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  1. Check out this website. I bet you can find something here that would help if there is anything out there that would. I had some guys from a pest control company turn me on to this DIY pest control website. I am able to buy the exact same chemicals the professionals that have come to the house used, but for a small fraction of what it cost to hire them. https://www.domyown.com
  2. Wild turkey breast cut into strips and pan fried is one of my absolute favorite treats. Mmmmmm I tagged two this past weekend and can’t wait to cook them up.
  3. I used to sell tails to mepps too. Who else used to do that? Do they still buy them?
  4. I took my 5 year old out for her very first hunt this past weekend. We got one squirrel with my old .410. It was the first firearm I ever owned that I got for my birthday one year, when I was a kid, from my grandpa. I took her back to the place I killed my very first squirrel with the very same .410. We walked a little ways. Saw a flock of turkeys (gobblers). Sat in the woods and ate a snack, and also killed a squirrel. It took a little convincing, but she finally came around and agreed to touch and carry it. All-in-all, I’d call it a successful trip. I’m hoping she will want to go again
  5. We pulled one caught in a trot line on the Gasconade Saturday. It was kinda a sad deal. That bird was so sad and scared. I felt bad for it. It didn’t come out unscathed, but we did manage to get it unhooked and released alive.
  6. Everybody seems to love throwing a buzz bait and/or a whopper plopper, but I could probably count on one hand how many fish I’ve caught on wither of those. I want to like the, I really do. And I throw them enough that I should be getting bit more I’d think. I just don’t have much success with them. Give me a spinnerbait or a frog/spook/popper/devils horse.
  7. Check ebay too. I have actually had pretty good luck getting parts for my 1100 on there.
  8. Lol. I can indeed. 😉 It was caught in Linn Creek Cove at Lake of the Ozarks.
  9. I caught this one during a tournament with someone else in the boat to witness. I caught it on an 11” plastic worm with a 5/0 hook. Caught him in the mouth too.
  10. I’ll be a Pomme that weekend. If I catch a good one I’ll post it up!
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