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  1. slothman

    Grand Pass

    Hunting sucked today. As I expected with the cold weather that rolled in over the past week, everything was froze up today. We found some ice that was breakable and broke a decent sized hole. The birds just didn’t fly today. Unless you were in one of about two or three spots, it was dead. You missed nothing but a hike, breaking some ice, sitting in the cold, and another hike. We saw quite a few bald eagles, some snow geese, a flock of swans up high and that's about it. No ducks. ☹️ Very tough hunting conditions up there right now.
  2. slothman

    Grand Pass

    Awesome! Pretty neat to see an eagle do that. I’ve had them swoop on my decoys before, but never grab one. That is a pretty neat sight too. How are the ice ice conditions up there? I’m heading that way Monday. I finally got a quick draw after putting in every single day. I’ve been putting in every day and it’s been about 7 years since getting one. I’ve hated the quick draw since it’s inception. I used to have quite a bit of success in the poor line, but since quick draw takes so many spots it is no longer worth the drive to have such a high chance of being turned away. Also, all of my backup spots turned into everybody’s primary spots after quick draw began.
  3. slothman

    Fountain Grove

    After about 6-7 years of trying daily to get a quick draw at grand pass, I finally got one for Monday. Of course it will probably be froze over by then. Good luck to you guys at Fountain Grove this weekend.
  4. slothman

    Anyone running a Lowrance Gen 2 unit?

    If you get livescope, we are gonna have to fish together so I can check that out. It looks awesome, but I know there is no way I’ll ever get one on my boat unless I hit the mega millions or something.
  5. Toyota makes a great vehicle. My problem with them is they are (to me) extremely uncomfortable to sit and ride in. My dad and brother have been driving them for about 15 years now and they both love them.
  6. slothman

    Upgraded to Garmin Livescope

    Wow! That is incredible. Now I only want one more. Never gonna happen though.
  7. slothman

    Jerk bait vs. A rig

    This could be a good discussion topic. I’m interested in this as well. I don't really like to throw a jerkbait a whole lot, so I prefer to start with a spinnerbait or a-rig. Then again, I’m not the guy to take winter fishing advice from. 🤔
  8. I was on the opposite side. I lived in Tipton county north of Memphis through elementary and middle school before moving to Missouri.
  9. Go vols! I grew up in Tennessee during the Manning years. Those were good times.
  10. slothman

    Gift grab

    I’m fairly certain that I have that exact same vhs tape on the left. I think I saw it while digging for a movie over the weekend.
  11. slothman

    Do you all know this guy?

    I don’t know, but I’d sure like to see Uncle Josh’s make a return. I’m almost out and only try to bring out the ones I have left on special occasions (for the most part).
  12. slothman

    C’mon over to the Darkside

    https://www.lews.com/accessories/retriever this is the one I use and love. I had one for years and lost it. I couldn’t find one like it anywhere until a couple of years ago when lews started making them again.
  13. slothman

    Switch Panel recommendations?

    I just bought a new net. I looked at a bunch of nets before buying. I ended up getting one from lews in Springfield. They had one with a decently long handle and big opening with a deep coated net. It had the best price point I could find for a net matching all of those requirements. Also, they have a 20% off sale going right now when you bring in a canned food item for their canned food drive.
  14. slothman

    Bass fishing tips.

  15. slothman

    Bass fishing tips.

    I fished Sunday in our club championship. It was extremely tough for everyone. The winning sack had only 3 fish for about 10.23. Only one limit brought in that didn’t even make 9 pounds. I caught mine mine on an a-rig. Shaky head won it. Heard a buzz bait caught some fish too.

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