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  1. Caught 19.33 lbs for 2 days, all I can say is when opportunity knocks open the dang door. Had chances for a good first day bag that would have pushed the lead. When fishing top waters this tends to happen. When you get around one they are very aggressive, had 3 solid bites and reeled into them with good pressure and had them coming to the boat only to pull off they didn't jump off. 2nd day grinded out 10lbs only had 1 big bite only for it to pull off right at the boat. Water color looks like we have had an algae bloom/turnover from Campbell point to Cow Creek. Fall fishing is around the c
  2. Fished our club Tournament Sunday and we sure figured em out!. Caught them from 3ft-45ft. Managed 7 keepers, for 11.88. Good enough for 3rd place. 14 lbs won w/ 4.85 big fish. Was told he caught em on 6lb line out of one shad school looking at his livescope. Only 4 limits were caught out of 14 boats. A couple more weeks and hopefully some of the pleasure boats will leave w/ some going back to school. Good luck everyone.
  3. Fished 545-11 today. Bait everywhere! Had 8 keepers nothing over 3 lbs 15 fish total. All topwater, spooks,poppers buzzbaits.
  4. Fish get educated and with the advances w electronics they still don't say that the fish are biting when you pull up. It's been amazing to see how many fish you are around that don't bite. I'm looking forward to next year using the livescope to help snag spoon bill. No reason to snag in the blind!
  5. 3 weeks before the tournament I fished over there and caught 2 bass all day long!
  6. Club Tournament yesterday out Lead Hill, had 7 bites caught 6 keepers, all on topwaters spook Jr /plopper. 4 limits were caught between 2 clubs w/ 16 boats. I won one club with 12.5 lbs. Other club winner had 13 lbs. Wt: 85-86. Stay hydrated everyone!
  7. Little girl wanted to eat some fish after yesterday, and wanted to keep the smallmouth in our pool! Why do the girls have dad's wrapped around there finger!
  8. Caught 9 fish today, Biggest bit a plopper early. 3 on a spoon, 1 big smallmouth on a 6XD, would gladly take it any tournament day this time of year. 5 keepers.
  9. Caught 9 fish with 5 solid keepers, would gladly take it any tournament day. Easily had 14lbs. Wasn't fast and furious but managed a solid bite every hour. Biggest was caught early on a Plopper. 3 on a spoon, big smallmouth on a 6XD.
  10. I went to Lead Hill on the 3rd, boated 2 bass and 1 Yellow perch. Did catch a good one using the livescope! He was over 60ft of water bit in 25ft. It was fun watching him go up and down and then eat the bait.
  11. Fished KC Friday, had 5 bites boated 2 small fish. Nothing on topwater, 1 on a swim jig, rest were on a spoon.
  12. Buzzbaits early around Bream Beds, 5or 8inch magnum flutter spoons in boat docks, or Big Cranking plugs in River Arms or Secondary points in big Creek arms. Don't leave the ramp without a big football jig or 10inch power worm. 7inch or bigger Swimbait of your choice. Depends on generation activity or lake levels. Conditions always vary on these lakes. If I had to pick, Whopper Plopper 130 on any cover that I come across.
  13. It was a struggle for us Saturday. Caught 8 fish 1 keeper on topwater.
  14. There's been so much pressure on em already since Co-Vid started it's amazing that anything is biting good.
  15. Sure did! Pulling against where she wanted to go! Took a good couple of minutes!
  16. Fought the Gail force winds yesterday and managed a solid bag of fish. Fished a RK & Blade. Caught 12 keepers and a special kicker! In California it wouldn't be a legal catch! Took a swipe at my RK and turned hooked her in the tail! My smile says it all. She is still waiting to go to the bed. 6.09lber. Wt: 59 all day.
  17. Here's my one Bass. Weighed 6.09. If I was in California it wouldn't be legal. Look behind her tail! Caught yesterday in the James River.
  18. Fished from 6:45-2:30 yesterday. Caught 8 keepers fishing in the carousel of the crowd. Would watch certain points after a boat would leave and let it rest a bit and slip up there and catch couple at a time. Saw several people catching fish yesterday too despite the post front conditions. Largemouth keep avoiding me right now. Anyone that's consistently catching them my hats off to you! Wt: 55 all day. One of the prettiest mean mouthes I have caught also.
  19. Fish Fry! Good going.
  20. Thanks guys. He's excited to go fishing. Unlike me though he takes his time and stays relaxed while chasing these fish. Yesterday on the front of the boat where I was it looked like a bomb went off bait's everywhere rods all over. He's just plugging away with 4 rods back there!
  21. It's a privilege to witness this young man develop into his own. He keeps telling me that I need to throw a chatterbait/bladed jig. Well, I did today caught zero fish had some bites but didn't catch anything. He was throwing it beside me with a different retrieve and bingo! I tell him all the time that when you get your own rythem/cadence/feel of a bait it's like fishing a totally different lake. Released to fight another day! Biggest fish had already spawned at least a week or so. Healed up ready to go back to eating.
  22. Fished Baxter too, we had 8 keepers. Jerkbaits/Chatterbait/RK. Biggest was 3 lbs.
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