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  1. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    I don’t go by there all the time. Lately, when I’ve been by there during regular business hours they seem to always be open. Decent little shop. Not huge, but pretty decent.

    There could be some truth to that. Interesting perspective that I’ve not thought of or heard from anyone else.
  3. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    I have spent a little time in the Osage Beach Bait and Tackle shop down near to PB2 lately and found the owner in there to be pretty friendly (he has a somewhat decent selection too). He is at least willing to chat with someone who isn’t necessarily “someone” in the bass world. I say “someone” with quotes because sometimes some people think they are a much bigger deal than they necessarily are.
  4. Yes. They will be taking money at the ramp.
  5. Don’t forget to get your buddy and your boat ready for the Cold Water Challenge next weekend.
  6. Bass Tournament- Cold Water Challenge

    Don’t forget to get your buddy and your boat ready for the Cold Water Challenge next weekend.
  7. I’d really be interested in knowing what your boat/trolling motor setup is. I might be able to get my hands on some medical grade agm batteries. If they work well for you, what size boat and what size trolling motor are you running? Do you fish all day with a charge? Can you fish a full day tournament with your setup?
  8. Cabin Fever

    I decided to take the Champion out of the garage and see if I couldn’t catch a few fish. I drove down top PB2 and was disappointed to find that it was frozen over. Bummer. I am ready to get out and do some fishing. Come on warmer weather.
  9. Iced in Project

  10. Thanks. I couldn’t seem to find that information anywhere. Or, perhaps I overlooked it. So, after the cut, the points you have for someone that didn’t make the cut are all you will get, but your other points could change? Correct?
  11. I so do not understand how the points scoring works with this. I see some guys that had less of their team fishing today and none of their team fishing tomorrow that are ahead of me and I do have a guy fishing tomorrow. Don’t misread this as complaining, I just have no idea how all this works. Ill tell you what though. It could get really interesting tomorrow if Tak. O. Can’t get on his fish again first thing in the morning. It could really open up for an interesting weigh-in.
  12. I’ve got a grand total of 2 still in the hunt with my third falling just outside the cut today.
  13. What an absolute dink fest.
  14. I tell ya what, I really thought some of my guys would do better than that. Not a great start for me for sure.

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