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  1. And all the time... God is good.
  2. Thank you! This 11-yr-old is interested in the same career!
  3. Wrench, I love the way you describe this, but we should go fishing sometime and talk!
  4. Prairie Creek this afternoon... A handful of bait balls and 65 degrees. Only a handful of Kentuckys made it on board.
  5. 1969Larson


    Love that smallie picture with the hook-up in the background!!! Nice job!!
  6. I use the "universal sonar" transducer that's built-in to the Ulterra up front - works well, but it's sonar only. DI and SI at the helm from a separate transducer on the transom. I guess you could always clamp one onto it.
  7. My Ulterra came with a puck that is not GPS, but rather a magnetic compass. It connects to the trolling motor via Bluetooth and is used for boat orientation not position. Working like a champ!
  8. Loving my brand new Ulterra. Holds a spot perfectly in wind and the spot lock jog feature is awesome.
  9. I will say that we ran all over the lake today and saw quite a few of these boats and had no issues. They were respectful and nowhere near wide open. I've had bass boats pass me going way faster and way closer and the wake from any wakeboard boat or some of the houseboats on the lake is much more dangerous. That said, I'm pretty sure I would be bored if I was driving one of those around Beaver. Hey Posers, wait on buying the boat until you can afford the house in Miami that should go with it!
  10. http://www.bassmaster.com/blog/nice-striped-bass "Table Rock Lake Striped Bass" There goes the neighborhood?
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