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  1. Wow, didn't realize it's been that long ago. Time flies. I remember in the early days you practically had the whole place to yourself especially if the weather was on the nasty side.
  2. I've gone to your site, created an account and logged in but all I get are headings (like Bennett Spring) with some empty boxes under the headings. How do I get the content of the boxes to show up? Thanks, Dave
  3. dave potts

    Scud Pattern

    Is that mono or wire hanging off the back in the first picture? I assume you use that to "segment" it after applying the dubbing?
  4. Well, that sounds interesting. What are the details?
  5. Check out South Fork Resort's web site for latest info. Lake is 15 feet high right now, very muddy and full of trash. Fishing sucks. You might want to go somewhere else for now.
  6. For good up to info on Mark Twain check out the South Fork Resort web site and click on blogs. Ron and Mary do a great job on posting conditions and they also have nice cabins etc for staying. PM me if you can't find their site
  7. Sorry to hear that. I chatted with Larry often. I had not seen him for quite some time but didn't know he was in bad health. He was always a very nice guy.
  8. Even without the beer, that had to be one fantastic fishing trip.
  9. Was that property owned by Larry Peace? I thought it was owned by the DNR. It was streamside parking before they built the cabins (which flood in about every heavy rain). Wonder if Peace leased the land to the DNR when it was just a parking area.
  10. How true. Reminds me of a patent law course I took many years ago when I was still working. One of the lawyers teaching the course said "we might not be the best lawyers you can hire but we are good enough to keep it in litigation till the other side runs out of money"
  11. That was Harold Kramer I think. He worked in the plant and moved to Bennett after he retired. I remember going into Larry's shop one day and asked if he had any Golden Nugget yarn. He said I bet you are from Mexico and want to tie up some of Kramer's " Horsechoker Flies" Larry said someone named them that because they were so big they'd choke a horse. However, my favorite story on him was when Bob Gaston asked me one day where I was from and when I told him Mexico,MO he asked me if I ever knew Harold as he was from there too. I said I worked at Green's too but didn't know him. He said Harold told everyone down here that he was Green's "clay man" as he could sniff out clay deposits on any piece of land. I told Bob I guess I can go back to work Monday and tell upper management we wasted our money on funding all the prospecting department and drilling rigs. Apparently, old Harold was a heck of a good fisherman but a pretty good BS'er too. Actually that's a pretty prevalent combination.
  12. That time period sounds about right. My son that I took (mentioned above) was born in 1976 so that trip we took was probably in the mid 80's and they still were only getting small crowds then. As I recall you could fish both zones 1 and 2 but not 3 in the early years. I don't remember being zone 1 only.
  13. I remember in the early days of the C&R season you practically had the place to yourself. It's worse than a summer weekend now especially if the weather is halfway decent. Anybody remember when the winter C&R started? I can remember by younger son and I going when he was quite young and he is now 42.
  14. Wrench, How often would you recommend changing the lower unit oil on a two stroke outboard? I would suppose it would somewhat depend on time and hours of running time.
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