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  1. Sprint21fter

    Eagle rock

    What, no big ones today? I was going to go but had a birthday party to go to that I forgot about.
  2. Sprint21fter

    Lots of boats over the weekend

    He has a top 10 in a Costa event on LOZ in the fall flipping docks with jigs and Shakey heads. He fished all 3 qualifers to fish the championship at Table Rock that year. I think he cashed 2 out 3 tournaments. He can catch them other ways besides the A-RIG. For the most part, the really good fisherman that have been successful pre-aRig to now are still winning. Example: Fann Brothers, Mr. Wenners, Scott Boaz, Tim Sherrill,Josh Busby, Eric Hammond. all these guys have logged time on the water and use their instincts to make adjustments.
  3. Sprint21fter

    Eagle rock

  4. Sprint21fter

    Lots of boats over the weekend

    No it didn't Eric Angler. I am like you it is amazing to me I fish against him in events on Table Rock and Bull Shoals Club tournaments. I feel great when I come in with a certain amount of weight only to be humbled and gladly take 2nd or 3rd place. He has the "it" factor for catching the bigger sized fish when everyone else is catching nice fish. They call him little "VanDam" for a reason.
  5. Sprint21fter

    Lots of boats over the weekend

    Blevins, is an unbelievable fisherman on any Ozark Lake. He is able to get on the water alot. That's the key. He can breakdown what the lake is doing, run it and figure which areas the bigger fish are biting better. I know if your fishing against him and he beats you like he has the last several years, people get irritated and accuse him of cheating which is totally false. If he decides to take the jump and go "full time" on the tour he will have a great career. He has had some very good tutors when he was starting out but applies it what works best for him.
  6. Sprint21fter


    The rivers will be on fire once things stabilize.
  7. Sprint21fter

    Baxter- Deep Bite

    Baxter area seemed more stable, it appeared the shad were still deep at the mouthes of the creeks. I was hoping to find the shad had moved shallow like that but they haven't done it where I fished yesterday. I really thought about the little rig but didn't throw it none.
  8. Sprint21fter

    Baxter- Deep Bite

  9. Sprint21fter

    Baxter- Deep Bite

    Today was a typical post front blue bird calm day. Perfect for deep fishing which I can do but I don't do much. It worked out today! Spoon= 20 fish 6 keeper football spots. Spots were stuffed full of shad 2-3 inches long. A-RIG=3 fish 2 keepers. Shallower on the rig 35ft sitting 15ft down. Only Largemouth was a 3 1/4 on the rig. Depth 70-80 ft deep, fish were above the shad in 60-50ft. Fished from 730-400. Caught all fish 8:30 - 10:30am. It was a head scratcher after that.
  10. Sprint21fter

    Tagged largemouth in Kim City area

    I caught one with a transmitter/tracking antenna embedded in front of the anal hole. Had a 2 inch cable hanging out of it. Thought it was Interesting!
  11. Sprint21fter

    Shell Knob

    Enjoyed it today. Nice not competing against each other like we do in the club tournaments.
  12. Met Fishrman at Shell Knob mid morning to what we both believed to be "slug fest" conditions for Jerkbaitin and Cranking. First stop was Fisherman's and it was on as quick as it started it stopped. Boated 4 largemouth w/ 3 nice keepers 2 in the 3 lb range. 1 Jerkbaitin, 2 A-RIG. Started running the pattern and wind on certain banks and that quickly came to a halt. Caught a couple shorts on A-RIG, Fishrman had a solid fish on the JerkbAit pull off then shortly after hooked a Butterball Kentucky that belched shad all the way to the boat to come off at the boat. Worked our way into the Kings to see if they were willing to bite the RK, caught 3 short Kentucky's but we could tell that they didn't want anything banging on the bottom. Moved up the river another bend and Fishrman stuck a solid 3 lber on a Jerkbait. That was it on that stretch. Decided to run back towards SK and finish out the day, caught 2 more non keepers cranking. Finished off our limit 1/2 way back into a pocket on the A-RIG with a nice 3 lber. Wt 47-48. Everyone have a happy New year!
  13. Sprint21fter

    Christmas Eve Shell Knob

  14. Sprint21fter

    Kings River 12/22

    Correct BB!
  15. Sprint21fter

    Kings River 12/22

    Mudline started to mix just before you make the bend into Deer Bluff. Quill, it was an awesome day for first day of winter. Lots of boats out from what I saw they were all flinging the A-RIG.

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