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  1. shark bait

    Swamped - almost

    I was on the lake fishing over memorial weekend. Put in at HI and worked my way down to Roaring River. There were a lot of wake boats out. There were quite a few times I was running on plane and had to shut down to an idle because of wakes from several directions. I wound up going up RR to get out of the traffic. Caught a few fish up there but nothing to brag about. After traffic died down some I headed back to HI and fished the bluffs betwee the marina and Haddock creak.one wake boat hung around for a bit then left. I hear a plane and look up to see an older amphibious plane (looked kinda like a buccaneer) coming in for a landing. He actually did a touch and go but he had to pull up pretty quick and steep as a boat came around the bend just as he did that. Wish I had had my phone videoing it.
  2. shark bait

    More invasive species

    Was that the one that took place in Africa or India? If I remember right it was in a country where it has become an invasive species. From the first grade on up through high school we all (native and missionary kids) swam in those waters with pacu and piranha and never had an incident with pacu. Piranha is a diferent story. I lived in the jungles of both Peru and Bolivia.
  3. shark bait

    More invasive species

    Pacu are related to piranha but don't go after people...BUT, if there is not much vegetation or berries for them to eat I would advise men not to skinny dip. They have been known to go for men's "berries." If you catch one while fishing they are excellent eating as is piranha. The bigger the pacu the better. They get up to about 90 lbs. I have caught one that was about 30 lbs. As they get bigger the red goes away. We ate them a lot in Bolivia.
  4. shark bait

    SAFETY while boating

    Glad you are alive and you still have a hand. I hope you heal well. Physical therapy is going to be a booger but hang in there! Thanks for reminding us all not to get lax with our safety. Prayers for you. Becky
  5. shark bait

    Dam area - July 3

    Drum actually are great fish for ceviche if you know what that is. In the jungles of Peru we ate that a lot.
  6. shark bait

    My wife

    Condolences and prayers for you and family.
  7. shark bait

    Cape Fair 5/26

    Thats way to long to go without fishing!
  8. shark bait

    Morning on the Upper End

    I see that every time I go up toward Beaver. Why would they sell it? Who would buy it? Maybe they don't want to maintain it anymore.
  9. shark bait

    Eagle Rock Sunday evening

    Fished Eagle Rock area yesterday evening with my friend Terry. Caught some realy nice ones and a bunch of smaller ones. Spinner bait and supper spook was our ticket. Put in at 5:30 pm and off the water at 9:30. This was my biggest and Terry had his big one about the same size.
  10. shark bait

    Saturday out of Holiday Island

    Leather wood was around 57 if I remember right but Panther was 58. I went way back to see if I could see any beds starting but didn't see any.
  11. shark bait

    Saturday out of Holiday Island

    I put in at 11:30and fished in Leatherwood creek for about 1 1/2 hrs. I caught 7 all on a sb and lost three even with a trailer hook. I cought 4 of of one little point 2 being keepers. They were hanging on the rock ledges and some were on wood or brush in about 3 to 6 feet. It was a mix of spots and lm. The sun was in and out. Once the sun disappeared for good the bite stopped. I went to a couple other spots - nothing. Moved to Panther and cought 1 more keeper.
  12. shark bait

    Any reports on crappie or whites?

    I have heard the whites are going good up the Kings by the 86 bridge.
  13. shark bait

    James 03-15-18

    Those are some nice ones and you weren't kidding on a fat white!
  14. shark bait

    OA One Bass tournament recap

    I don't know who caught it but a 3.6 was runner up. The 4-15 bumped me to 3rd. It was a great day of fishing and I had fun. This has been the only tourney I have fished in the last couple years and I enjoy it. Thanks Quillback for all the work you put into this.
  15. It was a great day for fishing and enjoying great food with everyone. Thanks everyone!

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