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  1. Boobie


    Then HIDE some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There has to be a drone video somewhere showing guys looking up while duck hunting. Face paint works.Have fun!!!!
  2. Boobie


    I have called in plenty of ducks with the primos whistle when other people are wailing at them with calls. Like sloth said let your decoys do the work then coax them in with the whistle. Works well in the timber. Simple quacks and feeding chatter in a low volume seem to work for me in the pressured parks. Great advice from wily,HIDE,HIDE,HIDE.
  3. Go with the mud motor. Keep in mind that there are no boat hides so bring a cover. Nice pits to hunt out of and plenty of room so bring a small bbq pit and some brats, you'll be glad you did!!! Don't forget the kraut. Have never hunted the wade and shoot but I looks very open to me. Good luck, some of us were not so lucky for the 3rd year in a rowπŸ‘Ž
  4. Boobie

    Water Temp?

    Thanks Yakker, I knew that was there I just hoped walleyedmike would join in and slip out a few of his favorite walleye spots....Didnt work though! 🐳
  5. Boobie

    Water Temp?

    Thanks again, will hold off another week.πŸ‘
  6. Boobie

    Water Temp?

    Is the water bubbling hot still? Thanks in advance!!
  7. I have one of the bigger traps prob 2ft. x 2ft. Cut blue gills 15 ft. of water and always caught plenty. The small traps never worked for me. I don't know if they escape or what but they just don't work. Table rock tackle used to have them.Would make seafood gumbo with my catchings!!!!! YUM.
  8. Great,now I have to get more of them!!!
  9. Stinky green fish!! But nice ones..
  10. Billet, I have always had better luck with the #7 shadrap. But they swear by the flicker shad. I have some flickers but every time I pull out the trolling box with both baits in it I always tie the shad rap on. Always catches fish!!!!
  11. I live in St.Louis, how do you think I feel.
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