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  1. Doc, You're starting to sound like a broken record but I love the song!😘🤪
  2. I've had some of these for some years. I use to fish carolina rig alot. The other day I was fishing a split shot with a finese worm. I always have trouble with the splitshot moving down the line despite my best efforts to crimp it on. Put one of these on and it worked great.
  3. i believe the creek through Busiek is called Camp creek. It runs into Bull just below Busiek. Interestingly, in the summer Camp creek has som flow as it enters Busiek ;it then diasappears and comes out in the creekbed further down.
  4. it will cost you $25 pretty expensive shad bait
  5. Use to float that section of Beaver Creek. Never saw or caught any large fish in that stretch. I figured the locals probably kept anything of size.
  6. I'd say it a tie but I'll leave it to the judges
  7. some times they just get in the way I should get a bonus for 2 on the same bait
  8. Caught this onelast week in a different state. 19 1/2" 5.8# Here's the state record from a nearby lake 193/4" 7#2oz
  9. Right now Ozark Beach at powersite is 702 and Bull shoals is at 695. might want to go down could be interesting watching stripers try to get over the dam.
  10. curtisce

    What's Cooking?

    Lots of duck still in the freezer. Cooked Duck Bigarade from Hank Shaw’s Duck Duck Goose. Risotto, did it out of a bag less time. Asparagus steamed topped with duck fat not butter
  11. curtisce

    What's Cooking?

    Send some to Jimmy Baker and tell him it will kill the virus.
  12. 695, I thought that was the top of the dam on Bull Shoals. better keep dumping the water since TR opened up the flood gates at noon today
  13. It is an interesting area to explore. First year up we fished only at Roy Lake. Now we probably have a dozen or so. We'll usually fish 2 lakes a day. The lakes in this area appeared after several years of heavy snowffall and rain. You can see it when you see barns in the middle of lakes and many of the roads have been raised after flooding out. Up till 2018 the levels were dropping but the last 2 years have raised the levels to new heights. The main hiway north has now flooded. It was about a foot over the road, they closed it to cars but not trucks. It's getting some attention from bass fisherman. Used to be you'd rarely see a bass boat or anyone fishing for bass. This year one day on a trophy bass and walleye lake where it's pretty much catch and release there were 8 boats, all bass boats. Flooded hiway
  14. typically small ones. they get some bigger ones through the ice.
  15. If it was lenght plus girth I know I would have won. I know the rules were public waters but I still feel I would have been cheating . I lost a LM at the boat that definetely would have won.
  16. curtisce

    What's Cooking?

    Tried that on Mother's Day. Didn't have an Griswold ,shame on me. Put it in a glass pie pan, think I used too much flour. It didn''t rise like yours. Tasted more like a bisquick pancake, still good.
  17. Waht started as a long Memorial weekend tripin 2013 has morphed into 11 days of fishingin NE SD. Galcial lakes area contians over 30 lakes within a short drive of our campsite at Roy Lake state park.This year my brother and I stayed ddown south at LYNN LAKE LODGE for 4 days and then moved up to roy Lake for the remainder. WT were lower than hoped when we arrived, 52degrees and warmer weather that the weatherman had promised didn't materialize. That combined with several days of 15-25 mph wiunds made the first few days tough. we managed to find some nice pike for the frying pan the first day. We found a small bay with shallow water that had warmed and found some post spawn walleyes. All but 3 were too big, had 2 @ 6.5# nad one 7#. mostly we targeted bass which means you could easily pickup some walleye or northern. Finally by Friday it WT hit the 60's and we started finding bass up on the beds. The smallmouth typically will spawn on rock reefs and 3 lakes had big reefs to fish on.several others joined us for the weekend so we had 2 boats with 3 each. we also ha 6 tents in our campsite which the junior ranger in his uniform complete with mask said was 5 over the limit. He checked with his superviser and we never heard back from him. Best results 4 smallmoth in one afternoon total weight 18# Our 3 walleye 19# plus 3 for the pan 3 hours fishing on the reef for 3 of us 38 smallmouth 2 1/2- 3 1/2# my best smallmouth 5.8# 19 1/2" Didn't enter him in the contest put a tape on him but didn't photo it.
  18. Won’t work on my pedestal base. Hope someone else can use it
  19. You keep your boat in your living room?😆
  20. I''ll take it. I'll PM you.
  21. it does. I have a sHO and if I diconnect the battery while it's running it dies
  22. I put a Helix 9 Mega up front andran the power off of the acccessory wire at the bow. Had problems with interference from the trolling motor. Got all sorts of ideas off youtube and from shops how to deal with it. Came across a video and the guy seemed to know what he was talking about. He sais most problelms with interfence is form bad installation. My boat has a 10ga wire for the trolling motor which was inadequate for my 80# thrust. I pulled a new 8ga up fromthe trolling batteries for the trolling motor and moved the 10ga to my cranking to power my console and bow electronics. No more interference!
  23. Fished Table rock all this week doing well on points in 8-12 fow. Came down Thursday , cooler temps no wind. Caught a few with the same technique in same areas but it was definitely tougher than it had been. Got on one point and graphed some active fish in 18 fow. Dropped a ned and the a shakehead right dow on them without sucess. After a few hours it got real tough couldn't buy a bite. After fishing one last point at about 2 we decied to admit defeat and give it up. on a whim I trolled out to the crest of the point to 23 fow and we both casted back in and on the retrieval we both hooked up a some nice fat Ks. Caught 5 off of that point. Used that tactic on the next 2 points and got 3 more. a mix of Ks and SM. Thes all look prespawn. spen alittle over and hour at this and called it quits. Didn't seems like there were large numbers of fish out there but it was certainly better than what we had struggled through all day. guess I got to learn to my electronics better.Edtitorial comment, The fish below was caught in the AM when it was clear but did catch it in deep water. If you were out yesterday you would know that we had some thick overcast with some sprinkles in the afternoon. Didn't take any pics of the afternoon fish.
  24. curtisce

    What's Cooking?

    Don’t know if I should admit this but got out the last of the sockeye fillets from 6/2018 trip with Phil L and Brian Ellis to Naknek River. Excellent vacuum sealing kept them in good shape. I smoked fillets and had several recipes for baked fillets with different coatings. Lately I have been making patties. Not a favorite in the past but with fillets not canned they are quite good. Basic recipe fish , egg, bread crumbs. After that you can vary it however you like. Tonight fairly standard mix with some onions and chopped celery. The difference was the sauce , mayo with wasabi. Served with some steamed asparagus
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