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  1. A great looking boat! I’m sure you will have no difficulty selling that treasure.
  2. Depends on what I am hunting, how far away it is, how much other hunting pressure it receives, etc. I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all answer to this question for me. I’ve hunted all of the above and had great success and have also blanked. For hogs, look south of Fort Leonard Wood. Lots of hogs around there in the MTNF and on private land. I can tell you, those buggers are super destructive.
  3. slothman


    You know, I saw a football game on tv today too. Can you believe that people are paid millions of dollars to play a game. Just like it is hard to believe that professional video game players exist, it is equally mind-boggling that there are professional fishermen and professional, baseball, football,basketball, etc. players. Video gaming is the next new sport and it is becoming BIG business. There is some crazy money being made in video gaming, both competitively and just by playing and videoing it then posting to YouTube.
  4. It has been a really weird year. I think that perhaps the birds are shifting their migration routes and we aren’t seeing them in traditional locations. 🤷‍♂️
  5. My fishing partner in training catching her first smallmouth on the creek where I learned to love fishing with my grandpa: Roubidoux Creek below the Highway 32 bridge in Plato, MO.
  6. I got a tatula sv last summer on eBay for about $120ish. I really like it and will probably get another if I find myself needing another reel. Other than that, I have really liked my lews reels.
  7. As I understand it, mud motors do better in the slop where as jet motors are better with a rocky bottom.
  8. It has been a really weird year. I have a buddy that has traveled all over the flyway from Canada to Arkansas and he says the birds just aren’t anywhere. Maybe the migration patterns have changed, but he has been all over looking for them and has never found the numbers like he felt like he should have.
  9. I’ve never done a preserve hunt, but I’m thinking about trying one out in a couple of weeks. We may do a mixed quail and pheasant hunt. There is one in Lockwood and another one down by West Plains. We are thinking of going to one of those.
  10. At Fellows lake, you you to a shed and get a number for a blind for the day. I’ve hunted there before, but haven’t done any good. I suppose that it is like anywhere else: you must be on the X to kill birds. We drove down a long muddy road on the way to our blind and got stuck back there. It was a mess and we worked for a long time trying to get out of there.
  11. I don’t believe so. I researched that about ten years ago and finally decided that I could not. I had heard that at one time, years ago, you could with permission from the city of Springfield, but that it is no longer allowed. If you find out otherwise, or if you learn the secret to gaining permission, please let me know. Good luck.
  12. We did this as well. Thanks for letting everybody know. I need to make sure my brother gets his kid signed up as well.
  13. slothman

    Old Fashion

    And when the president was on tv, your night was shot.
  14. Funny. I fish maybe 15-20 days (the term days being used loosely like when I walk to he water and fish for an hour after the kids are in bed), and dream about fishing the other 355 days of the year and my wife complains about all of the time I spend fishing.
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