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  1. When I go through Lebanon on my way to Arkansas I sometimes stop at the newspaper office (they print it) and pick up a copy. Its on the corner of Commercial and Hiway 5.
  2. It was probably "Trout Talk". It's still published by the local newspaper and can be picked up at several places for free. You can also subscribe by mail. It's published monthly during the regular season. Typically ran around 8 to 10 pages. Used to be an interesting read but has kind of gone downhill (in my opinion) in recent years.
  3. I used to have a jon boat that I kept in a slip at a clay pit lake. One day I decided if one of those would clean the dried pond scum off of it. Took it right off. Had to use several pads but they worked beautifully. Been using it on cork rod handles for years. Wonder how they would do on dirty fly lines? Anybody ever try them?
  4. I'm starting to miss my 1983 Charger 747 XLT. I bought it slightly used in 1986 and used it every year up till last year when I decided to get rid of it. Getting old and with a lot of lower back problems I was getting a little leery trying to launch it and getting it back on the trailer not to mention falling out of it. It had a 115hp Merc on it and I had very few problems problems with it over the years. Here's a couple of pictures of it taken only a couple years before I sold it.
  5. I heard the Russians were behind the attack and were wanting ten million dollars to get their data back.
  6. My guess is that it will push it very fast but probably not in the direction you want to go.
  7. If the crappie are on the banks (and they should be next week) it will still be crowded. I can almost guarantee you it will be muddy. Rain is forecast for the next week or so. See southforkresort.org for up to date info on the lake conditions.
  8. I'd go used, especially given the current bad economy. I imagine there are, and will be, a lot of good buys. In 1986 I bought a 3 year old Charger bass boat and got it for 40% less than it sold for new. I used it every year for 34 years and had very little problems with it. It had the old 115 Mercury on it. New boats are like new cars-they depreciate like crazy in the first year or two.
  9. check out southforkresort.org. Click on blog for Ron's reports.
  10. I imagine all the state parks will be closed before long. We have bigger fish to deal with right now. No pun intended.
  11. It appears to be closed. Check Southforkresort.org for info. Ron keeps up to date on his blog part of his website. Apparently all Corps facilities are shut down and it looks like the state ramps will be soon. Ron says they are in the process of installing gates at the Route U and 107 ramp areas. The other state ramps already have gates. Who knows how long but we are in a very serious situation with this virus and people need to take it more seriously. Way too many people aren't.
  12. Wrench, what was the shipping cost on the rod? Where was it shipped from-the States or directly from China?
  13. Wrench, Are you talking about that rod for $38.99? I just looked at it and can't see how they sell it at that price. The grip and seat would cost that much. How is the action on it? They claim slow but one of the reviewers said it was more of a medium-fast.
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