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  1. dave potts

    Never knew it was here!?!?

    I agree with Wrench. I live in Mexico and have fished it for some 30 years now. A better crappie than bass lake. I still enjoy going but don't expect great fishing on any trip. See link to South Fork Resort's post. Ron's blog is good for up to date conditions and action. Note a recent bass tournament produced some pretty pathetic catches and these are guys that generally know and fish the like pretty well. It can get high and muddy after heavy rains. Can't get link to work. Just google southforkresort.
  2. I'm not sure what meds you are on but you should first talk to your Dr. about the side effects you are having. He may be able to switch you to something else that will work for you but have less bothersome side effects. Just a thought.
  3. That's a fantastic video you made. Very well done. I bet the instructions that came with the original kit, which were no doubt translated from Chinese ,could drive a man to suicide.
  4. dave potts

    Reel seat repair

    I wasn't sure what kind of rod he was referring to. I agree the best way to fit any reel seat is to slide it down from the top to tighten onto the taper of the rod. However a loose fly rod reel seat can be fixed like I described above. Flyrod reel seats are generally oversized so the blank area where it ends up at is shimmed with tape or cork. A casting or spinning rod couldn't be fixed this way.
  5. dave potts

    Reel seat repair

    Are you talking about a fly rod? If so that is probably an easy fix. Most reel seats are attached using a thermoplastic epoxy. Simply hold the rod vertically and dip the reel seat into a pan of very hot (but not boiling hot) water. This should loosen the whole reel seat enough to twist and slide it off. Then buy a new reel seat and epoxy it on being careful to properly line up the slot where the reel foot goes so it aligns with the rod guides. In fact, if it's not damaged you good probably re-attach the reel seat that was on it. Dave
  6. dave potts

    Summer fishing at Mark Twain

    Follow southforkresort for info on MTL. Ron posts updates on his blog and people post comments with timely info.
  7. dave potts

    Tonight at the Vise: Share Your Creations

    Where do you get those popper bodies?
  8. Wrench, does that also apply to the 1983 115 HP Merc motors? That's what I've got on my Charger Bass Boat and I have always been a bit concerned about getting parts if I need them. If I ever hit a log and needed a new lower unit what would be the odds of getting one from a salvage yard?
  9. dave potts

    FVP Marine Batteries

    Thanks Wrench. I was wondering if that may have been the case.
  10. I'm in the market for a couple of new trolling motor batteries for my bass boat. I went to Menards in Columbia to see if they still sold Exide batteries which I had been using and had good luck with. I noticed they no longer sold Exide brand and now sell FVP brand. I've never heard of this brand. Anyone ever heard of or used them? If so, how were they?
  11. dave potts

    Upgraded boat

    What was Elvis doing in your boat?
  12. Twenty years ago a brick skidder could make $60,000 per year loading brick off the kiln cars onto shipping pallets at A.P. Green. Back breaking work but great pay.
  13. On Monday at 9:00 PM on the Outdoor Channel there is going to be a one hour preview showing of the museum. Morris is showing it to George W Bush, Jimmy Carter and some other dignitaries. Should be an interesting program.
  14. dave potts

    Where to buy Interstate batteries

    Plus one on the Exides from Menard's. I had a starter one on my bass boat that lasted six years. It was still fully charged but I went ahead and replaced it as I was leery that it would last much longer. Menard's runs 11% off sales pretty often also. I did get a bad one from them once (wouldn't hold a charge after six months) but they replaced it no questions asked.

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