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  1. Upgraded boat

    What was Elvis doing in your boat?
  2. Twenty years ago a brick skidder could make $60,000 per year loading brick off the kiln cars onto shipping pallets at A.P. Green. Back breaking work but great pay.
  3. On Monday at 9:00 PM on the Outdoor Channel there is going to be a one hour preview showing of the museum. Morris is showing it to George W Bush, Jimmy Carter and some other dignitaries. Should be an interesting program.
  4. Where to buy Interstate batteries

    Plus one on the Exides from Menard's. I had a starter one on my bass boat that lasted six years. It was still fully charged but I went ahead and replaced it as I was leery that it would last much longer. Menard's runs 11% off sales pretty often also. I did get a bad one from them once (wouldn't hold a charge after six months) but they replaced it no questions asked.
  5. Here I go again

    Glenn, I haven't forgotten about a trip to Bennett we talked about earlier but I've been a bit inactive lately due to lower back problems. Maybe we can catch a warm day in the upcoming C&R season. We are headed to Florida in mid November but maybe we can catch a day in Dec or Jan. Dave
  6. Well I called about the boat and found that it belonged to the woman's deceased husband. I asked if it was a Serenity boat and she said no, that her husband had the boat painted red and had a professional apply the Serenity decal as he was a recovering alcoholic. Go figure. Said she wanted $1200 for it. She thought the "professional" paint job and decal added to the value. Told her I'm still drinking so would pass on it. Well, I didn't really tell her that but felt like it.
  7. Anybody ever heard of this brand aluminum jon boat? I can't find anything on the web about them but recently came across a used 12 foot one for sale. It was a red boat on a decent trailer and looked to be in good shape. Kind of leery as I have never heard of the brand. I noticed the drain plug screwed into the bottom of the boat rather than the transom which seemed kind of odd. Thanks
  8. Hopper bite is heating up on Taneycomo

    You got pink grasshoppers down there Phil?

    I have another story on him Wrench. One time when I was at Bennett I stoped in and talked to Bob Gaston for awhile. When Bob learned that I had worked at A.P. Green he asked me if I had known Kramer. I said I had heard the name but didn't really know him. Bob asked me what he did there and I told him he worked down in the plant somewhere. Bob said that Kramer had told everybody down there that he was Green's main clay finder as he could go out to a farm and sort of "smell" where the clay deposits were. I guess we didn't really need all those geologists we had on the payroll after all.

    Wrench, Was Frank Kramer the same guy as Harold Kramer? I've heard a lot of stories about Harold Kramer at Bennett. I went into Larry's one time and asked for some Golden Nugget Glo Bug yarn and he said you must know Harold Kramer and his famous "Horse Choker Fly". When he retired from A.P. Green he moved to Bennett and apparently developed quite a reputation for his fishing prowess.

    I think they finally gave up on that Wrench. Everybody just ignored it. They eventually even took the signs down. Years ago there were "no alcohol permitted in state parks" signs all over the parking lots.
  12. I am Old! remember these!

    I've still got a lot of that stuff. The old Mitchell 408's and 409's were great reels and easy to take apart and clean and re-lube. I've a couple of each along with the 300 and a couple of Cardinals. I also have an old Fenwick rod like Al mentioned. Pistol grip and Carboloy guides. I remember when you would get "all your fishing stuff" at the local hardware store and when I would be in there with my mother she would always warn be to stay away from those hooks-heck she had be convinced they would jump out and hook me.
  13. Camping at Mark Twain?

    There are numerous camping sites near the state park at Buzzard Roost.. Also lots of camping at the Corps camping grounds near Ray Behrens put-in.
  14. Stream Condition

    I was thinking of stopping by for a little fishing the middle of next week on the way back from NW Arkansas and was wondering how the stream was after all the recent rain.

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