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  1. Is there any interest in soda (aka pop, aka Coke)? I'd be happy to bring a case of Coke and one of Diet Coke. Or...?
  2. My crazy brother-in-law once cooked up some porcupine. All I remember is that it smelled terrible and that even his dog wouldn't touch it. 🤣
  3. Look again, carefully. It's Breadsley. Subtle attempt to disguise the real location. 😀
  4. Hey Guys, we're looking for a house to rent on or near the lake for March & April 2020. It's mostly just for the two of us and we are mature, retired folks with our party days in the far distant past. 😀 We've been renting a house in the Blue Eye area for the last 6 years but it looks as though that has fallen thru for next year. I've been scouring VRBO and AirBnB without much success and was just hoping maybe one of you might have a lead on a place. I bring a boat so I would need a place to park it with electrical access. I love to fish all over the lake and so have no wish to keep it in a marina. We would prefer the Blue Eye area. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  5. Probably regional. Toothy fish that we disdain up here are the northern pike, aka slimers, aka toothy critters, aka jackfish in Canada, eh. Actually good eating but tiresome as they bite off a lot of tackle. I would never risk a MB jerkbait up here. 😉
  6. Also known as Gravel Lizards or Sand Carp. 😁
  7. One of the FEW benefits of living on the frozen tundra. 😉
  8. Sounds very challenging. I've only done float and wade trips. Just think of the bright side however - no jet fleas or wakeboard boats. 😀
  9. Was just thinking of anyone that might be interested in going there and should've been more clear regarding how shallow and rocky it is. Plus, SM fishing is excellent, LM not so much and there certainly isn't any backwaters or slop bite like there is in the La Crosse area.
  10. That's quite a different experience than the La Crosse area. Many years of C & R regs have produced a quality fishery there for sure but it isn't bass boat territory!
  11. I'd say you hooked more than the fish! Well done, sir. 👍👍
  12. Including today's first two periods, if I understood it correctly, the MLF guys have caught the following: LM 2,800 4,846lbs Spots 2,615 3,804lbs SM 562 1,005lbs Not sure where they got the 12,655 lbs total as I added it up and got 9,655 total lbs. Still, some pretty darn good catchin'!
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