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  1. B.A.S.S. Rule Change

  2. Decent bite up the White

    As always, your reports are not only informative, but entertaining as well. Love the FB jig bite.
  3. The need to want

    Sounds like you got yourself in a jam. I can't imagine being boatless for a summer or longer. Good luck.
  4. The need to want

    What are we upgrading to?
  5. Ozark Finesse

    As a father to 3 sons, I must confess a little relief when i caught mine doing same.
  6. Ozark Finesse

    Lol. Line watcher.
  7. Am I on the wrong flipping lake?

    Man, those southern fish sure take their sweet time getting it done. Their yankee cousins are in a much bigger hurry. That flippin bite sounds fun. Love the hookset and fight on a short string.
  8. Couple ways to catch them

    Hooray for the short people!
  9. Accessible Boat Ramp

    Lol. Here for ya bud.
  10. Congratulations Mike! That is a most admirable achievement.
  11. Open Ramps as of May 2,

    There's no fish within 6 miles of that ramp.
  12. A Funny

    Cha Ching!!
  13. Lake access near the dam?

    Old Hwy 86 isn't going to work too well but Cow Creek will. And Donna, the long walk up the hill at Cow Creek has been shortened.
  14. 4/28 DD

    Fished from 11:00 - 5:00 yesterday. A perfect day to be on the lake with heavy overcast and little to no wind (to make me wish I had an Ultrex ). WT 63. Fish depth 6-22'. Caught 23 from 12" - 17 1/2". All smallies and all on the varmint. Had 5 keepers. I am continually amazed at just how hard a 13-14" smallie will pull on a spinning rod let alone a 17 1/2". The head shake of the latter at hookset is worth the price of admission by itself. Heading north Tuesday (dodging snowfalls in the northland) and it will be with a tear in my eye. The fishing has been just phenomenal the last 2 weeks but I'm also going to miss the beauty of this lake. I just can't get enough of fighting a smallmouth up through 15' of incredible aquamarine water. I hope y'all stay dry and have a great rest of the year!
  15. 4/28 DD

    Thanks fellas.
  16. 4/28 DD

    Too bad. I originally thought your trip timing was perfect. But, that was 5' of lake ago.
  17. 4/28 DD

    Thanks. How much longer are you here?
  18. 4/28 DD

    Thanks. Grandson has his first TBF/FLW high school tournament next weekend.
  19. Ultrex vs Xi5 Minn Kota vs MotorGuide GPS Lock

    Vernon, you're killin' me.
  20. Ultrex vs Xi5 Minn Kota vs MotorGuide GPS Lock

    You make a strong case Vernon and i appreciate your response. I fish alone quite a bit and the ability to spot lock while re-tying or tending to a fish is very appealing. I suspect my grandson would appreciate it too as he's about to start with his high school fishing team and grandpa will be his boater. Maybe when the Tour 109 dies...except that it's been trouble-free for 3 years and it's predecessor, a Tour 82 ran for 12 years with no problems other than a bent shaft and I have no idea how that happened (whistling to myself). Lol.
  21. Ultrex vs Xi5 Minn Kota vs MotorGuide GPS Lock

    The Ultrex sounds really good and I'd like to have one but the cost has stopped me cold. I seem to have reached a point in my fishing where I am simply tired of dumping wads of cash into the hobby. Between trolling motors, graphs, and shallow water anchors, not to mention the cost of keeping the boat, motor, batteries, and trailer going, it has gotten to the point where I just don't want to spend it any more. It's probably my age and where I'm at in my fishing. I fish a lot, 90-100 days a year. But more and more, I find myself yearning for a way to simplify, not complicate my fishing. Part of it is my belief in the lack of quality goods these days but also feeling like a tool for spending what they're asking. Plus, buying brand new is certainly no guarantee of a period without problems. And the companies that produce the stuff don't back them up without a fight. And no, I'm not ready for a kayak. Anyone else or is it just me transitioning to the grumpy old man stage? Sorry, rant over.
  22. Ulrich Marine

    Every year when I'm down here, I go there for the 100 hour service interval on my Merc. They are excellent. Sure wish we had a dealer like them up in MN.
  23. Oh well...

    Seen several of those creepy crawlies too. Bout time for this norfer to head north.
  24. Watching Fishing Shows

    Saw this posted on the BBC. Thought some might enjoy it. Brian Regan is one of my favorites and proof you don't have to be vulgar to be funny. https://youtu.be/e-s9dkPUWN0

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