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  1. Sorry "T" but I could not find them.Fished 2 days with no luck covered lots of water.... Now the crappie, found lots on pole timber at the bottom at 9 foot. Caught some slabs.😎
  2. Heading down this morning with my box of bottom bouncers. We will see what happens. Cant take it anymore!!!!
  3. I hear you JD. I have some funky crap going on and I don't hold back doing anything anymore. I was crazy enough to teal at a public area this morning after getting off a 24 hr. shift. Got there late but still got a few shots. Nice breeze made it worthwhile...… Ham and cheese with a ice cold tea didn't hurt also!!!!
  4. Boobie

    Teal Opener

    Lots of water out there.
  5. Boobie

    Teal Opener

    Don't believe Forbes!! The birds are here.
  6. Get the Go-Pros out. the videos are great.
  7. Wrench, the ingredients are natural vanilla,mint,rose. A friend who works in a swamp swears by it. ive tried it and it seems to keep clear of my face area.(only place I use it).Better than deet in my opinion. Gnats and any flying bugs stay away. have not used it on legs for chiggers as I haven't been in the grass yet. Just got this stuff a couple of months ago when the buffalo gnats were bad. 🦟
  8. Bill,Everyone is glad for you. Take that and run with it!!!!! You are a true angler and very generous to everyone that soaks up your posts. It was YOUR day and you landed the big one. Not many people would have even got that fish to the boat. Congrats!!!!!!! What would Bill Beck say if he were around? I know what he would have said.😎🐳
  9. Try Buggins insect repellent 4oz spray it works good for me. Give it a try and let me know.
  10. Welllllll! thanks for letting us fish your lake.......
  11. Dale Jones!!!!! Very nice guy and hell of a guide. Not taking away from other guides named.
  12. Boobie

    Dove Season

    MTC was flooded bad.
  13. Boobie


    Then HIDE some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There has to be a drone video somewhere showing guys looking up while duck hunting. Face paint works.Have fun!!!!
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