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  1. I enjoy going gigging suckers from time to time (although I haven’t been in quite a few years). We do it old school with Coleman lanterns lined with aluminum foil. We usually end up with less than ten suckers in a night where we gig. You can’t see much with those and it definitely isn’t like using the big lights and generators that most guys use. I think those guys with the big lights pretty well gig out all the suckers where we go. I see them with a lot more suckers than I would want to clean. I too, have always wondered why it is strictly a nighttime activity. I see them when floating during the daytime just as much as I do when gigging at night.
  2. The change at Grand Pass is kinda nice on years that it doesn’t freeze up and sucks in years when it does (which is most years).
  3. The zones changed just a few years ago. For example, Grand Pass CA used to be in the North Zone. Now it is in Middle Zone.
  4. I haven’t been out to scout it, but I may try to go for a short bit tomorrow morning if I can.
  5. In short, the south zone line is wack. It goes more or less straight across the state then takes a hard turn south to appease “somebody” then turns abruptly north again. The new north zone is pretty screwed up too. Somebody certainly had influence over those lines and it wasn’t geography or science.
  6. I have no doubt at all that they “listen to public feedback”. However, it isn’t the majority of the population they listen to, it is the majority of the $$$. You want your opinion heard and taken seriously? You better have lots of 💰. Don't believe me, look at the duck hunting zone boundary lines. You can’t tell me that there wasn’t somebody that had some power and influence making some illogical decisions to benefit the few special people.
  7. I’m always surprised at how many boats run at the shootout that top out at 80mph or less. I mean, what’s the point. You certainly aren’t showing off or impressing me with your “performance boat” when I see bass boats that can do that. Now those 100+mph pontoon boats...wow! BALLS!!! No thanks. There will I’ll be a LOT of money on the lake this weekend though, for sure.
  8. Also, your boat number and your registration number are different. Mine are at least. I found out that somebody went into the dmv and bought my registration tag earlier this spring. It was an ordeal trying to register my boat this summer when the registration renewal was due. They kept trying to tell me that I had already gotten my registration and didn’t want to believe when I told them that I, in fact, did not have up to date registration papers.
  9. My tackle box is covered in white bass crap too. I didn’t even realize it until I got home and unloaded it from the back of the truck. Nasty sons of guns.
  10. The stupid dog I had back in high school would eat literally anything. He would steal candy bars if you put one down. He has eaten axle grease and he had a phase where he ate my dad’s trailer light wires on his truck just about as soon as my dad would replace them. Boy, my dad gave that dog quite the whooping for that and finally cured his desire to eat trailer light wires. Dumb dog.
  11. I was there last week and fished the night until about midnight. We caught a few but it was pretty tough. Plastics seemed to be better than the jig. Managed one nice 3.5 pounder and some shorts. Dad caught some short LM and a smallie all on a 6-7” plastic worm.
  12. I keep my pedestal up front. I’m pretty sure I’d end up in the drink without it. I don’t seem to have that issue in the back of the boat. I’d say a recessed trolling motor pedal might help. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Looks like a good knot. It also looks complicated and difficult to tie, but easy to screw up. I’ll have to spend some time with it. I don’t use braid much. I do tie leaders and tippet flyfishing. I also have started using a short flourocarbon leader occasionally with my fluorescent mono when fishing in the daytime.
  14. I’ll tell ya. If I were buying a new boat, I’d be hard pressed to put anything other than a new Evinrude G2 on there. Those things are awesome and you can get one heck of a good warranty with one also.
  15. I may have to try the FG knot. I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately. Is it easier to tie than a blood knot? The blood knot is pretty thin.
  16. I usually use a surgeons knot or blood knot. I’d probably use a double uni if I were connecting a leader to braid.
  17. I saw that and immediately thought of a few guys on here.
  18. I caught them on a black spinnerbait pretty good last night. Had a few jig bites and worm that were really subtle. I didn’t have to be in the brush, but being near it seemed to be helpful.
  19. They are definitely become no more proud of their products. The jigs I’ve been using the past few years were $5-$5.50 for a two pack. They just “updated and upgraded” their jigs and they are priced $4.89 for one. Basically doubled the price. They are good jigs, but now too expensive for my taste. I am getting close to just making my own. I almost started making them myself earlier this year, but I decided not to. This might make me reconsider making them myself.
  20. I especially like the way she held it for the camera. As if it were the most natural thing ever and she had done it hundreds of times. 😁
  21. It can sometimes be a pain trying to teach them, and it is very difficult to fish yourself with your kids that don’t yet know how. However, it is really fun watching them reel one in. Today, I took my daughter to the small creek where I learned to fish and we had a great time catching crawdads, throwing rocks, swimming, exploring, and fishing. She caught her first fish all by herself (except for me casting out for her). She saw the bobber go down, set the hook, and reeled it in all by herself. A small sun fish. She also caught her first bass today. A smallmouth. Proud daddy here.
  22. What kind of Ruger pistol is it?
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