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  1. Wrench, you nailed it dead on! If police officers and other 'official' types can text and drive, and they claim they are highly trained, why can't I get that training? Why not make that training part of everyones' driving program. After all, it can't be that hard. That said...I text and drive. I read the paper on my phone and drive. I eat. I play with the radio. I haven't had an accident in over 20 years. It can be done. It requires intelligence and thinking ahead. It also requires being alert and knowing when to put it down. I'm sorry if some people can't do that. However, I'll thank those who want to jam phones, pass laws, and otherwise tell me what I should or shouldn't be allowed to do in my vehicle to leave me alone. Maybe one day I'll be able to emigrate to that mythical land called America.....you know....land of the FREE!!!
  2. San juan color I've had luck on is either red or white. I do well there with small zebra midges, sometimes double rigged. Smalled BWO can do well to at the right time of day.
  3. I have wade fished this access in the past in the summers. I've never done super well, but I have pulled a few smaller bass and goggle eye out. I see people cat fishing there all the time, but that's not my thing. I've heard that down from the access is a decent hole, but I've never put in there. I concur that fishing is better down from the Shelvin Access and Hooten Town.
  4. Currently reading: 1. So Terrible a Storm: A tale of Fury on Lake Superior by Curt Brown 2. Live by Night by Dennis Lehane 3. One Summer: America, 1927 by Bill Bryson
  5. Jack Jones

    Pit Bulls

    Pitbull???? Nope.....don't like it!!!
  6. When the previous owners ran the place they were the nicest folks you could ask for. The new folks took it over a few years back. I've not fished there. When I called to ask a few questions (hours, tags, etc....) they were pretty short on the phone. It just didn't seem welcoming so I figured why drive up there and pay the money when there are enough places to fish for free.
  7. Jack Jones


    Bet he ends of playing ball in Florida before going pro. Floridaschools love those screw-ups.
  8. Is there a Springfield/Nixa/Ozark distributor yet? I want a decal, but haven't had time to leave the general area lately.
  9. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/22/business/richard-cabela-who-sold-the-great-outdoors-is-dead-at-77.html?ref=us That is all.
  10. Blue...you give me hope. As a driver of a Ford Focus, I know see nothing is impossible, LOL. What size is your jon boat?
  11. Nope...Not gonna do it. NO MORE CORPORATE CHAINS!!!!!!! Having moved from the greater NYC area, I had never eaten at a chain pizzeria until I moved out here. I couldn't and still can't understand why there aren't more Mom and Pop pizzerias or how people here can be so happy with mass produced crap. Right now the only pizza I'll eat in this area is Rocco's in Nixa. That said, I am glad to see the retail space is filled and there will be jobs, don't get me wrong about that.
  12. Dog, I would run a search through the forums. There are several posts that discuss modding that canoe extensively and include pictures. Many folks have that canoe and/or similar and there's lots of good ideas out there. Start with a search and you likely won't be disappointed.
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