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  1. Montauk and the current river would be a good place where you would get wadable access everyday and you wouldn't have to fish the park you could just stay there and fish the blue ribbon section of the current.
  2. Rusty Dun is my personal favorite. I tie in size 18 with a tungsten copper bead and small copper wire.
  3. Sounds good. If it's a weekend I usually go down at least one of the days.
  4. I did see you. I was heading back to my truck at that point. Always open for chatting or partnering up down there. I was in grey waders with a stocking cap and sunglasses. Talked to the other guy that was down there for a bit. He said that it was slow today as well. Maybe we will see each other again, always like to meet people that fish there on a regular basis.
  5. Fished from noon to 4 today. Finally caught a decent McCloud behind the ball fields. Wasn't huge but was a lot better than the smaller ones like the other one pictured. Creek looked really good too only saw one other angler past the railroad tracks. He said he had a couple follows but no hook ups.
  6. Yes. And it was an awesome day despite the rain.
  7. Getting flies tied for smallies. It's probably a little early but I can't help it.
  8. Anytime more than happy to pass along things that I have learned from the people who taught me. If it wasn't for them I would up a creek without a paddle.
  9. Check out wet tip express from scientific anglers. It recommended to me by Jim from Plateau Fly Shop for my 7 weight.
  10. It is a very simple but very effective fly and that is why I like it.
  11. No but you could add some dubbing or herl for an emerging pattern. As far as other species if you tie bigger ones it would be ok for sunfish and bluegill.
  12. I have had a lot of success with this pattern. It size 18 rusty dun thread copper wire wrap and 5/64 tungsten copper bead. The tungsten is very important so that it drops quickly.
  13. Well had an awesome day on the water today minus the rain. Started at Tan Vat around 7:30 and caught these four before the rain started. Then caught probably 12 more rainbows. Hot flies were midges and soft hackles. There were hatches almost all day long despite the rain. Wish I could have gotten more pictures but didn't want to get my phone out in the rain. Moved just below the park cable at about 1:00 and caught another 7 or 8 rainbows that were all decent size. All in all a pretty good day, definetley worthy of the 2 hour drive.
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