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  1. Don't remind me Mr. Babler. Shotgun has been loaded since she was born! We had a great time she turned 6 yesterday. Big Brother starting to be hand at catching fish and guiding. He helps sister with casting and talks her through each cast.
  2. Went camping with the family Sun-Wed. After talking with Fishrman about his cranking deal I put the thinking cap on and found other flat areas to crank. It was fun. 10 keepers each trip 4 hrs early and 4 hours at night. Caught all three species also which was a treat. Nothing big, a few 3 lbers, several 2 1/4-2/5 lbers. Wt upper 80's. Did spoon some docks but it wasn't going up there. Lots of bait out in open water flipping around.
  3. Spoon bite has been starting to go too!
  4. Ploppers don't catch fish up herešŸ˜‰Nice catch.
  5. I would follow it up with a wacky work but didn't have any luck doing it.
  6. Fished the Webb tournament this weekend against top competition in the region. Ended the 1st day in 10th with 12.84. Only had 5 keepers bites. Day 2, boated 6 keepers, had 2 other keepers come out from some lay downs only to push my topwaters not eat it, that would have bumped me into the check line. Weighed a run of the mill 10lbs. Finished in 21st. Had a great time competing. Congrats to Aaron Hodge on the win. I Weighed 3 fish each day deep with spoons and 2 with topwaters shallow. Good luck everyone.
  7. The Berkley ones wake right out of the pack. Not much rolling action. But they are good to go right out of the pack. Alot more user friendly.
  8. Fish Bull yesterday threw nothing but a swim jig all day. Them fish are hungry and aggressive. Stayed in 8ft or less. Caught 30 plus fish with 15keepers. 10 we're blacks. Saw McClelland at Tucker fishing.
  9. Record breaking days already! Until they head north and fish smallmouth waters its a tip of the cap to how many fish live in the lake.
  10. They give them running time before the clock starts.
  11. Caught 11 lbs like alot of the field yesterday. Several short fish, alot of short strikes, and several followers guarding beds and fry that would have helped. Caught everything on topwaters. Would throw floating worms and wacky rigs at the followers but never connected any of them. Looks to be a second wave of fish moving in. A couple if six lbers were weighed in. Wt: 63-65. Fished midlake.
  12. Fish up here never eat a black buzzbait! Great Trip.
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