes. May even try the Ned Rig.
  8. Dingy Water

    Whats up with dingy water on the Rock. We haven't been to the lake since March. The lake was dingy then to. A knee replacement has kept me closer to home lately. I'M not used to seeing the water in this condition. We have a place in the Kimberling City area. Dingy water all around. Is it just so much rain and weather, or is it something else. Maybe its nothing, I don't know. If you have an opinion let me know. I'm guessing it will clear up, I hope.
  9. Winkiedoodles Redux-13 Report For Wednesday

    Great video!!!!!!!
  10. D, don"t care for the OAF.
  11. Mountain Lion / Cougar Sighting?

    Why would you set your "deer cam" , trail camera, up, to shoot through all that brush?
  12. Our Smallmouth Video From This Summer...

    I'm not having a good day. Sore back. Watched your video, feel a lot better, THANKS.
  13. Another Boys Ranch Runaway !

    where is this boys ranch in Lampe?
  14. Captain Bill Babler

    I had a day on the lake with Bill Babler a couple years ago. Had a great time, learned a lot. I need to do it again, soon.
  15. Ulrich Marine

    Ulrich Marine is the place to go. I had a pontoon and a bass boat almost totally distroyed in the last tornado that hit the TR area. The insurance company gave me a choice, total them or fix them. I called Fred at Ulrich Marine. He picked them up out of the lake and fixed them. I'm very satified with his work. As a matter of fact, Fred called me this afternoon, just to saw hello. I guess I'm a pretty good customer.

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