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  1. I wouldn't fish in that lake!!!!!!!😝
  2. We cooked a small hen turkey(store bought) in one. Best turkey ever with golden brown skin and juicy. Too good....😋
  3. pool 5 has been good to me in the past, but this year ?
  4. Buddy got picked for Fountain Grove wed. pill 3. It looks like im as excited as you are. Have not hunted there in 20 yrs.Good luck.....
  5. darn, My last day of work is on the 3rd and im off for the rest of the month. I would take you up on that one. Be careful and have fun...
  6. Nice looking Dive Bombs. Just got a nice chunk of specks,cant wait.
  7. consider it done! I will get in touch soon.
  8. Sorry "T" but I could not find them.Fished 2 days with no luck covered lots of water.... Now the crappie, found lots on pole timber at the bottom at 9 foot. Caught some slabs.😎
  9. Heading down this morning with my box of bottom bouncers. We will see what happens. Cant take it anymore!!!!
  10. I hear you JD. I have some funky crap going on and I don't hold back doing anything anymore. I was crazy enough to teal at a public area this morning after getting off a 24 hr. shift. Got there late but still got a few shots. Nice breeze made it worthwhile...… Ham and cheese with a ice cold tea didn't hurt also!!!!
  11. Boobie

    Teal Opener

    Lots of water out there.
  12. Boobie

    Teal Opener

    Don't believe Forbes!! The birds are here.
  13. Get the Go-Pros out. the videos are great.
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