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  1. Did you launch out of Indian point?? Was wondering how the ramp was compared to the high water.
  2. We’ve got water everywhere many ramps are useable. State Park ramp will be useable
  3. It’s like the saying if it wasn’t for bad luck you wouldn’t had any luck at all.. 😉 has
  4. Aren't they suppose to have an observer to watch the skier of what ever they are towing so the driver can watch where he is going. You know there's another thing about these people pulling skiers and the use of the red flag. At least 50% out of the 100% that knows you got to have a red flag when they are pulling someone but I'll be darn they don't when to use it. They just fly it all of the time whether they have a person down in the water or not. They just know that they have to have a flag. Again where are the water patrol officers???? That's why I am in favor of a boat operators license and must be 16 years to take the written and a practical test to qualify to drive a boat.. The one thing that can prove to be fatal and that is the practice of steering left when meeting a boat head-on. Now on the lake I've been meeting boats and I'd turn left and the other boat steers to the right what a mess it is I have just stopped at times until I can see which way the other boat is going to go..... Very frustrating to me when that happens. Maybe we need floating center lines on the lake.... 😉
  5. When these folks come off the highway and there’s no center painted center line and or no passing/no passing Lines it becomes a free for all. Makes you wonder whether these people ever had any training on the coast guard rules of water way navigation at all. Because it is a free for all on the water anymore. Also where’s the water patrol at when these characters are on the water???
  6. I'm a little concerned that with the influx of people here with the virus still floating around and with our very low rate of infections here in Stone and Taney counties we could see an increase in cases and with a lot of our local retired residents with health conditions that put us in the high risk category could become a problem here.....
  7. I'd go to Sam's and get their Duracell group 31 AGM battery with the largest CCA rating. To calculate the MCA rating of a battery compared to its CCA rating, multiply the CCA rating by 1.25 that will give you the MCA rating. The Duracell battery will be less costly also. Not to bash brands but in my experience I'd place the ProGuide batteries at the bottom of my list others rate them highly. But my experience with them only lasting about a year.
  8. This is what we get with no enforcement of the laws and navigation rules on our waterways now days. There will be loss of life sooner or later due to pure disregard of these laws. There was talk here awhile back of separating the highway patrol back in 2 divisions again which I agree they to be to get more full time officers out on the water at all hours patrolling our waterways.
  9. I agree with both of you on the use of a spot light at night while running on the lake at night. There are a few bow fishermen run from place to place leaving their bright lights on. When that happens everyone for a 100 yards or more are blinded and there will be an accident happen one of these days and then there will be hell to pay plus the lawyers will earn their keep. It is against all navigation rules and laws to have no more than running lights on only at night and that's is red & green on the bow and a white light on the stern visible above the highest part of your boat. I see so many boats with their rub rail lights on while running which is not to be on while running. One of the reasons for these violations, is low enforcement of these laws by the water patrol due to a low presents on the waters in the state.
  10. Where was the water patrol?? I know that they can't catch every violator of our boating rules and regulations on our water ways but I am out quite often day and night and I rarely see a patrol boat out from the dock at Cape Fair marina. A few years back when the water patrol and highway patrol were separate units the presents of the water patrol was greater than it is today. I was out fishing last night and observed a few incidents like jet skis , wake board rider, boats with no rear running light on and/or visible 360 degrees above the highest point of the boat running at/or after sundown. I saw a boat out last night that had at least 10 people on board with at least 8 young children on board and I bet that there weren't enough life jackets for all on board that boat because no one had a life jacket on that I could see. The presents of the water patrol on Table Rock day or night is slim to none at times. I've on occasion to call the water patrol while at Cape Fair to report incidents and the responding water patrol had to respond from the Campbell Point area. Now it is on the individual to be well aware and obey of all the water ways rules and laws before operating any watercraft. I see many violations of those laws an rules just about every time I'm out on the water. These laws and rules are for the safety of everyone out on the water and they need to be enforced. I for one think we need a boat operator licences just as we are required to have to operate a motor vehicle on the highways to operate a watercraft on any navigable water way. No grandfathering of anyone. I have been operating a water craft for over 30 years and I'll bet there are laws and/or rules to operate a boat that I don't know of Yep I know it's my responsible to know those rules and laws and I do review them ever so often. All accidents are moments of stupidly and it can happen to anyone at anytime
  11. The flow into Tablerock from Beaver lake and other sources was enough to create a back flow of water pushing debris and mud line up stream. It will reverse as the inflows subside towards normal flows.
  12. Anyone know what ramp they are using??
  13. There’s good and bad in all people. I’m not sure what could happen if you’re forced out into real bad weather and was struck by lightning or a swamp boat by gun point and a death occurred due to that action. Also with their dock setting on public waters their structure maybe private but the water isn’t. Would be a civil issue and a costly one. Anyone here a lawyer and would like to put in their 2 cents.
  14. Oh I got a notice that the outdoors rewards card at BPS is changing to a pure rewards card only and that the BPS points are going away..
  15. Check Sam's they have one of the best AGM batteries out there at a reasonable price and a great buy when they are on sale. I have tried Pro Guide AGM and I just did not have good luck with them lasting much over 1 year. They cost too much for only 1 year of service..
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