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    We caught jsut a few whites Friday but small. Did you find them in just a few spots or on most any windy bank?
  2. Fished yesterday, mostly in Son's Creek arm. Just casting at the shore for bass nto targeting walleye. Red small shad rap, PBJ ned , and shakeyhead. 3 of us. Caught Several keeper bass, loads of small bass,and 3 walleye between 16-17". Also 3 hard fighting drum. All in 3' or less. Wind was a big help. Webb Outdoors was having a tourney with 40 boats. The ones I saw were all hugging the bank throwing fast moving baits.
  3. Apparently Johhny doesn't think his stores are busy enough
  4. Nice day, I've been fishing stockton here recently similar tatics and results. Maybe it's time to get back down to TR.
  5. Same here @Steve McBasser I'll be in a xpress X-19 w/ Yammy. Probably Big Sac side
  6. Fished the lower James earlier in the week. water level was alittle over 400 at that time and it is more than adequate. Caught lots of smaller fish but had several 14"-18"
  7. First day in NE South Dakota after spending a windy wet weekend on the Missouri. Caught 4 smallies for the day 19#s photos to follow
  8. Time for my 2 cents worth. Over the last few years the lower lake especially around the dam is predominately smallmouth. No one is going to win a tourney with a bag of smallmout so perhaps it gets less tourney pressure. The size of smallmouth in that area has grown IMO. This year on several outings there our catches have been over 50% keepers with 17 & 18" fish common. hope they don't get much bigger or they will be taking a boat ride soon.
  9. Tried Alberto knot this weekend.With Double Uni knot that I have used when I get a lure snagged and had to break off it would always break at the knot. With the alberto it most often broke at the lure saving me from having to tie on a new leader. Thanks
  10. Double uni I found works well. fairly simple and reliable.
  11. Last week we found bait balls with bass hitting them in the same type if not the same location, back of coves behind docks. My first cast yielded a 3 1/4# LM. It's tail was worn wondered if it had spawned and then loaded up on shad.
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