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  1. Fishing Boundary Waters Canoe area next week, first full week of June! Taking a fly rod as I am hoping to get into the Smallmouth and pike on the fly, anyone have any experience up there and any suggestions as far as flies go. Ill be fishing with either an 8wt or 7wt with floating and sinking line The majority of what i will be casting will be large streamers, articulated Zoo Cougars, Sex Dungeons and Clouser along with mouse flies, top water and an assortment of other meaty flies I will also be spin fishing and hopefully gorging on Walleye all week, but ill more likely be frying up night-crawlers and leeches with some Tony C's and oil! LOL Id love to hear anyones stories and suggestions, dos and do nots, and anything else anyone can think of!
  2. Camping near Galena

    Anyone know a place near Galena, MO to camp before James river outfitters opens in May?
  3. catfish

    Literally shad guts.. get a cast net and all your problems will be solved
  4. catfish

    Your hand??? Thats illegal in missouri
  5. catfish

    Thats why you need a throw net.. theres tons of shad up around blunks right now spawning
  6. Keys at Blunks

    Somehow a set of keys ended up on my boat at blunks, found them when i got home yesterday... If you or someone yo know is missing a set from sunday 4/19 Let me know Ive got a little duck boat normally out with my German short hair if that helps Bryan
  7. Any knowledge of spoonbill making it up near the dam yet?
  8. Spoonies

    First time out for me this year: Went to walnut springs tonight, bumped a few, broke a reel... overall successful night (insert sarcasm) may try again later this week. Really wanting to get a couple for the smoker
  9. catfish

    Im gonna try the blue hole for gar on the fly this summer its always full of them
  10. catfish

    What about the blue hole below Delaware town? Anybody have luck there for cats? Ive always thought it looked good but never tried...
  11. Pond report "the slider is the bomb"

    Billethead, Im incredibly jealous you have access to such a wonderfully maintained pond.. Im planning to try my luck at carving these bad boys, im sure it will take some trial and error. Guess im gonna have to start drinking more wine!
  12. Pat's Rubber Legs

    Dont ever use this fly on NFOW this is a terrible fly pattern..
  13. Spoonies

    Thanks slayer, whats your outlook on them making it further up to nixa or even to the dam?
  14. Easter Whites

    Where did you go to?
  15. Spoonies

    Thinkin taylor shoal tomorrow afternoon

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