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  1. Holy moly congrats uou are in the books for sure now
  2. johnm

    Tube baits

    My pb smallie was on a tube with high water levels
  3. Could have been a school of mostly smaller bass? Just a guess though
  4. Table rock fishing seems to be better quality this year than the past few! Thanks Bill for the updated reports
  5. Great report sounds like a perfect time to take the kids fishing!
  6. Fathers day weekend and have not spent much time on table rock this year but am regretting it. My son and i had no trolling motor this weekend (planning on boating and swimming mostly.) We went fishing (drifting) mid lake only for a short time and caught only quality fish on jig mid way back in coves. It was exciting kids loved it. The exciting part is that normally they are 14.5in. All day... but Seems the average is better this year than normal, 75 percent of our largemouth were 16 + in. Great keeper ratio! Glad to be back.
  7. Congrats, ive never had a day quite like that on trl.
  8. I have drop shotted them shallower than 30 ft using live bait and they don't seem to mind as much. (winter) But I agree with u Bo they don't want the boat over their head, and u can tell once they swim away on your graph that they did not want to eat your bait
  9. Yes and can always look up previous reports from the same time of year you are planning on going...
  10. I always bend the blade inward so it barely clanks against the shaft every time it revolves around
  11. Sad news, he knew SO MUCH about fishing . What an Amazing guy... Would love to hear him say "cmon girls breakfast is ready" as he threw a spook... My best condolences to his family and close friends...
  12. I been down the last two weekends and noticed the jig bite or drop shot was best. I drop shotted around the 25 ft mark on bluff ends where the shad drift through the main channel and the kentuckies were sitting there waiting for a snack.... Seemed like if u got bit and it was a keeper, then there is many more of close to the same size together And the jig bite seemed best by docks close to deep water or with a little breeze blowing in on them.
  13. Loose connection either in the pedal or trolling motor head or at the battery
  14. It's as busy as 4th of july today around pt 9
  15. Lowrance mapson depthfinder have that info as well
  16. If u keep your sonar on the left u can see the real time fish moving straight up and down better I keep map on the right side to stay over the object im targeting
  17. Exciting to hear about big worm bite !!
  18. If u find them with a crank follow up with jerk bait... If u find them with jerkbait follow up with a rig... Sometimes works for me
  19. Drug a green jig yesterday on wind blown 45 degree chunk rock banks around timber at 20 ft deep...the smallies would not leave it alone.. the Kentucky's seemed to be up on the bank more so...didn't find any big large mouth though
  20. If u are reading this u should go drag a jig. Mr babler is right of course, did just that and caught 8 fish in half day,on the first day. Six of eight were keepers mostly smallies. One mean mouth sm /ky
  21. Yup cut his right index finger before or during the fight
  22. These guides mentioned here can teach u how to fish (no matter who u are), new places, new techniques, targeting certain fish or just how to fish your favorite area of the lake.
  23. No wonder it can be so hard to catch them Lil boogers with everyone using live crawdads lol
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