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  1. slothman

    White Bass control needed

    I got to Stockton Thursday morning and we had whites surfacing all around us for as far as we could see in every direction for 2-3 hours. We tore the up with Zara Spooks. I was using a full sized spook and catching fewer, but a larger average size. My partner was fishing with a mini spook and was catching more and still decent sized fish. We loaded the boat in no time and continued to catch and release for a couple more hours. It was probably the best white bass experience I’ve ever had. Lots of fun catching them on top for hours.
  2. If I had the money for one, I would get an Ultrex. No question. It does not auto-deploy, but it does have gas pistons that assist in raising/lowering.
  3. I used to do that after classes in college too. If we were released early from marching band rehearsal, I’d grab a sack dinner from the dining hall and drive to Taney. I’d fish until I couldn’t stay awake then sleep in my car. In the morning, I’d drive back in time for my early morning music theory class.
  4. slothman

    Lake Niangua

    I’ve hunted at lake niangua, but never fished there. I always thought it looked like a fun place to catch a fish with all the timber and lily pads.
  5. I was doing quite a bit of rock climbing in college about the time I joined this forum. My climbing buddies always called me sloth because I was always slow to climb up the wall. Plus, I’m pretty tall (for a climber) and, at that time, fairly lanky like a sloth.
  6. slothman

    What's Cooking?

    The thigh, when grilled or baked, is my favorite part. Followed by the wings and legs, then the breast.
  7. slothman

    More important things :)

    Guess that’s what you get for keeping your hand too high on the rod while fighting the “fish”.
  8. slothman

    Open Buddy Bass Tournament- Part 2

    I helped with the registration, but didn’t get to fish on account of the new baby at the house. I didn’t make it back this morning to help with the weigh-in. I haven’t yet seen or heard the results. I believe there were 40 boats when they took off last night. I’ll post the results when I see them. Unless, perhaps someone else here happened to be at the weigh-in and can enlighten us.?
  9. slothman

    Tragic Event

    It’s a good app.
  10. Proud daddy here. Co-angler #2.
  11. slothman

    Tragic Event

    I just heard that it is going to take a year to release the results of the investigation about what happened, why it happened, and how to prevent it in the future. It seems to me that while there may be multiple answers to these questions, the answers do seem pretty common sense. Why is it going to take that long. Seems to me, that there must be some reason for them to already be planning to drag it out that long.
  12. slothman

    Lowrance Issues

    I have been pretty happy with my garmins. I do wish I had 9” instead of 7, but I’m plenty happy with what I have (echomap 73sv- console, and 73dv-bow).
  13. slothman


    Me too. When I am fun fishing I can have a ball on that size. The ones I’ve caught in that size lately have been quite healthy and really feisty.
  14. slothman

    Real Good Year

    That could be a game changer.
  15. slothman

    New FLW rules

    You would hope not. I don’t think blatant “cheating” might take place, but I could see minor rules infractions being overlooked by a marshall “on the bubble” for a check.

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