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  1. Cow Creek is useable as long as you don't need the dock. Mill Creek is in very good shape although missing some of the parking spots.
  2. Figured some good news might be nice. From March 27 to April 15. https://mdc.mo.gov/newsroom/mdc-temporarily-waive-fishing-permits-starting-friday
  3. Yes, but you'll need waders to get to the dock if you want to use it, at least as of yesterday. Mill Creek is good. Someone has been keeping the dock moved.
  4. Fished yesterday afternoon from Aunts to Woolly. Water temps mostly 48 in the main channel, some warmer temps in the creeks. I saw dying shad at many of the main channel spots I stopped at although I didn't think it was excessive but then I'm a complete newb when it comes to shad. I did notice lots of gulls diving to the surface to feed. Fishing was very slow for me but then it has been since I got here the first of the month. I guess I'm zigging and the fish are zagging. Question: I thought it was cold water that caused shad kills. Why is there a shad kill happening when the water is warming?
  5. Question about the "You can trailer to another Table Rock launch if you prefer" rule - do we have to be at Eagle Rock for the 6:30 start or can we start wherever?
  6. Thanks for the info. Driving down today and will have to miss my gift opportunity. But I will be more than content with a little sunshine and low-60s temps.
  7. Bill, you're running a Phoenix, right? Which model?
  8. Is there any interest in soda (aka pop, aka Coke)? I'd be happy to bring a case of Coke and one of Diet Coke. Or...?
  9. My crazy brother-in-law once cooked up some porcupine. All I remember is that it smelled terrible and that even his dog wouldn't touch it. 🤣
  10. Look again, carefully. It's Breadsley. Subtle attempt to disguise the real location. 😀
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