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  1. Finished 13th out of 100 boats today. When we weighed in we were sitting in 2nd. Then the A-Rig bags came in hard and heavy. 8.20 was big fish. 23 lbs won. Caught all fish on RK or Jerkbaitin. 14 keepers total. It's a great problem trying to cull 3 lbers. They are starting to move up. Wt: 48-49.
  2. Might be the highest weight until they go north for smallmouth. We have tons of 1 lbers. Live coverage might be sketchy with the cell phone reception in some places on the lake. Hopefully there's good topwater action.
  3. Finally found some fish that would eat something other than an A-RIG. Took awhile for them get going but the sun helped pull em up just enough to nip a Jerkbait. From 12-330 we had 6 good bites. I talked to Fisherman before they started biting for me and he was working on a good bag up the river. These fish are fat and healthy. With the right conditions these big girls are sliding up getting warm. It's gonna take 5 of these to do good in the next several tournaments that are coming up. Wt: 43-44. Good luck guys.
  4. Fishrman and I met at Shell Knob temps was a balmy 24 degrees. After a brief unloading "brain fart" (left one of the trailer straps hooked up) my fault! We were off and running. Found several areas where the shad were balled up and setting high in the water column and spinning off not dying but struggling. Found one area where the fish were active had 7-10 bites boated 4. Tried traditional tactics first spoons, Jerkbaitin, jigs, need no bites. Pulled the A-RIG out and we got bit. That was early and we should have went home to some warm soup and fire. Wt: my gauge is off a degree or 2 stayed at 40-41 all day.
  5. Back to Back, still getting it done!
  6. Bull has been on fire! for a few weeks now. Not just on the "stupid rig". Crankbait and jerkbait.
  7. Bo, you have a six minute penalty for landing violation!😅
  8. Fished there today in a club tournament, It was slow for us. Take a number at the intake, we caught ours on C-Rigs. Some fish had spawned alot of empty beds. Fish we caught hadn't dropped any eggs. Big fish was just shy of 7lbs.
  9. I know those custom paint jobs aren't cheap. Awesome looking bait, I choose not to buy them at the rates they ask for.
  10. Brown and Purple are a match made for Table Rock Bass. I would pay $10 for it.
  11. Look up Arkansas BASS nation. Local club NW Arkansas Bassmasters.
  12. What, no big ones today? I was going to go but had a birthday party to go to that I forgot about.
  13. He has a top 10 in a Costa event on LOZ in the fall flipping docks with jigs and Shakey heads. He fished all 3 qualifers to fish the championship at Table Rock that year. I think he cashed 2 out 3 tournaments. He can catch them other ways besides the A-RIG. For the most part, the really good fisherman that have been successful pre-aRig to now are still winning. Example: Fann Brothers, Mr. Wenners, Scott Boaz, Tim Sherrill,Josh Busby, Eric Hammond. all these guys have logged time on the water and use their instincts to make adjustments.
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