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  1. Anyone know what ramp they are using??
  2. There’s good and bad in all people. I’m not sure what could happen if you’re forced out into real bad weather and was struck by lightning or a swamp boat by gun point and a death occurred due to that action. Also with their dock setting on public waters their structure maybe private but the water isn’t. Would be a civil issue and a costly one. Anyone here a lawyer and would like to put in their 2 cents.
  3. Oh I got a notice that the outdoors rewards card at BPS is changing to a pure rewards card only and that the BPS points are going away..
  4. Check Sam's they have one of the best AGM batteries out there at a reasonable price and a great buy when they are on sale. I have tried Pro Guide AGM and I just did not have good luck with them lasting much over 1 year. They cost too much for only 1 year of service..
  5. Yesterday my son and I were fishing at point 12 when this large cruiser and I mean large was heading towards Cape Fair marina and what looked like the operator intended a turn towards us instead of turning away from us. The wake was huge and we turned the bow towards it and we had to hold on to prevent being thrown off our seats and out of the boat. We didn't get any water over the nose but if we had the stern towards the wake we'd be swimming, to top it off there was not any numbers on the side of it that we could see and they came back bye doing the same thing, steering towards where we were fishing. I could imagine how hard they were laughing about how they were causing our boat to be tossed around.. We were in a 19 ft champion and they just do not have any freeboard at the transom to speak of. Really guys we have as much right to be out fishing as these big cruisers, wake boats, and these large pontoons with the 300 hp motors that do not care about what their large wakes and the effect they have on other boaters on the water, erosion of the shore line and damage done to docks. The most of these operators care less what damage their large wakes do. I'd always thought that there was a law that you were responsible for the damage the wake your boat produced. If there is a law on the books I have not found it. We need to start a petition drive to our state representatives to get such law on the books and see to it is enforced. We got to get a handle on this problem it is getting out of hand and will get worse as long as we say that the fishermen in the summer time can only be on the water real early or after dark. When it comes down to it we are really the ones who support the local economy's through our tax dollars for conservation on the tackle, license, fuel, boats and other items we purchase through out the year. I've had enough, I want to get something done to control this real problem on our lakes..
  6. "if you are out at night, keep alert at all times. we have way too many dummies running around with no lights on." Sure makes you wonder where are the water patrol. We had better coverage on the water before the water patrol was transferred to the highway patrol.
  7. If the cable steering system is so great then why do the factory's install hydraulic steering systems on the high performance boats now days??? I know one family who lost 2 kids due to the double steering cable systems. Nothing broke (and cables do break) but the torque from the motor being applied back to the steering wheel from a 200 hp motor and not using kill switch when the operator removed his grip on the wheel allowed the boat to go into a sharp 90 deg turn throwing all into the water and you can figure what happened next it was not a pretty picture . The hydraulic steering systems will hold if you loose your grip on the wheel. Yes it was an accident but the cable systems are harder to turn in one direction and freewheel in the other direction when trimmed out. These high performance boats now days require ones complete attention when operating them which requires a hot foot throttle, hydraulic steering, and a experienced operator because things can go wrong in an instance. The SeaStar hydraulic steering systems for 150 and up to 300 Hp the bolt connection between the engine and steering cylinder is a high grade steel shoulder bolt that screws in to the cylinder arm with a nyloc nut screwing on the bolt threads double locking in position. If assembled correctly it would be almost impossible for it to come unscrewed and the force required to shear that bolt, well there will be other visible physical damage to the motor and/or to the steering cylinder and boat. Yep you could rupture a hose but the bursting psi required would be beyond the helms capacity to do so. Yep you could pick either system apart to this or that could fail with either system. These systems need to be installed correctly to operate safely, all fasteners torqued to the factory specs is an important factor in any installation. Any man made system can and do fail but look at the least likely for your application and go with it. But all operating systems do need to be checked periodically for safe operating condition things happen. Like I stated there are pros and cons of both steering systems. The bottom line the double cable and single push pull steering systems are old school for 150 hp and lower hp applications just like the cable and pulleys down each side of the boat with a windless helm setup it worked then on small motors on 14 ft boats but not now days.
  8. There’s pros and cons with either system. Both require preventive maintenance. I’ve had both systems and for my use the hydraulic system is the best.
  9. I’m wondering why didn’t the driver just beach the thing on the south side of the small island next to the Bell until the storm blew over. Weren’t those designed for beach landing craft ?? There will be a lot of 2nd base thoughts afterward.
  10. The PFD’s don’t do any good unless they are worn. I see lots of people in boats not wearing a life jacket while their boat is underway. My son and I were on the lake when the storm blew through, we put our rain suits on and our life jackets it’s just 2nd nature for us to wear our life jackets while the boat is underway. Just one of the requirements while tournament fishing to wear life jackets and use the kill switch.
  11. I agree with you, the lake would be great if the private docks did not exist at all.....They do sit over some of the best fishing spots on the lake....The development by real estate brokers of the land around the shores of Table Rock is the problem they see only $$$ in their pockets and when $$$ are involved everything else goes out the window.
  12. GNSfishing

    Hair Jig

    Gosh guys we were using those 25 to 30 years ago and caught tons of fish on the arkie style jig heads with uncle josh pork trailers in #11 and #1 sizes in pork frogs in several colors. Then the plastic skirts and then rubber skirts and now silicone skirts they all catch fish and will still catch fish today.
  13. That is a great day of fishing and catching, it can be tough some days. Bad deal on your trailer the parking at Cape Fair area sucks. On these warm days the parking becomes slim and none. The corp due to their infinite wisdom have not provided enough parking at either ramp. When the water level becomes normal and the single lane ramp shows up there is big rocks placed on either side of the ramp to where you had better not drop off either side of the concrete ramp. You may damage your trailer. They placed the big rocks along the waters edge where we used to be able to back trailers out on the gravel and several trailers could be parked there. Not any more due to the big rocks they placed there, you'll damage the back of your trailer hitting the big rocks. The way it is now and the way people park the access to the ramp gets very cramped trying to back down the ramp. If there is a couple of small tournaments going out of Cape Fair then the parking really sucks. I bet that several trailers get damaged there due to the bad parking situation. I filled out a form voicing my opinion about the parking situation at Cape Fair. Got the form at the corp shack and the person told me to put my name and phone number on the form then they will see your form. I told them that they need to do away with the camp sites in front of the first ramp and make parking space for boat trailers. Sorry for the long winded reply but if the parking was improved maybe your trailer might not of got damaged..
  14. When and time do they show it??
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