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  1. FLW Costa

    Wonder who will have more weight? Co-Angler is doing work! 31 pounds behind the pro. Always interesting on Table Rock.
  2. Texas Trip Advice

    If not getting a guide fish mustang and little mustang bays. Not sure the HWY but you can fish from the bank where the hwy crosses.
  3. Brand New to Forum - Never caught over 3-lbs at The Rock

    That area of the lake produces some big stringers throughout the year. Keep plugging away and you will find success.
  4. Big Bass Lure In The KVD Tournament?

    I threw the A-RIG 80% of the time and caught 30 plus fish with a 3.19 for my big fish that got bumped out later in the weigh in. Had a great time with my wife looking forward to next year. Congrats to the winners.
  5. Dam Area 3/18

    Grind baby grind! Cranked and spinnerbait up Long Creek and Yocum. Caught 15, 5 keepers for 10lbs. It was the table Rock slam! 15 lbs was 1st, 14.25 was second. 5.25 was big fish. Wt: 49-52. Will be fishing the big bass derby this weekend see how it goes. Good Luck to everyone.
  6. Webb Outdoors Tournament 3/3

    Not sure what kind it is buddy that made me a couple spinnerbaits uses them on his blades. It's a full skirt with kicking legs.
  7. Webb Outdoors Tournament 3/3

    I was hoping those creeks would have stayed colored because I didn't think they were going to get fished as much as the rivers. There were some big females pulling into the backs of the creeks with the warm runnoff.
  8. Webb Outdoors Tournament 3/3

    The Pro Series division can use A-RIGS, their elite series doesn't use them.
  9. Webb Outdoors Tournament 3/3

    Found a spinnerbait bait bite in the back of creeks from the rains. However, when I came to my first area it cleared up and the water temp had dropped back into mid 40's. So I ended up making a 30 minute run to some colored water. The 1st 4 hours was unproductive but once sun was high enough and the water temp hit 50 I nabbed my first keeper on the blade. It was dead for another hour. However by 1:30 they started turning on. Ended up with 7 keepers and 1 solid 4lber for my big fish. Ended with 12lbs and barely missed a check. Wt: 49-51 in colored water. Another good warm week and a few warm nights will bust em loose. Lots of fish caught on crankbait and A-RIG. Various depths so pick your poison and good luck.
  10. Kings River 2/18

    Green Forrest Bass Club we don't post anything on line. We have a meeting 1st Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Depot in Green Forrest.
  11. Kings River 2/18

    Club Tournament yesterday had 15 boats. 15lbs won it, 13.5lbs was 2nd, 12 3/4 3rd. Mix of A-rigs, ned rigs, little cranking caught the best bags. I will admit I threw the Arig had 9 bites 2 keepers boated lost 2 nice keepers in tree tops. Had 2 bite tails off. Fished channel bends with boat in 50-60 ft slow rolling it back to boat. Things are changing by the day. Shad and fish are moving up in the water column making a move. Wt 42-44
  12. Sad News

    A couple of days ago fellow member Fishrman experienced the passing of his oldest son. It was unexpected. Please pray for the family at this time.
  13. 2017 MDC Table Rock Fish Survey

    Fish over on Bull Shoals have alot of sores on them as well.
  14. finally caught a few

    I was thinking about pulling out some 1.5inch crappie minnows on 1/8 oz head and letting them flutter around some docks and timber Saturday. Couldn't get a reaction bite on a crankbait at all. Way to go Bo.

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