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  1. Fishing in the wind

    We had a hard time on our mon. thru thurs. trip. Didn't bb, my mistake..... threw grubs on windy banks and points and caught plenty of whites and a few blacks. Fished crappie spots,no luck... Threw back out on first day and cried about it the rest of the week. It sucked. It took the wind out of me. Now looking for new seat in the front of the boat cause the butt seat kills me. Did catch some dandy whites,my buddy was amazed how big they were. I WILL BE BACK!!!!!
  2. Release boats?

    I wouldn't go near a lake that had a large tourn. or multiple tourns. because of traffic,rudeness,etc. What happened years ago with these local economys before tournaments. I fish because I love to not because I want to beat the next guy. I don't think tournaments are good for any lake no matter the size. Just my opinion.
  3. Fishing in the wind

    O sweet!
  4. Fishing in the wind

    We are going to fish roark first and then go from there. Should I bring a snow shovel or are we past that that!! Spring is a little late so better things are yet to come. Will report when we get home fri. or sat.
  5. Fishing in the wind

    Wm, Do you think it was a late spawn or water temp too cold? Coming down Monday.
  6. Gizzard shad and PB Largemouth

    Jim, Im in your neighborhood. Im always interested in buying some lures for my sons tackle that are different and catch fish. These look awsome!!! I need to hook up with you if you are interested in selling a few.
  7. Gone fishing tomorrow

    SMELLY BASS!!!!!
  8. Float N Flies

    Just love the video of Bill Babler and Bill Beck catching a nice bass on Table Rock on the fly. I'm sure Babler will hold that day special along with many others.Bill Beck lives in my heart!!!!
  9. The super blood blue moon eclipse goose hunt

    Yes Billet you are blessed. Love reading about your hunts while I am at work.Enjoy the feast...
  10. Snow Geese

    Thanks again.
  11. Snow Geese

    Any of you guys south starting to see them? Looking forward to the start of the CO. It was a tough duck season for me due to sickness and wouldn't you know it I'm feeling better right in the middle of the severe cold. With this warmer weather I was looking upward..No luck. Still a few frozen ponds in the St. Louis area so things haven't warmed yet. Just wondering.thnx!
  12. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    Would'nt eat any...
  13. Proposed Eureka Gravel Mine

    The lakes inside there are LOADED with fish.
  14. Desperate men take derperate measures

    Waterfowl make you do the darndest things.....I wish i was there.

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