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  1. Daryl Campbell Sr., I’d assume that this exact statement ^^^ is at least part of the answer to your question. I’m guessing more than one person here has had a similar experience as Shaker where they obviously wanted to write a ticket and were trying hard to find something to sick somebody with.
  2. Oh. They will ticket you. I guarantee it. They don’t care if you used the vinyl stickers they provided. They will expect the fish to be of sufficient length regardless.
  3. I noticed that a couple of years ago. That is what my dad had in his boat my whole life growing up so I put one in my boat. I measured it for accuracy before putting it on my boat. I went back a two years ago after having it on there for a year or two and it had in fact shrunk. It no longer measures accurately. 🤨🤔 Good thing I also have a metal bump board ruler in the boat.
  4. Still have to get turkey tag, deer tag, and federal duck stamp though.
  5. I got a Lew’s Perfect Palmer crankbait rod a couple of years ago. I have been very happy with it. I actually like the “Palmer” style even better than the standard, especially for deep diving cranks.
  6. Do they troll flicker shads this time of year? Bottom bouncers? Jigging grubs? What are the effective methods for catching this time of year. I occasionally make my way down there in the summer and have caught a few trolling cranksbaits. I’ve caught a few near brush with a night crawler on a jig too. I just don’t know much about the creatures. Although, I do love the way they taste when blackened.
  7. I saw that on Bassmaster Live earlier today. What a fish and what a day. There were some giant fish caught today. Makes me want to take my boat down there during our next family Florida vacation (somehow I don’t think the wife will go for that).
  8. I’ve never seen anyone throwing it on spinning gear. 🤔🤔🤔
  9. I reluctantly started using it this year after always hearing about how much people said it would wear you out throwing it all day. I haven’t caught a lot of fish with it, but considerably more than I believe I would normally catch during this time of year. It doesn’t really wear me out at all like I thought it was going to. I kinda like throwing it. Basically a GIANT and HEAVY spinnerbait. I throw it with braid and it is the only thing I have found so far that I like using braid for. It took me some time, but I am on team A-rig now. I definitely prefer it to fishing with a jerkbait (which I suck at).
  10. These are good points worth consideration imo^^^^
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