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  1. I'm just going to keep what I have for now.
  2. Sure wish it was a 42... when I was a young guy all I had was 36" bottom boats, but no more. I have a galvanized trailer and a motor, but would take a full package too.
  3. I don't go to facebook, thanks anyway.
  4. Ham... I'd buy a 42" but no less. Thanks
  5. Looking for an older model Shawnee trout boat. A 48" bottom would be nice, but I could live with a 42". I'm 500-miles away but will head north to get a good boat. If you see anything for sale..... please PM me. I'm watching Craigslist, but that's the only place I know to find them. THANKS
  6. Since I'm 500 miles away it's kinda hard to ride around and find one. I'll pay you guys a nice tip to help find me one. I prefer a 48 wide, but don't know what year they started making them. I have a friend that does fiberglass work so a fixer upper would work too. Sorry about hijacking the thread.....
  7. Sure wish I could find an older model Shawnee....
  8. Troutguy


    I've worked for 49 years and still working. Go fishing when I can.
  9. Troutguy


    If I leave GA early on the 15th, then I could follow you down river from the 16th thru 20th. J/K I will be trout fishing in NC that week.... maybe the next week.
  10. Troutguy


    I don't understand
  11. Troutguy


    Before I drive 500 miles to fish in the White River for the first time..... is October normally a good month? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  12. I found a couple but they are more than I care to pay at my age. If I were a young guy again I would make a deal. I'll just stick with campgrounds when in the area.
  13. Not in AR... over 300 miles away for now, but i travel often.
  14. I've finally retired after working hard for 48-years... now ready to do some smallmouth fishing. My health won't let me do multi-day float trips anymore, so it will be short day floats in calm water. I heard the Spring river and the Southfork Spring river was calm and had good smallie fishing. Since I'm 300-miles away, I sure don't care to go to the wrong river. Any thoughts on calm waters, wide sit-on-top fishing kayak or kayak fishing guides? THANKS for your help.
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