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  1. I caught one about 3 pounds in November years ago on the main part of the lake. There’s a 1-2 week period every spring that I can catch some big spots up there and there’s usually a few smallmouth mixed in, but very small. Other than that, they’ve been pretty much non existent for me up there.
  2. American Bass Anglers Division 64 is a Draw Trail. We have a tournament this Saturday at Aunts Creek. $25 Membership for a full year, $70 Entry fee. Membership fee covers any ABA tournaments in the country. Must fish ANY 4 one day tournaments and you can fish the 2 day. This year, ours is on Taneycomo, but there are also tournaments on Stockton (Division 126), LOZ, Truman, and Pomme (Division 49) Call or Text (texting is better for me usually) at 417-894-2830 if you have any questions.
  3. Had tho throw out this pic of a smallmouth I caught just after Thanksgiving last year near Aunts Creek.....
  4. I just saw this today... http://www.conservation.mo.gov/newsroom/mdc-and-agfc-investigating-fish-die-bull-shoals
  5. Fished a club tournament out of Tucker last weekend. Around mid-day, we ran to an area between Horseshoe Bend and Elbow Creek. As we rounded the southern bend turning back north to Elbow, there were several hundred fish...mostly Walleye floating on the water. Almost all were contained in the Arkansas portion of the bend. Does anyone know what is going on or see this?
  6. I couldn't help but notice that there are a few Monday morning quarterbacks on here analyzing and criticizing the USACE's actions with this past rain event. Now let's play - You're the boss! The buttons are at your fingertips. You want to drain the lake? It's yours to drain! Last I heard was that we could get as much as 5" of rain in the next few days. I am curious to see what kind of ideas come out of the woodwork on this one!! I think no matter what happens, someone will end up all wet!
  7. All I'm saying is that there are people who think they can do a better job than the USACE's current people, I have provided them the link so they can apply to fix all of the worlds problems. The other point to be made is this - The USACE operates by what has happened, not what is forecast. I don't think that there is a fisherman on this board who hasn't cussed at the weatherman a time or two. What would we be saying if the week before all this rain, they dropped the lake 4 or 5 feet and we only got a trace of rain? The weathermen don't bat 100%. I can think of more than one time I have had to shovel 6" of "partly cloudy" off my driveway.
  8. **SIGH**, I normally don't post much on here and I especially do my best not to get into some of the banter that goes on on this site. I find most of it quite entertaining, however, I think I will stir the pot just a little.... I see many posts on the Corps did this wrong, didn't plan for that, they should have ____________, whatever. I don't always agree nor understand what or why the USACE does what they do, but then again, I am not an engineer. I have my job, which I am very good at. I don't try to be a hair dresser, fire fighter, banker, or engineer. I guess the point is, I am very happy that I have numerous lakes surrounding me that I can go fishing at. I pay $30 a year and I can launch my boat at any USACE ramp as many times as I want. This flood could have been much more of a disaster than what it already is. I am sure that not everything was done in the most perfect manner and some mistakes were made, but how many lives were saved? I feel badly for those who lost property in this mess, but that is a risk of living in a flood plain. I guess if the Corps are really such a bunch of idiots, maybe we should petition our Congresspeople to have the public use areas closed and put up a fence at the GFTL. (Scarcasm) At least there would still be LOZ and Taneycomo we could fish. I'm going to Table Rock tomorrow. I am thankful that it is there and available for me to go to. I don't think that I am qualified to run a multi-million dollar hydroelectric dam. I have included a link to the website to where you can apply for a job with the USACE if you can do better than those who are there. http://www.usace.army.mil/CEHR/Pages/Home.aspx
  9. My partner had an emergency and had to back out. If anyone wants to go and split expenses, pm me on here ASAP. I have the boat ready to go!
  10. I will throw it in early summer for a while, but I just don't catch that many fish on it. Even in my younger age (30), it doesn't seem like they hit the plain 'ol power worm like they used to. I usually end up throwing a jig or brush hog instead. At night, I will throw a 10-12" worm, but haven't thrown a 6 or 7 in years.
  11. No wind thankfully? Are we talking about the same tournament?
  12. I hit a pretty good wad of it on the west side of the swim beach cove at Mill Creek. Thats the only place I have seen it, but no where near as bad as last year.
  13. I know from Nemo to the Dam and then back up to at least Wheatland, its CLEAR. I haven't been above Wheatland.
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