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  1. Thanksgiving fishing

    You could catch them on top. Spinnerbaits have been doing well. That is what a lot of people I know have been catching them on.
  2. OzarkAnglers.Com Bumper Stickers

    I'm sure this is going to help my mojo on the water. 👍👍😎
  3. This weekend?

    Fished for bass pretty much all day Sunday. It was tough day. I managed three keeper Largemouth and a keeper Kentucky. Caught them on a spinnerbait, a small humpback crankbait in shad color, jig, and silver/blueback rattletrap. I did catch one nice walleye on the humpback crankbait that was longer then my 22" bumpboard. Weighed 5.32 pounds. It was delicious. Cooked it blackened style. I think I've found my new favorite way to cook fish.
  4. Hooks for senko type worms

    Also, I have been using a 1/0 hook. I've been pretty happy with that size. I believe that the perpendicular hook orientation is a pretty key component of getting better hookups.
  5. Fire extinguisher Recall

    They told me mine was worth $9.97. They were going to just give that to me in cash, but I asked to do an exchange. I got one for $12 and change. I had to pay the difference, but I was ok with that. I think I have a better extinguisher now than The one I had before which came with the (used) boat when I bought it.
  6. Robo Ned worms

    Hoodaddy and anything else made by Gene Larew are all garbage. Pm me and I'll tell you an address where you can send them to get rid of them. 😉
  7. Fire extinguisher Recall

    I got mine replaced yesterday. I took it into Walmart and they gave me a new one with a metal handle.
  8. Freshwater Table Fare

    I agree. I forgot about suckers. I enjoy a nice sucker fish fry every now and then... riverside, of course.
  9. Hooks for senko type worms

    I also use gamakatsu octopus hooks when I am going weightless. The majority of the time I use a 1/16oz wacky jighead from bass pro. I find that the extra weight makes the worm wiggle more. I use an o-ring in the middle of the worm and hook through the worm partially and go through the o-ring so that the hook is perpendicular to the worm. I am pretty new to the wacky worm senko game, but I have had a lot of success with this technique this year. I use Yum Dingers (real senkos are just too expensive for me).
  10. This weekend?

    Thanks. I'll post a report after I go out this weekend.
  11. Bennett Bronzebacks 2017?

    It is a great stream to wade. I'll admit, it seems like it was better years ago. I dunno, like maybe before the otters were reintroduced. Seems like most of the goggleye disappeared right about that same time.
  12. Bennett Bronzebacks 2017?

    I knew that. I've actually never fished that stretch. I've always wanted to though. I need to get over there and just do it sometime. Roubidoux Creek will always hold a special place in my heart. I've probably spent as much of my creek fishing life/hunting time on or near Roubidoux as I have anywhere else. I don't get out and fish it as much anymore, but I spent every summer growing up spending as much time out there as possible. Great memories with my grandpa. I sure do miss him.
  13. Bennett Bronzebacks 2017?

    I learned to fish on the Roubidoux. I caught my biggest smallmouth a little ways above the bridge at Plato. There aren't a bunch of big ones up there. Havent caught any big ones up there in quite a few years. Don't catch near as many goggleye there as I used to either.
  14. This weekend?

    How are you doing with jerkbait lately Shrapnel? I haven't been out in a few weeks, but will be headed out looking for green bass this weekend. Can anyone help get me pointed in the right direction (with what to throw and locations to general locations to look for)? I'm thinking I'll have a jig and a spinnerbait. I'm pretty new to bass fishing this late in the year. I'm usually hunting or on trout. Where do I get started for this time of year? Should I expect mainlake or backs of coves or somewhere inbetween?

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