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  1. Do you know if they have any corn at all this year?
  2. I’ve heard tons of stories about that crazy SOB. That dude is seriously cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. I’d still be in when a substantial group of guys wants to go troll the dude and stir the pot though.
  3. It is guys like that that make me really want to get a bunch of guys to go and exercise our right to fish there and see just what he thinks he’s gonna do about it. I feel the same way when people try to tell me I can’t fish around their dock. It just makes me want to do it more and invite everyone I know to come fish that dock too.
  4. I just found out that we will be hunting pill #1 at Eagle Bluffs next Sunday (Dec. 22). I hope everything isn’t completely locked up, but it probably will be. Anyone have suggestions about where we should think about going with pill #1 next Sunday at Eagle Bluffs? I’ve only been there once or maybe twice before and don’t really know the area at all.
  5. Sweet! I won’t be getting out this weekend probably, but I think we are probably going to go on the 22nd. My brother got a reservation at Eagle Bluffs that I think we are going to try to use. I haven’t been there in a few years and have no idea what things look like up there, but we’ll figure it out, I suppose.
  6. Very little cover at Grand Pass this year either. Hard to get hidden. If you do manage to kill one, you better hope it lands dead and in open water. Otherwise, it is really hard to find in the scrub.
  7. I have the lifetime hunting and fishing permit. It includes everything except deer, turkey, and the duck stamp (it does include migratory bird). You also still have to buy a daily trout tag if fishing in the parks, but do not have to purchase a trout tag for the streams or Taneycomo. i believe if you have the lifetime permit and move out of state, you are still permitted to hunt/fish in Missouri using your lifetime permit. I asked about that when I purchased it years ago as it was a major concern of mine. The best time to get it is when you are a teenager. I wish I had purchased mine when I was a teen, but I was worried about moving out of state when I got older (which I later learned was a non-issue). It takes a long time for the math to work, but I will save quite a lot of money in the long run. Plus, it makes it much easier for me to go dove hunting or trout fishing. I normally might not get a permit to go once or twice in a year, but now I can go one time in a year and it is no big deal. I don’t have to put any thought into it at all. If I want to go, I go.
  8. The ones I make sell for $3 per jig typically. A little more if you want a rattle. Those tackle hd jigs in the picture are pretty sexy. I like how you marked the black lines on there. I think I’m gonna need to try that myself. What color is that Craw?
  9. Back when I first started teaching before I was married, I used to pray for snow days before Christmas so I could go duck hunting. Those were the days.
  10. That is exactly what I was thinking of doing. Thanks for the tips. Do you have any seasonings that you think work better than others. My brother is encouraging me to use lots of lemon pepper.
  11. I am going to try smoking a turkey this year. I’ve had them smoked, but never tried it myself. I’m pretty excited to try it. We usually deep fry one. I am also making homemade apple dumplings. 🤤
  12. Very cool. I bet you will learn a ton sitting in the boat with those guys.
  13. I’ve never used slotted bags. I think they would be great. I use a BIG stiff bag with good backpack straps. I think I got it at Rogers years ago. I can hold as many as I would want to carry at one time. Tangles have never really been an issue for me either.
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