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  1. L-A-D Foundation

    Al, Im from St.louis and have been on 2 pieces of L A D land. The first piece is Clifty Creek in which my aunt and uncle owned property on the back side with direct access to the natural bridge. After my Mom had passed away I made it a point to visit them as much as i could. Not knowing much about Clifty I hiked and hunted their property for a number of years. But viewing the land at Clifty was a pleasure. Every time it snowed I would head down there. Awesome is the word I would use to describe the land features in that area... Rugged is another but I was younger and it never bothered me. Ive had some of the best turkey hunting on my aunts property due to the rugged nature of the L A D property. Not many people would dare climb those hills or cross that creek. My aunt and uncle have since passed and i do miss that area. The other area is Bell Mountain, I was not aware the L A D foundation was involved there. But ,one of the neatest wilderness areas i have climbed on.......Why you ask????? TURKEYS... My cousin and I went there for years. His wife was the granddaughter of the Belles which is how it was spelled. We thought it was cool to hunt turkeys where Ray Eye grew up hunting them. Spent many mornings in the spring on top of that mountain listening to turkeys GOBBLE!!!!!! Thanks to the L A D foundation for letting me play in their YARD!!!!!!
  2. K Dock fished good today

    Nice Duck.... Those bass have a funky smell to them don't they!!!!
  3. Why some people do not like carp!

    Sorry wrong magazine... Wildfowl.
  4. Why some people do not like carp!

    They are terrible for wetlands. Read article in this months DUCKS UNLIMITED.
  5. True Pioneer and My Friend

    Have known him since I was a kid. No nicer person has walked this earth!!!! Bill, Sorry for your loss of a TRUE FRIEND..
  6. Snow Geese

    I know what you mean by "plum wore out".
  7. Snow Geese

    Myself and another buddy had 800 decoys out,which is a lot for two guys, and saw massive flocks but none would commit. Some would pull out but just join the next bunch right behind them. We hunted 3 1/2 days with 2 birds. Really rough...... his first snow hunt. Everything was perfect,no mud,mild temps,south wind15 mph. They would fly out of swan lake in 1 massive flock to feed then return the same way. On the trip home I saw 0 snows driving I-70. Just crazy..... The good side we ate steaks,ribs,spiral smoked ham,and plenty of great dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it wasn't all that bad.
  8. Snow Geese

    Any ideas on whats going on with the birds? Hunted near swan and seen lots of birds but not much love. Having a hard time locating any along I-70. Any thoughts?
  9. Still some around

    Great job BH. Nothing like Teal.Yummy.
  10. Hey JP thanks for the video. Didnt get out sat. morning cause I didnt want to fight the crowd at the public area. We did go out in the afternoon and had 1 bunch do us.Pretty slow... Ill wait and go during the week. The best is yet to come. Thanks again.
  11. TEAL

    You guys are awful quiet!!!!! I know you are in the garage right now getting your stuff ready like myself. I hope there are videos from this years hunts. Some of you guys posted some last year that were great!!!! Keep em coming. GOOD LUCK.
  12. This just popped up today.

    I could be your co guy.... of course i would need deer season off, and o i forgot duck season also. Maybe crappie season and i think snow goose season. Let me know!!!!!!!!
  13. Parting out 1991 (and up) Merc 25 tiller

    Are u kidding me!!!!!!! There has to be 200 million of the motors out there. I just found a decent looking 20 hp manual and the guy wants to barter for it.... Have my heart set a 25 ele start for duck huntn. Ill have to think on this one.. Thanks a bunch for the info,too bad i live in stlou sounds like you are the go to for outboard repair. thanks again.
  14. Parting out 1991 (and up) Merc 25 tiller

    Its for a duck boat.
  15. Parting out 1991 (and up) Merc 25 tiller

    Wrench, Im looking for a 25 short shaft ele start. If these parts are going to be hard to get should i stick with a 20 manual start?

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