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  1. Well I fished from the bank and did ok but nothing impressive to show. I fished Friday evening after a true gully washer and caught 8 but nothing really worth a picture. Went out again this morning for about an hour and caught 2 that squeaked 15” plus a few smaller. It truly is a pia to take a picture like this from the bank. Had to wash it off twice after flopping around in the dirt lol. Congrats to aarchdale and everyone else that braved the heat and participated! So I also caught what I thought was a goggle eye but now think was a warmouth. May try one last time this evening but wanted to
  2. Quill, Please sign me up. I donated to CAM. Good luck all! My boat is at the lake and I'm not so I'll try to at least get a halfway decent one from the bank of a local lake or 2 here in STL.
  3. well at least it is not just this location that is having the shortages. I have been ordering more from tacklewarehouse.com bc I've been using more Keitechs and BPS doesn't carry them so I don't go in as much anymore. Which leads me to another point that TW.com orders with free shipping are delayed 2 weeks due to the increased volume and reduced staff. (Order placed 6/20 would ship 7/6). I had to cancel my order @ TW.com bc I needed it for the 4th, and placed an order Tuesday night with discounttackle.com and got it today with free shipping! Plus they are cheaper there. 👍 Just wondering if
  4. I went to the BPS in St. Charles yesterday and I was amazed on how bare the shelves were at least in the fishing section. Some isles looked like the grocery store toilet paper isles in March and April! I wished I had taken some pictures as it was crazy empty. They said it was supplier issues 🤔 not sure I believe that, but just wondering if other stores are like the one in St. Charles
  5. Nice slabs! Thanks and I may try a little trolling with some bandits and flicker shads this weekend but at bull shoals and not beaver.
  6. Thanks Wrench! 👍 Definitely was close and looked like it could go either way. I had a blast as well and look forward to do this again. I live in St. Louis and though they are definitely not as pretty as Bull Shoals I would love to try this again from a couple of local public lakes that hold a few big fish. Thanks Quillback, Phil, and everyone else who helped put this together! Dan (Bill Jr.)
  7. SIO3 - sorry but you have to click the 2nd image I sent like 3 times for it to zoom.. no 1/4” increments though. I hope a lot of people were able to get out but know it was tough to impossible for some. I kinda lucked out as even though bull shoals is 30+ feet high the didn’t pull much water so I was able to find some clean water without much logs and debris to worry about. Good luck to all!
  8. It was about 19.5 and caught in a creek that is in MO and AR but on the AR side. Does it has to be in MO? here is a higher res pic
  9. I’m probably won’t fish much more this weekend. Here is a bull shoals LM. 4.45 caught on 2.8 swimmer.
  10. I put in at Blue Water in Protem on 5/8 and didn’t see too many swimmers or tubers so I guess they were at lead hill lol. Hating the lake level but also going out with 37 degree temp in May. At least the fish were cooperating most of the time. will be down for memorial and hoping for top water all day so I come back with all my lures.
  11. good luck tomorrow. i'm hoping it will be better tomorrow for you and the fam. If you have any smaller 2.8 keitechs I would try them on a 1/8-1/4 head or 1/4 oz. underspin. i'm heading down tomorrow evening being the "guide" as well for my party so let me know how you do. I'll try to post after Fri and Sat results.
  12. I fished 3.8 underspin at Bull Shoals mid lake area Memorial Day weekend and caught a bunch of mixed bag on the flooded flat main lake points along with the 2.8 on a ball head. not sure if it relates to LOZ but it definitely get's bit!
  13. I've done really well with Aaron's Magic Fat worm but have done well with Chompers or others in GP to purple
  14. Have you ever tried a texas rigged 4" dropshot worm on a 1/0 hook and 1/16 oz. weight? I've always had great luck with a 4" roboworm and it's a easy rig in a canoe.
  15. I was down last weekend and was able to fish for crappie on Sunday when the wind finally died down. we are more mid lake close to Diamond City. Caught 8 but all were over 13" with 1 @ 16". my biggest ever! 10-15' on swimming minnows and a couple including the 16" on a 2.8 Keitech. I'll see if I can post a pic. No brush, just boulders on a point in spawning cove. When do you think they will move to the banks?
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