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  1. Lol. I can indeed. 😉 It was caught in Linn Creek Cove at Lake of the Ozarks.
  2. I caught this one during a tournament with someone else in the boat to witness. I caught it on an 11” plastic worm with a 5/0 hook. Caught him in the mouth too.
  3. I’ll be a Pomme that weekend. If I catch a good one I’ll post it up!
  4. It is turned on. That is part of why I am so perplexed.
  5. I am having a problem with a recurring pop-up only when using this website. I am using an iPad with Safari and starting yesterday I began getting a google syndication pop-up repeatedly while using this site. I have tried clearing browser history and cookies, but it persists. I copied the url it keeps taking me to. https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/sadbundle/$csp%3Der3$/4714383628194296239/970x250.html#t=843414216469662672&p=https%3A%2F%2Fgoogleads.g.doubleclick.net I am reluctant to click this link. Anybody got any idea what the deal is with this?
  6. I get the Regatta permits for our bass club (LOZ and Pomme) and no one has said anything to me about having “pulled the permits”. We have been very thoughtfully considering if we should cancel our tournaments, or impose some different procedures to keep people at a distance, or something else altogether. Currently our plan (if we choose to not cancel) is that everyone launch their own boat without assistance, stay away from one another, weigh fish one person at a time while everyone else stays distanced at their boats. Personally, I think now is an excellent time for bass tournaments to change their format to something more like what the kayak guys do where you take pictures with your phone with a gps and time stamp. And fish for total inches instead of weight. Then you could release the fish shortly after catching it and back in the same spot where it was caught. You would also not have to keep the fish alive in the livewell all day with the picture method.
  7. As somebody that is a novice in and is just getting started pouring my own jigs, this is a very interesting and informative thread. I don’t fish a Ned much (hardly at all), but this has been a good education in hook selection. I’ve exclusively used mustad hooks in my bass jigs so far and have been quite happy with them. I have had requests from some guys to use a beefier hook like a gamakatsu or owner. I think I can just use a mustad with a heavier wire (not sure I want to modify my mold to do it though). Sorry for the digression. Please continue and don’t allow me to sidetrack your conversation.
  8. I’ve fished in the boat with someone that has one. Holy smokes! It is basically cheating. It is unreal, completely unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Expensive? Very. Worth it? Well, I don’t (and probably won’t ever) have one, but I foresee a day where it may be difficult to consistently win tournaments without one. Rather I should say, I think consistent top tournament finishers will probably have one in the future.
  9. I haven’t used chatterbaits, but I’ve heard you can clip the paddle tail off a keitech and it works better than with the paddle tail.
  10. And the water is too low to use any of the private ramps I’d normally try to use.
  11. slothman

    Favorite fish fry

    I found some stuff that is quite tasty. It is called “J.R. Mad’s Magic Fish Breading”. First I just used corn meal, then I moved to Louisiana, then I found JR Mad’s. I think it is the best, but my wife still prefers straight corn meal. I also really like to make a batter and cook them Fish & Chips style with some malt vinegar. Of course, there is also cover it in Old Bay and pan fry/blacken it in butter. That maybe my new favorite way to eat fish.
  12. Come on up! It is starting to pick up a little.
  13. I’ve heard that it is getting to be pretty well fished out, but I haven’t been and can’t confirm.
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