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  1. Sprint21fter

    Night Outing- Big Indian

    Fished a benefit tournament for a Berryville man having open heart surgery. Great turnout, close to 50 boats. 4 fish limit. It was tough on everyone. I believe top stringer was barely 10 lbs. 5.20 was big fish. We only had 3 for a smidge over 9lbs. Couldn't find the 4th keeper. Had a great time for a great cause. I will leave the poor fish alone for a couple weeks since I will be on vacation. Stay cool guys and keep catching them.
  2. Sprint21fter

    the bite is just flat on

    Fished mid lake with my dad last night from 7-12. Ended with 8 keepers. Jigs and a big ole worm caught em. We were deeper fishing drops and cedar trees. 35-50. Casting into 25 bringing it out the bite would come as the bait was gliding down the drop. WT 89 at 7 87.5 when we pulled out.
  3. Sprint21fter

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    I have dreams of days like that!
  4. Sprint21fter

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    Hunter 91, were you planning on culling the 5.75??Great catch!!😁
  5. Sprint21fter

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    Here's another Walleye for the dinner table. Be safe the pleasure crowd was busy today.
  6. Sprint21fter

    July 7th 2018 Report Table Rock Lake

    Diddo for the bite lasting for such a long time. Been since Memorial weekend that I figured my pattern out. Fished til 11:30 today. They were chewing early then a long lull before they bit again. Easily had 17lbs boated and had another big one jump off. 1 big walleye. Depth 30-42ft. If no bait present no fish period! Was nice to have cooler temps today.
  7. Sprint21fter

    Mid-Lake report: Variety

    Met Fishrman at the ramp this morning. Started running the pattern as in previous posts. Had an all day bite with a mixed bag. Lost count after 25. Had 12-14 keepers. Blacks, spots, and a very impressive meanmouth that Fishrman caught. Boated 3 nice crappie, 1 big white, 1 sub legal walleye. Best 5 would have been close to 14lbs. WT: 83-86 ish. Had to cover alot of spots but would get a couple bites in each place. Have a safe 4 of July everyone.
  8. Sprint21fter

    Variety Variety 2!

    Had another solid day, fished the upper end today running same pattern I have been on. 9 keeper bass plus some shorts. 3 big crappie. WT: 83 in the morning, 85-86 by 12. Pics of 2 biggest bass today.
  9. Sprint21fter

    Variety Variety 2!

  10. Sprint21fter

    Variety Variety 2!

    WT:82.5-85.5. Had to run around alot to find where the most shad was located in order to find keepers just as Bo has eluded too. Still found 8 solid keepers nothing over 3 1/4 pounds. 3 Walters with 2 being keepers, 1 big crappie, 1 big white. Bigger bass from other outings the last month, the lake has been treating me good lately.
  11. Sprint21fter

    Table rock

    Awesome, Eric!
  12. Sprint21fter

    Amazing 2weeks

    These fish are fat and gorging on shad, bluegil, and crawfish. My big fish from both my tournaments have come on a big jig after I work the places over with a spoon or swimbait.
  13. Sprint21fter

    Amazing 2weeks

    Well fellas, it's been an amazing couple weeks of fishing. Won a club tournament and big fish honors and then finished 2nd and won big fish honors in the Webb Tournament last weekend. For the most part anyone catching anything shallow I tip my cap cuz I can't find em up there and I am a die hard bank beater. However, I have been catching them out I mean way out. But they are suspended! Think thermocline and you will find them. Not just bass but everything! Crappie, walleye, and some whites. WT: Mid 80's. Depth 35-85 but remember suspended! Stay cool fellas. Swimbaits and spoons. Occasionally a big jig.
  14. Sprint21fter

    Variety Variety!

    Started at 1st light to some topwaters action Caught 10 3 solid keepers. Once sun was up switched gears to fishing spoons where they came up from the morning and found a bunch of fish but not many bass. Brought dinner home to momma!
  15. Sprint21fter

    Kings River Advice

    Fish docks on flats or pockets there is brush for the crappie and bass hold there year round too.

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