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  1. Sprint21fter

    Shot my personal best deer.

    "Booner" those are hard to come by. Great Deer!
  2. Sprint21fter

    Shell Knob Sunday

    Sounds good to me.
  3. Sprint21fter

    Toyota tourney writeup

    Its not just here in this area. Our club fished in their State Tournament on Dardenelle. 10lbs a day made the top 10 team to advance to the regionals.
  4. Sprint21fter

    Toyota tourney writeup

    Didn't take much either to crack a check. As champ eluded too about fall fishing 10lbs won several hundreds of dollars!
  5. Sprint21fter

    Big M area 10/23

    Fall turnover/transition! Give it another good cold front and wind to mix it up It will be good again. Plus the tournament pressure from the last couple weeks gets them educated.
  6. Sprint21fter

    Webb Outdoors Championship

    Yes! Had 15mph winds on Saturday. They still bit on Sunday with a little ripple but its a early morning low light deal. They are up shallow at night and move out once the sun gets over the horizon. Babler had mentioned that McClelland had been catching good smallmouth shallow on the crawler early but once the sun got above the trees it was done. With the clouds we had over the weekend it would last til 9:30.
  7. Sprint21fter

    Webb Outdoors Championship

    If you looked at map trails on my GPS it looked like a bowl of spaghetti! My plan was to have a mixed bag of smallmouth and largemouth. Smallmouth are biting unreal during lowlight hours that lasts til 9 with good cover like we had over the weekend. Smallmouth are intrguing to me, if it's sunny/windy they will tear the paint off a blade right now. If it's cloudy I couldn't get them to come up for one, you had to bang/drag something in their face.
  8. Sprint21fter

    Webb Outdoors Championship

    Finished 8th over the weekend. Pattern: Crankin and topwaters just off the main lake. Dam-CowCreek. Consistent morning bite on the cranker: wart/rk crawler. Be careful the small mouth are mean and eating it. Don't let them take the rod from you or break you off, set the drag and wear em down. Had a limit the 1st day for 11.35 by 930. One was a plopper bite. 2nd day 1st bite ended up being my limit fish that sky rocketed out of the water 3ft right in front of the boat only to throw it back at me. Weights dropped for everyone today. Biggest bag on day 1, 18lbs. Day 2 big bag was 11lbs. Fall fishing is hear lots of options shallow or deep. Everyone have great week. Wt: since last Sunday have dropped 10 degrees. 79 then to 68-69 at the dam.
  9. Sprint21fter

    Pond to the East

    Bull Shoals is scary good! Alot of people are missing the boat on this!
  10. Sprint21fter


    9 times out of 10 if you are around a smallmouth he stays fairly aggressive.
  11. Sprint21fter

    9-23-18 Cape Fair

    The joys of fall fishing! Might get a few bites all day and they could all come from a different part of the water column.
  12. Sprint21fter


    Same kind of deal at the dam today for me. My big bite jumped off on a blade but was the brown kind! Mixed bag of largemouth and brownies. Only caught 2 smallmouth on the jig but we're both keepers.
  13. Sprint21fter

    double trivecta

    About 8 years ago in the year end fish out that is out of 39bridge. The Stark boys brought in a 5 fish limit that weighed 27lbs and change. All the same size 5.5 lbers. 2nd was 20 with a 7.5 lber for big fish. The conditions were very similar to what we had a few days ago with cloud cover and low pressure.
  14. Sprint21fter

    Big one that didn't get away

    Bet that made the ticker jump a few beats!
  15. Sprint21fter

    fish kill

    I saw a few in the Campbell Pt area and a couple of Walleye in the KC area.

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