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  1. Mr. Consistent I'd say. be interesting to find out how many pics of that Phoenix ruler are on this forum🤩
  2. A guy was pulling his Skeeter out of his storage unit while I was getting mine out. He had everything electonic. Humminbird Mega 360 and livescope up front. He said he thought the 360 was his go to unit. thats why I PM'd you @Dutch. He had the livescope on a separate pole on the drivers sid about even with his butt seat. He had a ram mount to hold it to the boat and he could swing it over into the water fairly easily. That made it indepentdent of the TM. He just hand turn it. He said this was all his own design and admitted it was simplistic but it worked for him. wish I had taken a picture.
  3. My profile says I joined in 2011, just found this thread today.alittle slow. Mine is Curtisce, my full legal first name adn my middle and last intial. If you say it it is the same as courtesy which I hope I show to people. The avatar me with a smallmouth in South Dakota a yearly ltrip I've done since 2013
  4. Hope you all catch it this year and I don't mean COVID
  5. At 4 rivers I think Invisiman or layout boats are the way to go. we have both.at our duck club we now have 8 layout boats. Only problem there is everyone has to drive to the area.
  6. We had reservation in Muddy Creek. Never hunted it. I’ll try anywhere once. Little over a mile in. Not much flying 4 of us got one hen. Don’t think I’ll be back there. Ryan what kind of blind are you using? We had a good day in 2a a couple weeks ago
  7. curtisce


    no trip to MT this year? My son was out around Missouri Breaks elk hunting and he said the number of geese and ducks was amazing
  8. curtisce


    I'll mostly agree with @BilletHeadon our shooting. We shot a one that was too high, missed on a long but doeable. I had the best shot of the day. Shooting from a layout blind hitting a hen that was flying behind us.I just leaned way back and shot with the gun upside down.
  9. curtisce


    we would be doing more eating than hunting
  10. curtisce


    Managed areas all going to Red level Wednesday. No poor line draw. everyboody must be trying to draw for reservations because they are tough to get now. Hunted with @BilletHead on Mondat and he treated me to a sandwich that would rival yours. He'll have to tell you whats its called, I can't remember.
  11. I found this one in Spring branch in 2015. He was flopping his wings funny and couldn't dive. Thought maybe he was wrapped in some line.I grabbed him from the water but I coudn't find anything wrong with him so I let him go. Just remember they will bite if you try to pet them.
  12. i had one chase and peck at my swimbait this spring. When I first saw it I thought it was a BIG bass but quickly realized that wasn't the case😧
  13. nothing better than camping and fishing a few days with friends
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