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  1. curtisce


    I'm just hoping Marty brings some Speckins on one of our white bass trips🤤
  2. curtisce

    Your first fish of 2019

    not my fish but saw this post from a White River guide. Those browns lovr rainbows
  3. curtisce

    Back-to-back PB smallies

    Awesome ,probably weren't many other boats out . Just shows you got to be out to catch them. Congrats
  4. curtisce

    Your first fish of 2019

    Got to if you can't catch them here
  5. curtisce

    Your first fish of 2019

    Naples FL. Golden Gate canal
  6. curtisce

    A couple short BilletHead hunts,

    You should see the bush he hides in😝
  7. curtisce

    opening week

    Hunting north zone? we had a tough opener and then Wednesday the Mallards arrived. 5 limits over 2 days. Didn't hunt Friday then the season closed till the 15th.
  8. curtisce

    What's Cooking?

    After the roux was done I added the Trinity, onions bell pepper celery then add spice lots of cooked and shredded duck breast sausage and shrimp. Served it over rice with some hot sauce on top
  9. curtisce

    What's Cooking?

    Any Cajuns out there? Cleaning out the last bit of duck,( that's a lie there are still 2 packs left), from the freezer and making some gumbo. In the past I have called it jambalaya and used tomatoes but I still made a roux though light. After alittle more research I find a jambalaya don't have a roux and gumbo no tomatoes. So I'm going to be more authentic and call it gumbo. The roux is to be dark like dark chocolate. I watched a youtube and the cook did one in 20 minutes, it was bubbling qujck abit and it thickened to almost a paste. I stareted with 11/2 cup both of oil and flour and cooked on medium heat. Smoked a few times so I lowered the heat. I went 40 minutes andI got the color but it didn't thicken all that much. any comments or suggestions? I think it will be fine but this is my first time going to the dark side. The meat is thawing so I'll get back to cooking laater today. gotta get some other things done. duck season is only 8 days away!
  10. curtisce

    First time on Stockton -success!

    great day and thanks for the video
  11. curtisce

    What's Cooking?

    Glad you are throughtly cooking that white bass, I myself might try this recipe with cerviche🐛
  12. curtisce

    Buras LA

    Venice is known as the redfish and tuna hotspot of LA,well we were alittle up the road in Buras and only ventured to launch one day out of Venice. Myself and 2 friends headed down for 4 days of fishing last week.Have a friend who goes quite often in August and he claimed the heat wasn't that bad. Hoped for more stable weather than we had last Oct when I last visited the area. Last trip was a spur of the moment thing. That combined if it being high seson landed us in a triler which we shared with another party ,cooking for ourselves and as far as a guide we took what we could get. This year we stayed at Paradise Plus Lodge, were fed and the guides and boats an upgrade from our prior trip. Not going to put alot of specifcs down just give you the basic idea of our trip.Fished 4 days. For reds you can go after bull reds 25# plus or fish for keepers. The bulls are typically in open water feeding on bait, the smaller fish resides in the shallows along the marsh grass. If you go if a guide they are going to hand you a spinning rod with a popping cork. The bulls you typically use a swimbait jig andon the smaller one shrimp on a jig. We did that the first day but after a day of lobbing corks we ditched the cork and used either a swimbait or a large beetlespin rig with a swimbait jig attached. did get the flyrod out on the last day but with 2 spin anglers in the boat I was compromised by the distance I could cast. also not having some vibration to the lure decreased it's effectiveness. Bull reds it seem like the size the very consistent. You may catch a few larger but the vast majority are cookie cutter. But they are big cookies. Went into what they call a pond which is a "pond" off of a passage , the guide said tghe gator in ther has become his pet and sure enough a 4 ft gator swam up to the boat and followed us around. Hope he gets smarter before gator season Not everyone down here is a redfish fisherman, lots of work boats out. Shrimpers,no didn't see Forest or Bubba, crabber and Pogey fisherman. also see helicopters flying the oil rig workers out to sea. smaller keeper size red Shrimp boil one night more than we could eat.
  13. curtisce

    Buras LA

    It's going to be a yearly thing for me. Keep having the idea of taking my own boat down there and doing it on the cheap. Then I think of meeting an oyster bed and lack of groceries down there and I gravitate to the lodges.
  14. curtisce

    Something Different 8/10

    My first and only flathead was on table rock with guide Bill Beck. It was about 6#. His first words were "if youre not keeping it I am". It was good eating much better than a channel. Hope yours ended in the skillet.
  15. curtisce

    Buras LA

    October/ November are suppose to be the best. You going down for you Basscat exchange trip. Our guide ,Rick, a RCA liked fishing for bass cuz they are better to eat than reds. Limit is 10. Hear all about catching LM there have yet to see one. I'm sure you will catch your fill of those and reds.Forgot to say anything about all the kitty cats we caught. For those wondering RCA is a registered coonass , ask BH what that is.

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