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  1. Winter Bass series the same year there was 30lbs brought in and several mid to upper 20lb bags. But they were 6 fish limits. Still it was amazing what the lake had in it.
  2. Good luck fellas in the next few derbies if Blevins is around I bet money he is in top 3. Unbelievable what the dude catches during the pre-spawn.
  3. Mega Bag was brought in today 24.12lbs won our derby today. 6.68 was big fish. Yours truly only caught 2 keepers today. Fought the moss cranking. Caught 8 fish all Kentucky's. Weights fell after the big bag. 13 lbs was 2nd and 3rd.
  4. No Jig bite in the mud!
  5. Awesome, the new boat will have any angler excited to fish with you. Great catching Sir.
  6. Check out those teeth marks on your thumbs! Great catching! Shallow bite for me has changed extremely since our last club tournament. Must play the conditions to get a good reaction bite. Only mustered 7 bites yesterday, 1 keeper. Fished Christmas Eve 4 bites no keepers. Fish are moving around for sure. Happy New Years.
  7. Fished club tournament yesterday fished the conditions and went to cranking. Caught 8 keepers between me and my partner. Best 5 would have been 15 lbs. Covered endless amounts of water. Lots of fun when the big brown bulldozers show up! Wt: 49-50.
  8. Echoes for the catching, Wednesday was a mix of everything Jigs,cranks,a-rig. 10 keepers. All came off channel swings. Saturday: everything was on cranks, majority of the fish were hooked outside of the mouth on top of the head. Flater stuff w/gravel and on points. When you got bites you would get 2-3 on a point. G-finese gamis stick em. 9 keepers total. Alot of moving around but it was easier to cover water w/wind at your back! Campbell pt- Mouth of white/Kings.
  9. 28lbs won. 16.5 was 28th place. Paid 30 places. 2 day total weight. If you could catch 13lbs both days you would have won a good chunk of money.
  10. Don't scratch that thing in the Cedars, see you Saturday!
  11. Easy Bo, your giving up spots with the lighted background! Nice catching.
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