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  1. Looking to take two daughters trout fishing on Memorial Day weekend. Daughters 9 and 12. Would you take them to Taneycomo or on the White for more fun?
  2. I am trying to find a good guide service to fish the tail waters of the Buffalo river for smallmouth and then also fish the white for some trout. Have never fished that area before, anyone know of a good patient guide that could take me and my 12 year old daughter out for both the smallies and the trout in that area around buffalo city?
  3. I posted my fishing trip results from May 9th on here mainly to let other anglers know the fish were biting! We did not toss any secret lures at them. I also posted a little earlier during the BASS Elite tourney too. I have a cabin in Diamond City that we bought about 5 years ago, but have been going to that area for 15 years or so. , so I typically fish 5 miles each way of that put in. Seems to me that the best days at BS are on overcast days with decent wind. On my trip from the 9th, we fished until about 10:30 and then went back out around 5 pm each day due to the high sun. If it is cloudy you can stay on them all day. So, for you guys wanting to know the times, there it is. During the Elite tourney, we caught a ton of fish again, with some real dandies in there. My buddy was tossing a fluke, didn't see any of the pros throwing that, but I bet they wish they would have though. We had about 15 or so of the Elite guys in and around our area and they were all bed fishing throwing jigs and drop shots. I also found a lot of good spots from watching them. they were all on flats in shallow water. The trip from the 9th, I left my electronics at home and did not know water temp and depth to the tee. But, I would tell you to take a look at the BS Lake Boat Dock sight as they have the water temp and depths outlined pretty darn well. We did wack them pretty good on the May 9th trip using plastics on the bottom and a couple hard baits The fluke didn't work at all on that trip. On BS, the lure you used yesterday may not work the next day. So as far as a technique and a decision on what to throw, we keep doing the same things you guys do until we get some kind of a pattern going on each trip. We did catch a lot of fish that had not spawned yet that were just fat pigs. We also caught fish that had spawned out. We also caught a good share of walleye too. I am probably not one that is going to share every minute detail that some guys might want. I was just trying to let everyone know that the fish are biting. I would suggest if you need that much more info you hire a guide for a day and then duplicate what you learned.
  4. Hey I wasn't trying to cause a commotion on this forum or anything. I was just letting some people know that the fish were biting. I felt like there was enough info in that post to let all you guys that are better fishermen than me that it might be a good idea to head to the lake. I have a cabin around the Diamond City area that we bought about 4 years ago. I fish within 5 miles each way of that location. I usually pick which way I go depending on the wind that day and the sky color that is forecasted. So, there is not really a technique or pre thought out idea as to which way I go; I let the weather point out my direction. I just know at BS, the wind is your friend and cloudy days are better than clear. I posted earlier during the Elite tournament (there were about 18 pros around the DC area and I just went around and got a first hand look where they were fishing). They were all on the shallow flats that I have never fished or would have fished. They were flipping jigs and drop shots in the bushes. While they were doing that we were killing them with a fluke. Man, we had some real nice fish that day and a lot of them. But again, my good friend and he is a hell of a fisherman, wouldn't quit throwing that darn fluke. After he caught number 10 I stole his bag of flukes and joined in the fun. We didn't throw anything else the entire next 3 days. I posted on here after my 5/9 through 5/11 trip as I said enough info in that post I thought. I will say this that the we only caught one fish on a fluke. Several on a Ned Rig and Shaky head and a jig. Most of this info can be picked up from BS Lake Boat Dock from their weekly fishing report. DC does a nice job with that report. you can get a lot of info and BETTER info from them than my little post. I also said I threw a hard bait and for that one day, it was the right color and right choice. However, I picked it because nothing else was working. There was no science to my choice. Depth and water made no difference. I will post when the fish are biting, but probably am not one to give a blow by blow of the day like some want as I did above. If you need more, get a guide.
  5. Caught a lot of kentucky's, smallies, LM and walleye on this trip. A lot on plastics and one hard bait that I should have fished first. Couldn't believe how many LM I caught that were still full of eggs and not spawns out. We boated 18 walleye this trip. 7 keepers with 4 being really nice. Bass and walleye were caught on same lure.
  6. Was at our cabin on BS starting on the 20th. The SM and Kentucky bite is really good, largemouth are spawning and can be caught on sunny calmer days on the bank too. Also, the walleye bite towards the evening and later is good as well. Was able to watch an elite guy fish right off our deck and finally nailed a huge LM in the brush by our dock. Man, I bet that guy threw 100 50 casts to that fish. Was really fun watching that kid stay with it.
  7. Just bought a cabin around diamond city area and have been fishing BS a couple times. Anyone got any updates on fishing in this area now that the weather is warming up. interested in whites, bas and walleye. thanks
  8. Floated 9-19 to 9-21, river level was perfect, hardly any drag except a few places. Fishing was the some of the best I have had on the river at Hazelgreen and down river. Largest was probably about 3.5 pounds with alot of 1.5's to 2.5's. I just can't remember catching that many quality fish in a long time. Could have been the river level rise or just finally having the right lure tied on at the right time. But, water and camping was really special this time.
  9. I am heading down to Bull Shoals and staying close to Diamond City, who knows a good guide in that area that can put me on some good fishing. Aug 1, 2012 is when I will be there? thanks in advance, rh
  10. larger baits we used, large pop r's, buzzbaits and 7 inch sassy shads. leave the pop r sit for up to 20 seconds after the first pop, hard to do, but worth the wait. anything plastic, go to the next size up. Now, when i say this the water was literally up 4 inches and had some good off color to it. We could have just hit it perfect on our float. It was overcast and spitting rain almost the entire trip. I only throu brown colored soft baits, houdini colored from zoom is the ticket. Houdini colored LARGE FLUKES! Always have a square billed crankbait tied on. match the color of the rebel crawdad that everyone loves, get the same color but upgrade to a bigger sized crankbait. Make sure it is a SQUARE BILL, not rounded. Hold on tight, if that bite is on, it will be all you need to throw. If this doens't work, make sure you have some smaller baits so the4 trip is not a bust. I have also flaoted this river in October, this OCt looks to be good, but I have floated in OCt and without cloud cover this river won't give it up as much. good luckand maybe this could help.
  11. Floated 3 days on the 15th through the 17th on this 14 mile float. first two days were really good as we were after SMB only. End up catching quite a few LMB too. Largest SMB was about almost 4 lbs. Plenty of fish in the 2-3 pound range though. Not alot of small fish as we were tossing larger baits. We changed colors on the second day around 10:30 and the fishing immediatly was non stop. Can't believe a color change/lure change could make that much difference. Had one big smallie break me off to boot. It was not a monster just a nice 3.5 smallie. Water was great that time of year as always. Some top water, but fish were not chasing lures down until we made the change. Averaged probably 80 smallies per day between me and my buddy. Float on!
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