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  1. Sprint21fter

    9-23-18 Cape Fair

    The joys of fall fishing! Might get a few bites all day and they could all come from a different part of the water column.
  2. Sprint21fter


    Same kind of deal at the dam today for me. My big bite jumped off on a blade but was the brown kind! Mixed bag of largemouth and brownies. Only caught 2 smallmouth on the jig but we're both keepers.
  3. Sprint21fter

    double trivecta

    About 8 years ago in the year end fish out that is out of 39bridge. The Stark boys brought in a 5 fish limit that weighed 27lbs and change. All the same size 5.5 lbers. 2nd was 20 with a 7.5 lber for big fish. The conditions were very similar to what we had a few days ago with cloud cover and low pressure.
  4. Sprint21fter

    Big one that didn't get away

    Bet that made the ticker jump a few beats!
  5. Sprint21fter

    fish kill

    I saw a few in the Campbell Pt area and a couple of Walleye in the KC area.
  6. Sprint21fter

    Joe Bass Today

    It's tough on us derby guys. There were lots of complaining at the dock which is typical. One big bite separated the top guys from the rest. I mixed in some deep stuff with the spoon and got no love doing that. I know second place was running shallow stuff and deep stuff. It's all timing right now. I had a few pockets where they came up schooling and threw a spook in on one and nothing, swam a spoon threw another and nothing. It's just like Babler said it's just like September fishing.
  7. Sprint21fter

    Joe Bass Today

    Not sure how many boats maybe 50. I was boat 34 and there were several behind me today. Good luck.
  8. Sprint21fter

    Joe Bass Today

    Decided to fish the Joe Bass tournament today. Gambeled on chasing wolf packs of bass eating Bream. It didn't work out to well. Execution was perfect. Had 8 bites caught all of them. Only brought 3 keepers to the scales. Caught those 3 in one Creek arm early. Checked it again in the afternoon and all the bait and bream had pulled out. Weighed almost 8 lbs. There were 2 6 lbers weighed in for big fish. 15lbs was the top 2 bags.
  9. Sprint21fter

    Table Rock Lake Fishing Report 7-16-18

    Fished KC area today had to really hunt around to find the bait. Once we did caught a few. 8 good keepers with afew small fish mixed in. They were buched up more today. Reeling one in they would have multiple buddies with them. Hit 30 places and 5 had bait and fish on them. WT upper 80's visibility 7-10 feet. Depth 35-45 today. Moved out a smidge.
  10. Sprint21fter

    Night Outing- Big Indian

    Fished a benefit tournament for a Berryville man having open heart surgery. Great turnout, close to 50 boats. 4 fish limit. It was tough on everyone. I believe top stringer was barely 10 lbs. 5.20 was big fish. We only had 3 for a smidge over 9lbs. Couldn't find the 4th keeper. Had a great time for a great cause. I will leave the poor fish alone for a couple weeks since I will be on vacation. Stay cool guys and keep catching them.
  11. Sprint21fter

    the bite is just flat on

    Fished mid lake with my dad last night from 7-12. Ended with 8 keepers. Jigs and a big ole worm caught em. We were deeper fishing drops and cedar trees. 35-50. Casting into 25 bringing it out the bite would come as the bait was gliding down the drop. WT 89 at 7 87.5 when we pulled out.
  12. Sprint21fter

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    I have dreams of days like that!
  13. Sprint21fter

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    Hunter 91, were you planning on culling the 5.75??Great catch!!😁
  14. Sprint21fter

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    Here's another Walleye for the dinner table. Be safe the pleasure crowd was busy today.
  15. Sprint21fter

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    Diddo for the bite lasting for such a long time. Been since Memorial weekend that I figured my pattern out. Fished til 11:30 today. They were chewing early then a long lull before they bit again. Easily had 17lbs boated and had another big one jump off. 1 big walleye. Depth 30-42ft. If no bait present no fish period! Was nice to have cooler temps today.

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