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  1. Went saturday, put in before 7:00 a hiway 10. What a mess, covered with soft mud except where the trucks and trailers had squished it away. The ramp is more useable if more of it in the water. Lots of company today. Counted 14 boats on one section. Water color is a bit off but not bad 1 ft of viz. Some small debris in the water. WT 54. Took my prop boat up as far as I could. Caught one nice male along a current seam thought it would continue but it didn't. Saw boats pulling in an occasional fish, many were dinks. Lots of moving around. Abandoned the upper part went down by the floating docks.
  2. my trolling batteries were on their 4th season so needed to get replaced. My new livescope was eating up a Proguide 27 so at the advice of a friend I went to Sam's and got AGMs A 31 for the cranking battery. He said get Diehard, I ended up with Duracell but it took a full days use 11 hours on the water and stayed over 12v .
  3. Arrive around 7:00AM. Styarted at Beaver Creek put inlooking with electronics for signs of fish. WT around 54 in morning. Found places with fish on LS but not any takes. Tried most everything we had to offfer. Went up past 160 bridge to the first shoal whch stopped us from going further. Caught a few nice males nothing huge. Lots of boats and not much catching going on. midday was very slow. Stated to see a little activity later in afternoon and the bank fisherman were arriving . fished around 160 bridge cahsing fish with LS some success. Worked our way back down stopping where we'd seen fish
  4. Look like twins. Mine felt like a hit then a log. Then it moved,had hopes of a big LM. After a couple hard pulls I knew I was fighting other than my quarry. A good fight though but hard to lip.
  5. My big fish of the day at Table Rock yesterday came on a Kietech SB
  6. Never know where you find them but if you don't have something in the water you what find out. great fish way to go.
  7. we went in on the Canda side with Boy Scouts years ago. My boy Scoout is now 31. Great trip, Kevlar canoes for sure. If you're goin to fish I would not try to cover lots of water and try and do a layover in one spot so you get more fishing time less paddling.
  8. I'm about the same. My Rapala knife is actually an Ozark Trail from Wmart. sharpens up just the same. Most of the time I make cerviche so everything gets cut to small cube so I use the lower section. fresh I'm not sure if the blood meat is nasty. If it is frozen for awhile it does seem to affect the meat.
  9. With white bass season on or near just wanted to throw this out. Whats your feeling on blood meat. I love catching whites in the spring. They are the first to show up in numbers and they yeild a good size fillet. what to do if the blood meat, leave it be or cut it out. If so how?Personally I try to get as much as possible removed. I typically cut eah fillet down the lateral line and remove the red from the edge. That seems to get rid of the majority of it. It leaves one nice size piece but the lower piece is smaller. What about the thin film layer that covers more of the fillet. I'll try and s
  10. Hope rain next week gives it a little bump and doesn't blow it out
  11. Nice. Good to know bank fishing is an option
  12. Put in around 9:30 at Twin Bridges. The parking lot was about full Went up Spring. Water is lightly stained not clear but not muddy. WT 50. Tried several spots without success. Got up near to 10 bridge. Started back down ran into a group of boat saw a few fish being caught. Stopped and took part. Quickly landed 4 and thought I was going to slay them rest of the day. Then it stopped for me other kept catching. 7 for me. 3 sows. Also snagged 2 nice gar in the morning. 1 kitty and 1 drum to round it out.
  13. we went out the next day and fished just north of the causeway. Did well on nice sized reds and caught 2 18" trout. They lost some good ones but maybe not all of them
  14. We just got back from Padre island. We had mullet in our canal not that thick but plenty. Went fishing 2 days. Went from JFK causeway to Baffin Bay one day with a guide didn't get one bite Lots of dead trout on the surface. Not many small fish mostly 20" and above. Lots of wall hangers floating.
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