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  1. blacknoseddace

    Quick Report

    👍 great fly Rolan!
  2. blacknoseddace

    Quick Report

    Phil, I tied up some of your mink scuds and caught a nice bow at the rebar hole today. Not much wind today, but still cold.
  3. blacknoseddace


    I haven't fished Pomme for years, and when I did it was for Bass, Whites, and Crappie.i am going to try and get a Muskie on the fly rod this year, operative word "try." Just wondering what part of the lake has good numbers? I've caught Pike on flies up north and it was fantastic. Any pointers on Pomme would be appreciated.
  4. blacknoseddace

    Flicker Shad

    When I can't find colors I want I mark them with a Sharpie over the shad colored version. Probably doesn't matter, just fun to experiment. This little Walleye took on more than he could handle. He was quickly returned unharmed after posing for the camera. I catch Crappie on lots of different crankbaits, but lately the Flicker Shad is outperforming others for me.
  5. blacknoseddace

    Multi species report 5-22-18

    Ok, misunderstood you. Lol!...nice rod.
  6. blacknoseddace

    Multi species report 5-22-18

  7. blacknoseddace

    Multi species report 5-22-18

    Great catch! I had a friend who passed in th 90's and we used to fly fish the little Sac together on his friend's land. We caught lots of Whites up there and had a great time. One time he got an 80th ounce jig caught in the cartilage of his ear while he was casting, right after we got there. I tried to get that thing out but couldn't so we fished until we caught our limit and then headed home so he could get it taken out by a doctor. His wife wasn't too happy with us for staying and fishing while that hook was in his ear. She said he might've got blood poisoning, and we weren't going to argue with her. It's hard to leave when the fish are biting. 😟 A few weeks ago I caught some Crappie on my four weight fly rod near Aldrich. Lately I've been fishing the upper end and catching bass on streamer flies on my six weight. I use an intermediate sinking line. I'm catching a few on the wiggle minnow too. Last week I killed them on the Ned. Caught one small walleye on the flyrod too. I switch back-and-forth between fly and conventional tackle and that keeps things real interesting. The fishing has been unbelievable this year! Thank you for your report.
  8. blacknoseddace

    Beautiful but dangerous

    ''Tis the season.
  9. blacknoseddace

    Beautiful but dangerous

    Don't know Dan...got the heck out of Dodge.
  10. blacknoseddace

    Beautiful but dangerous

    There was one boat still out there when I left at 6pm today. Saw his truck and trailer in the lot...hope he was ok. Nothing to mess around with.
  11. blacknoseddace

    Size vs Quantity?

    I don't like the wind or water fluctuation either, but you make some very good points. Thank you.
  12. blacknoseddace

    Rifle season walleye and crappie

    Pucker up!!!
  13. blacknoseddace

    Rifle season walleye and crappie

    Line in the trolling motor can be a rude awakening if it gets you by surprise, and it usually does. Been there done that!
  14. blacknoseddace

    Fall outing

    Yeah, this is the best time of year for smallmouth. My biggest at Stockton, 21" several years ago on a spinnerbait in November. I released that fish. Would love to get another chance at one like that. Good luck!
  15. blacknoseddace

    Fall outing

    Fished Saturday and it was a memorable trip. The Bass fishing was great and the scenery was too. Watched two eagles right before dark and one of them sat on the bank for quite a while as we watched. It was one of those magical evenings where everything seemed just right. The lake was calm and we pretty much had it to ourselves. If I don't get out again this fall, the year ended just right. Hope all of you get to have the same type of experience.

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