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  1. Depth depends on the flow and the line you take on your drift. In the trophy area it might be 10 to 15 out in the middle, or just 3 or 4 feet going along the edges of the islands or over gravel bars. I usually have one rigged up about 10 feet between the indicator and bottom fly, but as Phil said, sometimes it's more if they are flowing a bunch of water. I also like keep one about 6-8 feet for shallower areas.
  2. Drifting in a boat with a unit or more running, I usually use an egg pattern with some sort of dropper about 18 inches below it. Various color scuds and midge patterns in size 16 to 12 work well depending on conditions. Try different patterns and colors until you find what they like. Sometimes it changes by the hour. Use a strike indicator and enough split shot to keep you ticking the bottom. Also, try to get a good drag free drift without dragging your strike indicator. We also did pretty well on white or peach micro jigs last week.
  3. Spent a couple of days drifting the trophy area. It seemed a little busier than normal up there, I assume due to spring break in surrounding states. I caught a bunch of fish both days, including some pretty nice ones on the 15th. Caught an equal number on egg patterns, Y2Ks, size 14 and 12 gray, tan or sowbug scuds, and white jigs below a float. They really liked a white jig with just a little bit of chartreuse marabou in the tail. Of course I only had 2 of those, which I promptly lost. I'll be tying up some more of those before my next trip. Had a great stay at Lilley's Landing, albeit for wa
  4. Thanks for the input. Obviously, no boat is ideal for all conditions, which leads me to the logical conclusion that I really need two new boats. I think I'll run that by my wife.
  5. I'm considering buying a jet drive boat for use on the White River. Does anyone on the forum have experience with an 18-20 ft. G3 jet or similar boat? I was curious how it handled the shoals on lower flows. If I lived over there, a jet Supreme or Topwater would be a no brainer, but that wouldn't be very practical for me where I live in NE Oklahoma. Thanks.
  6. That catfish thing is weird. I went a couple of weeks ago and it seems like the water keeps getting nastier. I was going to go up as close to the dam as I could to check the clarity up there, but ran out of time. I don't know if the water coming out of the bottom of the lake is off color, or if there is just a bunch of silt built up from the high water awhile back. The fishing was decent, but I sure miss the clearer water.
  7. Started out the day around 9:30 in the Watts area. The water was a little murky, I assume from a pretty good rain the previous evening. Didn't do any good at all there, so I moved up closer to the dam. Ended up with 17, mostly on egg patterns and various midges. Zero surface activity.
  8. According to the Tulsa World they were planning on stocking to resume this week. They said they would put in twice the normal amount of trout to start it out. Evidently water temps are just now getting back down where they need to be, so hopefully things are moving in the right direction. The story said they are still working to resolve the water rights issue.
  9. Hopefully they'll be able to work something out on the flow issue. I'm sure a lot of people will be up in arms when the word gets out a little more. I know I'll be making some phone calls.
  10. Had a tough day on the Lower Illinois. I knew it was going to be bad when I walked down to the river and it was roughly the color of chocolate milk, with no fish rising for as far as the eye could see. fished for about 2.5 hours with a fly rod and caught one fish. I couldn't believe how murky the water was. Hopefully it will clear up this fall.
  11. Awesome report. Those memories will last a lifetime! Have you ever taken your son to Dry Run Creek? I've had some great times taking my boys there. Unfortunately my youngest is about to turn 16, so our trips there are over.
  12. Started fishing Monday morning shortly after they closed the flood gates. I was afraid it would put the fish in a funk, but that was definitely not the case. We caught 110 trout (according to my teenage son, who keeps track of those things) in 3 1/2 days of fishing. We fished from the dam down to Falls Creek, drifting with fly rods. Most were caught on size 10 and 12 scuds rigged below a San Juan worm or egg pattern. Grey, natural possum and light and dark sowbug worked equally well. Maybe a quarter were on the worm or egg. Caught a few on midges as well. We caught 3 browns the first day. The
  13. Sounds like they will be fishing from boats, so I assume larger drifting size flies are in order?
  14. I have all the stuff for the Ned rig, but haven't had the chance to use it yet. That will change next week. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the input. We'll give both of them a try.
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