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  1. Steady decline of the fish population.

    Probably the same guys that frequent the woods taking tree stands and game cameras. 😡 Just Kidding.
  2. Saturday Morning Bassing 9-9-17

    Great report! I can really appreciate some healthy fat bass. Very ecouraging for things to come. Thank you!
  3. Labor Day Walleye

    That's livin'!
  4. Friday evening

    nice surprise!
  5. HOLY SMOKES BATMAN! Carp on a fly!

    Stalking carp with a fly rod in clear water is where it's at. It's challenging, but the most enjoyable way to catch them for me. You get to watch em' eat it, then set the hook. If you find areas where carp are concentrated in clear, shallow water you have a target rich environment.
  6. Tough Week

    They do call them bandits...sorry. I bought 3 Mad Cows on EBay and they weren't cheap, but yes, the fish like them. They like Flicker Shad too. The Mad Cow seems hard to find.
  7. I managed 1 skinny keeper on top water and had several half hearted blowup misses, 2 of which were decent fish. Fished late afternoon Saturday, lots of boats. Noticed quite a few trollers. Water temp 82. No wind!
  8. Eclipse report?

    Did anybody get out on the lake today? Just wondered if there was a magic bite or was it like the day the earth stood still. I fished Sunday morning and had some good action on a buzzbait. Caught some keepers, the strikes weren't explosive but they weren't messing around, they ate it for keeps.
  9. Aubrees birthday

    Too cute!! Great picture!
  10. Keepers still missing

    Can't wait to see more on this one. Are the quality fish just roaming open water following Shad which makes them hard to pin down like others have stated on the forum? Most of us love to fish our favorite techniques because we have confidence in them.
  11. Is anyone bass fishing

    Caught some smallmouth one morning last week on Ned rig, no keepers. Strange year for bass on Stockton. Hoping for some productive Fall action.
  12. Drum taking over?

    Poor man's lobster! Sounds great! I've got to stop releasing them. Cheap and plentyful!
  13. Help Trolling Crank Bait Depth

    Oops! Elusive.
  14. Help Trolling Crank Bait Depth

    Ah yes..the illusive mad cow. 🤗
  15. Help Trolling Crank Bait Depth

    I started using 1/2 oz inline sinkers this year and I like them. I can use a variety of crankbaits that are smaller or don't dive deep enough without the help of added weight. The action of the crankbaits are not effected. I don't have to let out a lot of line either. If I slow it down, it goes deeper. I use my trolling motor and change speeds to experiment. I buy my sinkers from Netcraft. I think Bass Pro has them too.

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