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  1. My wife caught this 4lb6 oz today on her fav zoom craw green pumpkin big critter craw. Fished from 6:30-12:00. Worked for every fish we caught but it was fun. My wife just retired...great way to start her next chapter in life.
  2. I’d be throwing those beauties in the smoker...or fillet, skin, seasoned flour and sauté in butter.
  3. Fished Thursday morning in Maze creek. water temp averaged about 62. had a nice moderate sw wind and threw a spinnerbait. Caught a nice fish and a couple smaller ones. then I decided to crappie fish because I wanted to eat some crappie. should have stuck with the spinnerbait. Not a lot of boats out...fishing slow.
  4. I looked close at those fish at the front of the table and if I’m not mistaken I think those are big sow whites.
  5. Put in at Crabtree around 2:30, first outing of the year. Had the boat in the shop for a while and couldn’t go. Great to get out on the water. Not as many vehicles in the parking lot as I’d expected, about 10. As you know, it was very warm out and barely a breeze. Water temperature ranged 61-64. Caught 3 lm on Ned and that was it. Tried crankbaits, spinnerbaits when the wind came up, no good. Trolled flicker Shad through schools of inactive fish...not a bump. Saw lots of high school kids grouped together and swimming. Surprised? No...Beautiful sunset. Looking forward to going again. Hope everybody has good fishing and health.
  6. This is surreal. Made in China takes on a whole new meaning.
  7. As always...great report! Lots of water and scattered fish seems to be the norm...again.
  8. My wife and I were lucky enough to go today before they shut things down for who knows how long. Got there late this morning before the sun broke through the clouds. Caught three fish right away on jigs...two nice whites and a decent hybrid and that was it for my catching... The sun broke through the clouds and the bite stopped. Lots of people...very little fish catching although there were a few who did alright. One fella from Republic had a nice mess of fish , including an 8 lb plus walleye. Beautiful day and I’m glad I went. everybody take care. Hope the pandemic ends soon.
  9. Crabtree ramp will be out of the wind. Windy banks from Crabtree to the dam provide good spinnerbait oppourtunities. If it gets crazy windy you can get back to the ramp easily by staying off the main lake.
  10. Buffalo Spawn before the Carp and they are huge.I never have have taken them on the the fly. I have caught them below Truman Dam on jigs. My brother snagged one on Stockton with a spinnerbait and it spewed eggs all over the boat and we had a heck of a time cleaning them up. That fish was between 20 and 30 lbs.
  11. I've caught a lot of Carp on Flies at Stockton over the years averaging between four and 6 pounds, but that's been mostly when the lake levels are low and in the back of coves. Never tried it when the water was way up but I plan to. I sight fish for them in shallow water with flies that sink to the bottom and mimic crayfish or large nymphs. Thanks for the input.
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