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  1. I found a couple but they are more than I care to pay at my age. If I were a young guy again I would make a deal. I'll just stick with campgrounds when in the area.
  2. Not in AR... over 300 miles away for now, but i travel often.
  3. I've finally retired after working hard for 48-years... now ready to do some smallmouth fishing. My health won't let me do multi-day float trips anymore, so it will be short day floats in calm water. I heard the Spring river and the Southfork Spring river was calm and had good smallie fishing. Since I'm 300-miles away, I sure don't care to go to the wrong river. Any thoughts on calm waters, wide sit-on-top fishing kayak or kayak fishing guides? THANKS for your help.
  4. It's nothing to me... just passing along what I found on CL. It's a beautiful rig... https://fayar.craigslist.org/bod/d/2005-supreme-lyamaha-25/6767301177.html
  5. How is cell phone coverage on (and near) the White River? Thanks
  6. I think a 20' boat would be great on the White river, but it might be a little long to also use it in lakes, large creeks, and big farm ponds. I have to have just one boat to cover anywhere I want to go fishing. That's why a 16' boat would be more practical for me. If I only used it on the White river, a 20' boat would seem nice. I will rent a 20' boat one day this spring and see how it handles.
  7. I still want to find a 1648 Shawnee... there has to be just one for sale somewhere.
  8. I'll take a 1648 Grizzly... I like aluminum boats too.
  9. Found some lots to check out as soon as I can make the trip. Another simple question... how would a 1648 jon boat handle on the White river? I don't need a 20' boat for one person.
  10. Waterfront lots are way too expensive for what I need. All I want is a small lot to park my RV on when in the area, which may be a week a month to begin with. Country lots are nice, but then there's the problem with power, water and sewage. It's all about $$$$$$$$.
  11. I've been a member of this board since 2010, and have just one question please. If a person could buy a lot near the White river, what town (or county) would you choose to be near some good floating and fishing? I just retired after 49-years of hard work and ready to do some good fishing for a change. Thanks
  12. Looking for a nice trout boat... I prefer a 16' long x 48" bottom boat, if possible. I simply don't need a 20' boat for one person. Please PM me if you know where a good used one is, or have one for sale. Thanks
  13. Thanks guys... I will contact you.
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