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  1. Any big city would love to get their hands on some of that police money. Usually that money is the biggest tax bill the city must fund! Am I wrong?
  2. I have some of J Js jigs. He does a fine job!!!
  3. I will agree with you on that one! Went turkey there twice and both times it was awesome.
  4. Hey WM. Are you and 3dhusker brothers?😆
  5. What did the teeth look like on that thing?
  6. Wrench, I got one i need you to work on, but im not parting with mine!
  7. Coming down with a buddy from high school. Just wondering?? Launching out of ruark and have raingear ready!!
  8. Boobie


    Bottom bounced w slow death in 12 ft to 16 ft of water. We managed to keep 7 in two days. First fish of the trip was a 22" and the next pass lost another the same size right at the boat. The rest were 16". Now to the crappie, caught them from 8 ft to 25 ft , one here one there but the size was great. Cant wait for the fish fry. Very slow retrieve. Once again the A-10 put a show on for us.
  9. Boobie


    Sorry, WM very tired, just got home.
  10. Boobie


    WD, Just missed you. Was down Sun afternoon,mon,tues morn.
  11. I have seen them a bunch on Stockton. Twice they put on a show for me. Once right near the dam and another near the twin bridges. I set my rod down and hooped and hollered. Bad mamma jammas!!!!!!!!
  12. yo one funny feller.To bad yo cant kill a duck!


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