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  1. You guys aren’t giving me much hope. I’ve really been hoping to get to Stockton to do a little trolling for some walleyes soon. These reports don’t give me a bunch of warm fuzzy feelings (especially considering I have no idea what I’m doing when trying to target walleyes). I usually troll flicker shads over point or flats and hope to get lucky. Sometimes (rarely) I do.
  2. Marcus Sykora ran from Warsaw to the Glaize Arm to win a BFL event last summer. That is like 75 miles or something crazy like that. That is a LONG haul and a beating on the way back in summer LOZ boat traffic. It paid off for him that day though. He won the event.
  3. I think I saw that release as well. Maybe it was on lakenewsonline?
  4. My net monkey helped daddy get a topwater fish in the boat tonight. My first Whopper Plopper fish. She LOVES to drive FAST!!!!! LOL
  5. Looks like those guys are working on “loading” cargo to me.
  6. Wow! I heard they were going to have a greater presence here.
  7. We’ll have to see what is going on. I’ve gotten a reluctant green light from the wife to go camping/fishing and I don’t plan to waste it. I need to get on a river, lake, trout park, something.
  8. I would imagine so.
  9. My dad has an Arrowglass boat from the late 80s. That is what I grew up in. It is a pretty thing. You might see it on table rock on rare occasion (probably near aunts creek or cape fair).
  10. I’m currently trying to convince the wife that this is a trip that I should take. I’m tentative at this point. I’ll let you know.
  11. Hopefully they will start biting at night better soon. I tried a bit of everything this past weekend. It seemed like sunlight was the factor that made them bite more than anything.
  12. Is anyone else having trouble catching the bass after dark? For me it seems to completely shut down at night. I fished all night in a club tournament on Saturday and caught them pretty decently until dark and after sunrise the next morning despite the storming rain, but the bite was virtually non-existent all night long.
  13. Duck hunters could find use for those I’d imagine.
  14. I would like to see a tournament like that. I would really like to also see them adopt a rule that makes them catch a keeper sized fish on the body of water they are fishing in order for it to be scored.
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