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  1. Been raining steadily since 10 am here in ne mo. At work so I don't have a gauge. Nothing heavy so I assume not much
  2. I would love to work at a hatchery. What sort of line of schooling would one nneed to persue for that
  3. congrats on a great trip. Be careful though. Catch enough of those trout and those bass bugs will turn into midges before you know it
  4. I'm not from the area so I don't know but I would assume it would help someone who did know if you mentioned what creek it was
  5. Man this reminded me how long its been since I've fished for gills. Gonna have to get out and get some. Thanks for the report
  6. Really great post justin. Its pretty moving to see someone who has a real passion for a job and the people who utilize the service
  7. http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/man-bitten-by-copperhead-in-southeast-missouri-dies/article_ad3fafde-c504-11e1-933b-001a4bcf6878.html this article says 3rd person in MO to die from it, 3 people since the 30s, we should probably kill bees and dogs on sight since they are far more "deadly"
  8. I don't even know how to start but its a fish on my bucket list so I'm in
  9. well if you still want to post any muskie tips on hazel im all ears ty for the info
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