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  1. Phone service

    I have verizon. I got it because it seems to work better in the more remote places that I go often. I have often service when many people around me with other plans don't.
  2. anyone been fishing aunts Creek

    I went down there yesterday too. It was super slow. I didn't manage a bass all day. My dad got one small largemouth on a plastic worm and my brother got 3 short smallmouth- all on a barley db3 shad Crankbait. I threw a plopper, football jig, big worm, salt craw, dd22 sexy shad, t-rigged dinger. Just an all around tough day of fishing. I didnt see anyone else catching anything either. Good luck to you. I'm gonna get back on Lake of the Ozarks now that most of the big boats have finished their season.
  3. sunglasses

    I've never had costas, mj, solar bat, or Wiley x, but I have a pair or Natives that I like pretty well. They are polycarbonate lenses that are interchangeable and they came with another set of lenses. I've been wearing them for well over 3 years and I'm still quite happy with them.
  4. Fishing Safely

    http://scout.com/outdoors/bass-fishing/Article/Angler-Dies-in-Boat-Crash-in-Fishing-Tournament-on-Lake-Cumberla-106915783 Reading this article makes me think hard about some of the tournament practices that could be tweaked so slightly to greatly improve safety. As it is now, most of the tournaments I fish do not have a required check-in. Some guys will have a poor day/night of fishing and will just load up and leave before the tournament is over without telling anyone. A requirement to check-in with somebody before leaving would be a good idea. As it is now, if there was an accident, noone would know for a potentially very long time. It seems to me that this could be changed with little to no downside.
  5. Where to get gigs

    Agreed on all points.
  6. Where to get gigs

    I certainly don't go a bunch, but we still do it old school with 3 Coleman lanterns. Much darker than with the generators, but almost silent too.
  7. Eclipse

    It is certainly a neat event. However, way overhyped I think.
  8. Eclipse

    I'm thinking that tomorrow could be a great day for fishing all day. Morning bite, eclipse bite, evening bite. Even if it isn't, I'd rather be on the water than at work trying to keep a bunch of middle schoolers from burning up their retinas all day.
  9. Favorite dry flies for the Ozarks?

    I've been really turned on to super small size 22-24 parachute flies (high vis) Adams, bwo, etc. I think it is basically a midge pattern. Using the high vis has really helped me catch more with dries. I don't think the fish seem to care at all.
  10. Drum taking over?

    I've heard of that as well. I never knew until recently that they were so hated. I always kinda liked catching them because they put up such a fight. They can be annoying when you are really targeting something though, I suppose.
  11. Drum taking over?

    Somebody told me that they eat bass eggs. I have no idea if that is true. Anyone with more knowledge than me know anything about it? It sounds to me kinda like the "turkeys stomp quail eggs" theory. I've heard that one a bunch, but I've never seen any scientific evidence of it. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen though.
  12. Table Rock Buoy Removal and Massive Boat Wakes

    I can relate to that. I was fishing LOZ Friday night and a big cabin cruiser rolled by and threw me into a dock. Knocked a big chunk out of my boat. 😡😤😡 TICKED!!
  13. cooler weather

    I gave it a go today. I managed to catch 3 walleye! I was pretty excited about that. I have caught walleye before, but never when targeting them specifically. Unfortunately, they were not quite big enough to keep: a 13", a 14", and one that was just a hair short. I also pulled in several bream and bluegill, a couple small bass, and a pretty big drum (I thought I really had something while fighting him). Two of the walleye and all of the other fish besides the drum came on the jig with worm pattern you suggested. The largest walleye and the drum came on a #7 blue tiger flicker shad being trolled. I am excited to get out there and try it again. I am fiercely craving a mess of walleye.
  14. cooler weather

    I will definitely give it a go. Thanks.
  15. cooler weather

    I don't know anything about putting walleye in the boat, but I think I'm going to load up and head to Stockton tomorrow and give it a try. I have some bottom bouncers. I could try tome jigs with curly tails or crankbait too. I don't really know much about walleye, but we'll see what happens.

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