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  1. Won’t work on my pedestal base. Hope someone else can use it
  2. You keep your boat in your living room?😆
  3. I''ll take it. I'll PM you.
  4. it does. I have a sHO and if I diconnect the battery while it's running it dies
  5. I put a Helix 9 Mega up front andran the power off of the acccessory wire at the bow. Had problems with interference from the trolling motor. Got all sorts of ideas off youtube and from shops how to deal with it. Came across a video and the guy seemed to know what he was talking about. He sais most problelms with interfence is form bad installation. My boat has a 10ga wire for the trolling motor which was inadequate for my 80# thrust. I pulled a new 8ga up fromthe trolling batteries for the trolling motor and moved the 10ga to my cranking to power my console and bow electronics. No more interference!
  6. Fished Table rock all this week doing well on points in 8-12 fow. Came down Thursday , cooler temps no wind. Caught a few with the same technique in same areas but it was definitely tougher than it had been. Got on one point and graphed some active fish in 18 fow. Dropped a ned and the a shakehead right dow on them without sucess. After a few hours it got real tough couldn't buy a bite. After fishing one last point at about 2 we decied to admit defeat and give it up. on a whim I trolled out to the crest of the point to 23 fow and we both casted back in and on the retrieval we both hooked up a some nice fat Ks. Caught 5 off of that point. Used that tactic on the next 2 points and got 3 more. a mix of Ks and SM. Thes all look prespawn. spen alittle over and hour at this and called it quits. Didn't seems like there were large numbers of fish out there but it was certainly better than what we had struggled through all day. guess I got to learn to my electronics better.Edtitorial comment, The fish below was caught in the AM when it was clear but did catch it in deep water. If you were out yesterday you would know that we had some thick overcast with some sprinkles in the afternoon. Didn't take any pics of the afternoon fish.
  7. curtisce

    What's Cooking?

    Don’t know if I should admit this but got out the last of the sockeye fillets from 6/2018 trip with Phil L and Brian Ellis to Naknek River. Excellent vacuum sealing kept them in good shape. I smoked fillets and had several recipes for baked fillets with different coatings. Lately I have been making patties. Not a favorite in the past but with fillets not canned they are quite good. Basic recipe fish , egg, bread crumbs. After that you can vary it however you like. Tonight fairly standard mix with some onions and chopped celery. The difference was the sauce , mayo with wasabi. Served with some steamed asparagus
  8. curtisce


    Went back next day after the rains came. Crossed Little Sac. Blown out. Not much changed except wind from north now . Crank bait bite was gone. Caught about 30 between 2 of us over 7 hours. Shakeyhead and Ned some fish caught shallower than before. Still some good quality fish best just under 4#
  9. curtisce


    Inspired by Pheasantguy's post and a few from FB I thought I needed to get back to Stockton. night befpre the forecast showed high chace of rain from the get go. radar didn't look that bad. Got up a 5:30 looked at the radar and went back to bed. Up again alitttle before 7;00. Had to be back home by 2:00 si time was limited but quickly decided to go so out the door by7:15. On th e lake fishing at 9:00. started on the bank from the put in with a MO craw RKer. About 3 cast into it hook up with a 3 1/2# LM. Halfway down the bank I've got 5 fish, 2 over 3#. Fish came from 6-9 fow problem is the moss goes out to 7 or 8 feet. Had some luck on a few other banks but moss continued to be a problem. Tried a spinnerbait but no love. Weathe rcame in and got about an hour of moderate sprinkles. Last new spot of the day got in to them. RKer and some on a jig. Same depth. a couple hit so hard I thought they bit my jig in two. Lost 2 good fish but caught 5 keepers and a 23" walleye off that stretch. Ended up with 22 fish, 9 keeper LM and walter. Headed home plan a return trip tomorrow.
  10. I went down yesterday as well.Fished along the Forsyth side where Phil had found them. Lots and lots of shad from about 15ft to 25 ft. Don't have a Livescope so couldn't see much else but didn't see anything that looked bigger fish. Fished along the shore lost a few jigs to the brush. was about to give up when I talked a bit to a passing boat who was headed out to spoon for walleye. Thought I'd give it a try. Out in the middle of the current then dropped a spoon to the bottom and give it a pull every few seconds. Seemed futile then I saw a few specks on my downscan and soon after had one on. 15" walleye , not legal here. a near by boat with 2 anglers brought a few in so I thought there was hope. Not long afeter I get another this time legal. Hooked a few more but they came loose. It's easy to foul hook them outside the mouth . Then it seemed to die. Headed to the ramp. Let my one lone keeper go.
  11. i think you're right. Their color, brownissh gold makes them look like walleye or smallies but I think it is just the lighting.
  12. What are the fish at the front of your table?
  13. my uncle made a couple cedar strip canoes. The were very fast but becuase of the hull shape they were alittle tippy. Do you fish out of it or more just for paddling?
  14. Good job, been doing the same thing but having a hard time finding the bigger fish we were catching befire the rise.
  15. Aunts Creek last Thursday. Busiest weekday I’ve seen
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