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  1. Thanks everyone for advice.
  2. Went out this morning around 7am after driving to walmart because we forgot our net. Put in at old state park and fished around the mutton area. Water was not as clear today as yesterday. We had water temp 49 to 50 where we were fishing. Fished from the main lake points all the way to the back. We threw a bunch of everything at them but had our best luck with a rock crawler on chuck rock banks. That wind was really moving around 11am , so we ended up calling it a day around 12. We seem to be catching a good amount of fish but haven't caught anything over 3 lbs the last two days. Does anyone have any ideas on where the bigger female bass are staging?
  3. Hello everyone. We forgot our net at home. Is there any place close to stockton where we could buy a net? Any help for us morons would be appreciated.
  4. Hello everyone. We forgot our net at home. Is there any place close to stockton where we could buy a net? Any help for us morons would be appreciated.
  5. This is good to hear. I was a little concerned. Thanks so much for letting me know.
  6. Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I posted on the forum. I used to buy my Ned heads from dtr5kprs but I haven't received a reply from him. Is he still on this site? I hope he is well. Anyway does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy the best Ned heads? I am looking for 1/8 and 1/16 Oz with a weed guard. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  7. Launched by dam around 9 am, headed up little sac. Water temp 51-53. Fished main lake cuts and coves with only a few short fish to show for it. Most of our fish were caught on Ned rig but we threw everything at them. Where are all the keepers? If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.
  8. Thanks for the information. I am thinking I will not be fishing those bridges in the near future anyway. I really wanted to go and check them out but will have to wait until the spring rains.
  9. Looking for 3-4 ft. At the bridge. 6-7 ft up to it
  10. Well I guess my next question is how far up can you go until you run out of water?
  11. I am no good at trimming up that high. Lol. That answers that question.
  12. Hello everyone. I am coming down on Monday and wanted to run all the way up the maze and turkey. I have never been all the way up either of them before and just wanted to check it out. Is the water level too low to get back to those bridges? Just curious if I should attempt to get back there or not. Thanks
  13. I think we can all agree, that it's soooo nice when they are where they should be! Find a spawning cove,work your way back to a secondary point on a channel swing and boom there they are.
  14. Nice fish! This is what we experienced on Friday as well. They are all stacked up in the same spot! You just have to find them and then it's game on, as long as you can still feel your fingers. Thanks for the report.
  15. Put in at 830 by the dam. Wind and weather was cold. Fishing was good though. Started fishing by hawker for bass with jerkbaits. Water temp 47. Caught about a 3.5lber on my 3rd cast. We ended up with 22 bass total Our Best 5 would have been around 14lbs. It was a cold but fun day. The fish were definitely grouped together so keep moving until you find them and then slow down.
  16. Hello everyone. I know this has been covered before but who can I get the Ned rig heads from in this site? I ordered them a while back and can't remember who I got them from. Also I am wondering if you guys have had much luck with a trimmed hula stick on the Ned head. It seems to be working well for me. Since I am using the hula stick I am wanting a longer shank on my Ned head. Thanks for the help. I am headed down to pomme next weekend so I was hoping to get some ASAP.
  17. Wow that looks like a great day so far! Great job!
  18. So I am coming down tomorrow, any advice on the bass fishing? Is there a good amount of debris on the main lake?
  19. So we have a tourney out of quarry ramp next Sunday. How high is too high to use quarry ramp?
  20. Great advice guys. I was leaning towards the long armed version with the more heavy duty 2.25. I have a transducer inside my trolling motor now that was connected to my old garmin but i am guessing i will need to use the new transducer. I have a minn kota and am thinking there is an adapter kit or something like that to put my new transducer inside my minn kota.
  21. Oh i should mention it is a gen 3 if that makes a difference.
  22. Alright table rock experts, I have just bought my first graph, a hds 9. I am going to mount this up front at the trolling motor on my ranger. What mount suggestions do you guys have? I was thinking i wanted one with a little longer arm so I didn't have to bend all the way over to touch the screen. Any advice is more than welcome.
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