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  1. You can't post a picture like that without some explaination. Is that a paddle wheel? Where's the gambling table?😆
  2. Here is the last email I recieved from Andrew Branson, he is the Fisheries Progaram specialist for MDC Andrew Branson Tue, Jul 28, 11:56 AM (4 days ago) to me Hello Mr. Evenson, I’ve had a few more responses on your fish identification, and it looks like most are thinking it’s a river carpsucker. There are some key identification areas on the fish that cannot be seen from the picture, but river carpsucker is our best guess. Andrew
  3. This thread was titled Fizzing but no one has described dooing it. 🤔 Anyway I was watching a saltwater fishing show and they had an interesting solution. They placed the fish on a weighted line which they would drop down andwhen it got to the proper depth it would release the fish.
  4. Agreed, I first strarted thinking about a trip north when TR wasn't fishing real well and the heat was swelltering. Intally I was thinking Mille Lacs. Myt brother had this archery shoot oon Oahe so it seemed the easier choice. glad I went but maybe next time Mille Lacs.
  5. This may not make the Bucket List for smallmouth destinations but It is still a interesting lake to fish. My brother live in SD and since things here were on the hot side I decided to go up with him to Lake Oahe. He had a bowhunter shoot over the weekend which I stretched into a week of fishing. This lake is big. 230 miles in lenght, 2-3 miles wide. we stayed in a very small area of the lake to fish and covered 15miles of water. BASS held a tournament in early july of 2018 so I watched the videos of that to get some ideas. The winner was running 60 miles each day one way to his spot which was 5 miles from our caampsite. Basic pattern was finese either a ned or dropshot. Long points that do'n relate to any kind of shoreline structure extend far out from the shore. we would be fishing 1/2 mile offshore in 10 fow which would drop off to 50fow. wind would help but at times overpowered us. my 50" shaft on the trolling motor was in and out of the water and running near max at times just to hold position. We'd either cast and retrieve or if we caught them on the graph a quick drop near the transducer yielded several fish. these wide bodied fish were fighters. Anything 16" and up once you got them to about 6' they would turn towards the bottom and and would not yield an inch despite how hard you pulled on them. Our best day we got on a point that was full of big fish. Our best 5 went 15# . Never had any competition for our spots. Often we see a boat on our spot as we apprached as as we would get closer we'd find that they were in deeper water "pulling bottom bouncers" seeking a limit of eater walleyes. A fun week despite a few days of wind that really punished us. If I went back I might bring some gear and try for some walleyes just for variety.
  6. HABITAT AND CONSERVATION The highfin carpsucker is rare in Missouri and may have become rarer in recent decades. Most records for this fish are more than 50 years old. This fish prefers clearer waters and firmer bottoms than the river carpsucker. It is much less tolerant of turbidity and siltation than other carpsuckers. This intolerance probably explains its present restricted distribution in our state. This species has the curious habit of skimming along near the water’s surface with its dorsal fin and part of its back exposed, and it frequently jumps clear of the water. This from MDC website goes against it being a highfin. As I said earlier, I have fished the James for over 15 years. The water clarity in the lower section is good enoungh to identify fish type in 5 feet of water. I have never seen these fish till this year. There are schools ,10-20 fish, in the slower deeper water. Thy don't skim as it says here but I think when I see them they are already alerted to my presence and are in evasive manuevers.
  7. jsut got back from Sturgeon Bay on a vacqation with my wife. She let me fish 2 days. I went with a guide. the weather can really effect your ability to fish. Even a 10mph if coming from any northly direction is going to keep you off Green Bay. We had one day of 20+ winds and had great difficuly finding anywhere to fish. The second day we fished out on green Bay I had probably 30 most in 2-3 1/2# range Had a couple in the 4+ Most of them on a jerkbait which in July I think is kinda cool.As @Bill Babler said wiht any big water weather can kill a fishing trip. That includes Mille Lacs, I live ther for 3 year and the wind could whip that lake up. If you gobetter have a strong trolling motor with Spotlock If your'e looking for something off the radar and easy to get to Galcial Lakes region in NE South Dakota. I go there each May. Had 4 fish one afternoon go 18# my best was 5.8# The 2nd picture is the state record from one of the area lakes 7# 2oz only 19 3/4"
  8. My partner, (fishing), caught this yesterday on the James river. This is the first year that I have seen them in the James.I have seen schools of them and I first thought they were large shad but later saw the large scales and the mouths. I'm not much on fish idenification but inquired to @BilletHead. He gave me his answer. after googling some I felt there were 2 possible choices. Thought I'd taike a poll of the OA experts.
  9. That's a nice bike you have the @dan hufferd. Biking is one of my main pursuits as well. I've found that many times I can pprovide my own shuttle easier with my bike. Luckily I have a fairly large river boat. don't try this with a kayak🤣
  10. There's actually an app for catch and release tournaments called Fish Donkey. Looks like you register your tournament with them and then fisherman you the app to record their catches by length.
  11. curtisce

    Face Masks

    Suppose the one without the mask isn't so fond of their spouse.
  12. Doc, You're starting to sound like a broken record but I love the song!😘🤪
  13. I've had some of these for some years. I use to fish carolina rig alot. The other day I was fishing a split shot with a finese worm. I always have trouble with the splitshot moving down the line despite my best efforts to crimp it on. Put one of these on and it worked great.
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