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  1. thank you very much, that'll be helpful.
  2. I have the website that shows generation but it only seems to be that day. Do they have one that shows predicted generation for several days in advance?
  3. Im jealous. Living in oklahoma I don't get out there very often at all but I sure enjoy reading how its fishing. Post some reports and pictures if you can.
  4. thanks, might have to try to sneak out there one day this week.
  5. I saw on the other post about a consistent 75 cfs flow. Would this be wadeable at that flow? Also I saw that they stocked twice, once on the 16th and another on the 18th. Would these stockings put enough fish in the river for there to be any decent fishing opportunities? Just curious about the river. Thanks
  6. Hey guys, Im coming out there next week fishin and just wondered if anyone has been throwing egg patterns yet. I know the browns should start moving up and staging to spawn pretty soon. Even if egg patterns aren't the fly choice yet lets hear some reports. No specific spots wanted to anything just curious about the whole river.
  7. Hey guys me and a college buddy are headed out that way for fall break and i was just wondering how the fishing has been. I will be fly fishin and hen teaching my buddy and he will spin fish to. thanks and tight lines!
  8. all of these are good, have done really well on a green copper john when nothing else worked. good luck!
  9. Is that big bow on a stringer in that picture??? There is a thing called catch and release
  10. Hey guys, Me and a few buddies are taking full advantage of spring break this next week and headed out to the current. I was just wondering if anyone has fished it recently and how it was looking. Also if yall wouldnt mind letting me know what flies you have been havin good luck with so i can make sure to have plenty of patterns tied up! thanks again.
  11. nice fish, could have been left in the river tho and still put on the wall....
  12. I headed out to the river saturday morning. The water turned off at 9 we started fishing right below the dam as the water level dropped. There were guys picking up fish on spin cast in the flat water but that was about all. We started walking down stream and got to i think around the 3rd parking lot and found a nice little run right about a small fall. Saw some fish rising so we started at it. Around 10 30 the bite really started to pick up and we were catching fish on olive and gray zebra midges. I ended up the day with 24 and my far share of misses. Overall it was a great day on the water
  13. thanks everyone. im glad yall could help.
  14. hey guys, me and a few college friends are planning on coming out to the current for a fly fishing trip before too long. I was looking at missouris out of state licenses costs but i had a question. Does anyone know if they offer like a 3 or 5 day licenses instead of the $43 annual. This would really help. thanks
  15. ya i actually have a good friend (Austin Griffin) who was down there this spring, he is also a biology student at snu. I just want to be able to go to a university where i can have the entire fisheries biology degree not just one semester somewhere. It sounds like a neat program i just dont think its exactly what im looking for. He actually fished that stream alot and i have seen a bunch of pictures of it. it looks pretty cool
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