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  1. I have 2 7 inch garmins that have live scope. Buying 2 units for the price of one 10inch was a no brainier. You can see everything perfectly for a 7inch screen. Your money goes into the live scope system if you want it mounted on the trolling motor or not. $1500. I know a bunch of people have it on a separate pole and mount it on the side of the boat. Garmins are user friendly and the quality of the picture for the livescope compared to lowrance is unmatched.
  2. Awesome Job Sir!
  3. Put in at Big Indian at first light today, caught 2 solid keepers on a jerkbait at 8:15 in consecutive casts. Should have went home after that. Ended w 5 bites all day! Tried to force feed em a big blade in the colored water but that didn't happen. My boy did catch his first jerkbait fish today. I know Fisherman caught a good bag mixing it up today. Good luck everyone. Stay safe. Wt: 49-54.
  4. IMHOP, with all the technology that's on boats these days it opens up more opportunities for several nuggets for us mudholers in shallow water. Everyone is looking for the mother load out in the obyss. Thanks everyone. I'm going Fishing somewhere this weekend. Heck w/ the Covid-19! Everyone stay safe too😂
  5. It was a great weekend on Bull Shoals this past weekend. After having a great practice on jerkbait, I made adjustments during the tournament to catch bigger fish and they moved shallow. WT's were colder during the tournament 46.5-47. Caught my better fish in 1-3 feet of water slow rolling a spinnerbait. I would catch a solid limit cranking a red Rock crawler at the mouthes of spawning pockets on transitions and secondary points. Then took advantage of the rain run off hitting as many back ends of small main-lake pockets rather running major Creek pockets like most of the field was running. Finished 3rd! 2 day total: 32.43. Congrats to Jim Lovan!
  6. I have on Lake Fork! Also ran "water dogs" big salamanders. Caught some big ones doing it with a guide. We would work areas first with artificals and if we didn't pick much up out the live bait came and catching would commence.
  7. Me and the boy went Saturday afternoon out of Big Indian worked our way up towards Campbell Point caught 3. All keepers cranking. 1 a solid 4lbs, 2 chunky spots. Had 5 bites total. 1 really rattled the crank but no hookup, and another push bite then nothing. All on flatter banks as well. Wt: 45.
  8. You have to find them first! Ole Carolina rig and Crankbait. Staples for offshore structure fishing. Add in timing.
  9. Winter Bass series the same year there was 30lbs brought in and several mid to upper 20lb bags. But they were 6 fish limits. Still it was amazing what the lake had in it.
  10. Good luck fellas in the next few derbies if Blevins is around I bet money he is in top 3. Unbelievable what the dude catches during the pre-spawn.
  11. Mega Bag was brought in today 24.12lbs won our derby today. 6.68 was big fish. Yours truly only caught 2 keepers today. Fought the moss cranking. Caught 8 fish all Kentucky's. Weights fell after the big bag. 13 lbs was 2nd and 3rd.
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