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  1. If you're after SM, especially big fish (who isn't?), take a look at Woman Lake near Longville. Late May (other than the weather) can be very good.
  2. There's some very good river trail info on the MN DNR site. Here's a interactive map that shows accesses, camp sites, etc. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/watertrails/interactive_map/index.html https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/watertrails/index.html Both the Upper Mississippi and Rum rivers are excellent for SM. But, their scenery is not that of the northwoods and the Arrowhead areas. It is more rolling and agriculture in nature. The North Shore is beautiful but I believe it to be more trout country than SM. Other suggestions to check out are the Root and Zumbro rivers in SE MN. This area is Mississippi River bluff country and it is beautiful but in a very different way than the northwoods. The terrain can be rugged, especially closer to the Miss River and it's more of an ag/mature forest mix vs the northwoods which are more pine forest. Feeders to these rivers are most likely trout streams but the rivers themselves are warmer and very good for SM. I wish I could be more specific in recommendations but I have spent very little time stream fishing. There's just too many lakes to explore. Over the years, I have found the folks at the DNR Fisheries Offices to be extremely helpful and a call to one or more of them would be well worth your time. https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/areas/fisheries/index.html For the SE MN rivers, I'd contact the Lanesboro office. For the Rum and Upper Miss, the Little Falls office. I should add that for most, if not all of these rivers, if they've got SM then they more than likely have Walleye.
  3. Yes, they never closed. They have the plexiglass windshield in front of the counter as does Extreme Outdoors. Hoping you just need some oil.
  4. Does it have to be a Missourah bass? 😁
  5. http://www.bassfan.com/news_article/9902/horne-not-forced-to-dig-out-of-hole-this-year#.XqBT5chKhPY
  6. +1. Absolutely perfect Spring day.
  7. Pair of beauties right there!👍
  8. I was last there Apr 5, the level was at 681.17 and I was still able to launch. But, as I was launching by myself, a pair of knee boots came in quite handy. Up to 683.56 this morning.
  9. Fantastic day. Congrats. And I wholeheartedly agree with the title - the only thing better than whacking a bunch of fish is to have someone you care about, in the boat to share in it.
  10. State Sen. Mike Shirkey, a Republican, offered a similar remark, writing, "In Michigan today you can buy weed but not seeds." As of Sunday, a Change.org petition to have Whitmer recalled from office had more than 122,000 signatures. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/pushing-too-far-michigan-governor-criticized-for-aggressive-social-distancing-orders
  11. Extreme Outdoors in Kimberling City has some.
  12. You bring up a good point in that I'm not entirely sure it matters that it's a chatterbait when its worked that slowly on the bottom. The Z-Man Originals that I've been throwing seem to get out of tune rather easily and the blade frequently doesn't activate without the snap of the rod tip. I've played with it trying to re-tune it but can't seem to get the right formula. I suspect that the slow bottom bites I'm getting are more due to the super swimming fluke trailer.
  13. I was fishing it like a jig, letting it fall to the bottom and working it back slowly.
  14. I've been flogging the water to a froth since arriving here March 1st with nothing worthy of a report. However, just being here and trying beats the land of ice and snow every day, all day. Like Basspastor, catching them deep is a summit I'm still looking up at. Thank you for your inspirational post, by the way. Yesterday, I ventured over to the Kings in search of warmer water. It was stained less than I expected given the recent rains, but still had enough floaters for a little pucker factor running down the lake. Table Rock finally granted me a bit of mercy as I blundered into a school of Spots and LMs, catching 20 including 5 keepers. One of them was this "Lil Ol' Meat Pouch" to borrow an epithet from Zona. She went 21 1/2" and tipped the scale at 5.23 lbs. She eagerly lunched a white chatterbait with an Albino Zoom Swimming Super Fluke Jr for a trailer. I remember thinking, this is a big one and wondering if it might not be some other specie as it was pulling so hard. All of the fish came on either the chatterbait or a 4" Keitech Swing Impact on a 1/4 ballhead jig. Water temp was 61.
  15. The PC version of the Navionics web app is pretty good: https://webapp.navionics.com/#boating@10&key=w~h~ExlsyP You can zoom in and out. There's also a smart phone version that'll cost you $10 or so.
  16. On the other side of the peninsula, looking west across the lake towards Little Cow, I haven't seen a single boat all morning. Must be a hot bite in Long Creek.
  17. Congrats on the new rig. Looks like the younguns are "onboard". 😀
  18. Cow Creek is useable as long as you don't need the dock. Mill Creek is in very good shape although missing some of the parking spots.
  19. Figured some good news might be nice. From March 27 to April 15. https://mdc.mo.gov/newsroom/mdc-temporarily-waive-fishing-permits-starting-friday
  20. Yes, but you'll need waders to get to the dock if you want to use it, at least as of yesterday. Mill Creek is good. Someone has been keeping the dock moved.
  21. Fished yesterday afternoon from Aunts to Woolly. Water temps mostly 48 in the main channel, some warmer temps in the creeks. I saw dying shad at many of the main channel spots I stopped at although I didn't think it was excessive but then I'm a complete newb when it comes to shad. I did notice lots of gulls diving to the surface to feed. Fishing was very slow for me but then it has been since I got here the first of the month. I guess I'm zigging and the fish are zagging. Question: I thought it was cold water that caused shad kills. Why is there a shad kill happening when the water is warming?
  22. Question about the "You can trailer to another Table Rock launch if you prefer" rule - do we have to be at Eagle Rock for the 6:30 start or can we start wherever?
  23. Thanks for the info. Driving down today and will have to miss my gift opportunity. But I will be more than content with a little sunshine and low-60s temps.
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