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  1. LOZ has great cell coverage, they could have gone up there
  2. Bill, Do you modify your red fins? Could you post a picture of what red fin you are using? I was down over the weekend and tried the red fin with no luck. It was my first time trying to use it, as I really like the spook. I am wanting to learn the bait, but the one I was using wasn't staying on top. I will be back down in the middle of next week with my father in law and nephew and would like to get them on that bite. How slow do you have to reel it? Did you do anything to it to make it float better? Any help will be appreciated. I was getting very frustrated with it. By the way, the ned rig and tube worked very well for us. Most of the fish came from around 10' on the sides of the gravel points. We didn't have as much luck directly on top of the point. We fished from morning to just after noon, averaged about 25-30 fish with 10-16 keepers each day.
  3. Wow, I don't think I have ever used the California Craw color. The GP orange surprises me too. thanks
  4. What colors have you been using on the ned?
  5. I always thought that a Lund or similar with a 200-250 would be the best setup for LOZ and Table rock during the busy times
  6. Just because you can't use them on your lake doesn't mean they are useless. I take a trip to fish up north, Minnesota or Wisconsin, every year and I wish I had them every time. They have a use and when you need them I am sure they are great. Similar to spot lock trolling motors. They are a $1200 luxury add on to a $800 trolling motor, but once you have one you will not go with out.
  7. Here is the home page for the Missouri Water Patrol Regata permits. Search lake, month, year and you can find any tournament that was given a permit. https://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/WP04Web/app/searchRegattaWeb?action=Search+Again Good Luck
  8. Are there any public fish cleaning stations on the lake? When I go crappie fishing I usually go down for the weekend and stay at a resort and use their facilities. For those of you who go for the day, where do you clean your fish?
  9. I saw that one too, it is interesting to watch him with a jerkbait in his hand. I think the filming of that video is a couple of years old though, he has a motorguide on his boat and he announced that he switched to Minn Kota in Jan of last year. Kind of weird, but I am always curious of when these shows are filmed.
  10. It must be spreading. I saw one on LOZ the other weekend too.
  11. There prices are about the same at the other top brands.
  12. I recommend Charlies at Rock Lane. It is close to you with good food and a good bar. I believe they have an all you can eat ribs and catfish on Fridays.
  13. I was getting mid 40's for a water temp.
  14. Came in Friday to thunderstorms and tornado sirens and woke up to low 40's and wind Saturday. Went out looking for some crappie but didn't have much luck. We started off targeting shallow per the reports from last week and was rewarded with several nice spotted bass. They really helped make the day. Caught them on crappie jigs in less than 4' of water. We had another larger bass hooked but came off. With no luck on the crappie shallow we moved out a little deeper. We only caught a handful and all of them were on jigs. The ones we caught were in 8-12', I think the cold may have moved the out deeper. The wind and cold forced us to head back in without a limit. Hoping for a better outing in a couple weeks.
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